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  1. _marker = [ format["%1_area",vehicleVarName _marker], mrkrA_1,mrkrA_2,mrkrA_3 ]; Something like this.. or is that completely wrong? I'm still pretty new to scripting. Kaos
  2. HI, Vandeanson Sorry for the late response been busy with work. I finally have a few hours tonight to mess around with this, what exactly do I need to change in that line to get it to work? and after that line is changed will I be able to completely remove the trigger locations around each camp I have in the mission? Also, over the weekend I was running my mission with a buddy, killed all bandits at camp location, moved it to the loot crate and I could see the weapons in the crate but for some reason my buddy couldn't.. he was able to see all the other loot but he said no weapons were in there for him..Ideas? I'm running a locally hosted server currently but we'll be moving to a dedicated soon. Refering to this line. _marker = [ format["%1_area",vehicleVarName _trigger], _trigger ] call BIS_fnc_markerToTrigger; // change this so it refers to _mark and not to your trigger (this is the marker of the currently spawned camp) Thanks again for assistance Kaos
  3. TacticalKaos

    GF Headshot + Killfeed Script

    Hi George, I'm currently running your script, but I'm having a few issues. On player respawn it shows the kill feed in upper left corner with your current weapon image, current weapon and distance and that you killed yourself. But no other notifications for killing AI, no global chat notifications, sounds or killfeed. I"m running a few mods, not sure if there is an issue there. Mods: ACE CUP RHS RAVAGE Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Kaos
  4. It works like a charm!. Thank you for the help Vandeanson. I've got kind of an off topic question maybe you could answer, if not no problem. I'm using this to spawn a map marker once a camp activates the trigger area, but once it moves to the next location the previous marker stays.. I'd like for the previous marker to always be deleted when the camp moves locations and just keep cycling. if that makes sense. CampLocations.Sqf params[ "_trigger" ]; _marker = [ format["%1_area",vehicleVarName _trigger], _trigger ] call BIS_fnc_markerToTrigger; _marker setMarkerBrush "SolidBorder"; _marker setMarkerAlpha 1; _marker setMarkerColor "ColorOPFOR" OnAct Trigger null = [ thisTrigger ] execVM "CampLocations.sqf"; Cheers Kaos
  5. Hi Vandeanson, Thank you for responding to my question, it does make sense and I'll get back to you after I edit and test. Love the script by the way, best one I've come across in my internet travels. Kaos
  6. HI Vandeanson, I just recently started using your bandit camp script and I was wondering if there is a way to have the crate spawn more than one random weapon from the weapons array? I've played around with changing the values of _itemBox addWeaponCargo [_weapon,2 +random 4]; but it only seems to add more of which ever weapon is selected. If you or anyone else could explain to me what I need to do, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks Kaos
  7. Hello, First off this was a great post! very helpful and funny. I'm currently using the script Larrow posted spawning markers on trigger positions and it works excellent, but I would like for the old marker to be deleted once a new one spawns.. Let me explain what I've got going on. I've got 10 Bandit camps spawning in roughly 40 random locations every hour, once they spawn on their starting positions a marker is created letting players know where camps are located, After x amount of time camps are despawned and a cool down period kicks in before they are spawned in 10 new locations. This is where I'd like for the original marker, marker's to be deleted. In it's current state I've got markers popping up every time the camps switch to a new area. I hope I made my situation some what clear and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Kaos