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  1. Thank you for the suggestion, unfortunately I've tried all sorts of behavior scripting using setUnitCombatMode and setBehaviour and none of them worked. I'm making a custom map where there's a rather big lake in the middle of the map and for some reason the AI-piloted helicopters keep trying to avoid flying over the lake and and instead make really long detours around the lake. Also disableAI "PATH" does not only disable pathfinding but it renders the AI unable to move entirely as well, so that's not what I'm looking for. The only way I can get them to fly straight across the lake is if I was on the other side of the lake and issued a regroup command, then they'll fly straight. I recall that the regroup command can sometimes disable AI pathfinding on the ground (and sometimes make them go through walls) just to get your AI squadmates to rejoin you as quick as possible, hence I'm looking for the dedicated command to disable pathfinding and make the AI go straight like when you order your AI squadmates to regroup.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm trying to make my AI-flown helicopter to fly in a straight line. I've scoured some forums and some suggested the use the command disableAI "PATHPLAN". However, not only that the "PATHPLAN" feature is not listed on the arma scripting wiki's entry for disableAI (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/disableAI). It also doesn't seem to work in-game. The only official mention of the "PATHPLAN" feature is on another wiki on VBS scripting reference which also made by BI (https://sqf.bisimulations.com/display/SQF/disableAI). The question is, why is the command not working? Is it obsolete/deprecated? If so, is there any other alternative to force the AI pilot to fly in a straight line without using unnecessary pathfinding?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm quite noob when it comes to the server-client interaction in arma, so please bear with me on this one. So I was testing a mission with my friend, with him being the server. I noticed that when my position was close enough to him, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but when we're sufficiently far apart, like at least several kilometers, enemy AIs stopped responding to my gunshots (not going to alert) and will not try to engage, until I'm close enough to them (like 200m+ or so, even when they have weapons with long-ranged scope), while my friend, being the server, did not notice any problem at all (he still got sniped from 600m away). We tried some other simple scenarios and this kept happening so I concluded that it must have been arma's client-server thing. I've tried googling for the reference information about this but so far no luck, though pretty sure I'm just missing the right keyword, so can anyone please refer me to the relevant arma wiki page or any info page about this? Another question is, if this is indeed an issue with arma client-server interaction, would using dedicated server address this? Thank you in advance!
  4. Hi Guys, I'm trying to create a souped-up version of the MQ-12 which I also intend to use as a forward scout. This is when I realized that, when playing as a squad leader and carrying a UAV terminal, whenever you take control of the UAV turret, the squad bar disappears, which is quite essential if I want to use it to command the squad using 3D spotting, although it is still available for the UAV pilot/driver control. I've scoured the cfg file of the MQ-12 for any parameter which pertain to this, especially in the MainTurret class but failed to find anything interesting. Curiously enough, I found out that this is also the case for an AR-2 darter spawned in editor or using createVehicle + createVehicleCrew, but NOT for an AR-2 Darter assembled from a Darter Backpack, in which case, the condition is reversed, the Squad Bar is gone when taking control of its pilot control, and remains visible when taking control of the turret. This is why I never noticed any irregularities commanding an AI squad using 3D spotting with the AR-2's turret whenever I deployed it using the Darter Backpack. Another vehicle which has the reverse condition is the UGV stomper, where the squad bar is invisible to the driver control, but visible to turret control. I've scoured the cfg file of the Stomper but also couldn't find anything useful. I'm completely in the dark here on what makes a squad bar visible or not. I have tried using showHUD [true,true,true,true,true,true,true]; where the true on the 7th parameter is supposed to show the squad bar, but this only works for the player character itself and not when I'm assuming control of a UAV. Can anyone explain what makes a squad bar visible or not when assuming control of a UAV? Thank you in advance!
  5. tried it, unfortunately it doesn't seem to work, even when it's not attached, the helicopter RTD mechanics is quite a bit beyond me it seems. So now instead I'm just simply using createVehicle command to create a duplicate of the helo, and transfer the crew to the new one using moveInAny command. As createVehicle spawns a landed chopper by default, but can also spawn a fully spooled-up chopper using "FLY" parameter. Regardless, thanks for the suggestion anyway.
  6. Hello guys, I'm experimenting with creating a simple driveable helicopter carrier that also works with AI-controlled helicopters. The carriers is a simple ship with a large cargoBayDimension specified in the carrier class, and the AI helicopters don't have any problem loading itself into the carrier, but once it's loaded, it will never turn off its engine as engineOn command doesn't seem to work on attached vehicles nor vehicles loaded on transport vehicle. What I had in mind was to create a script that instantaneously turns off the engine and sets the rotor speed to zero right before the helicopter is loaded into the carrier. I have tried using setWantedRPMRTD AI_chopper setWantedRPMRTD [0, 0, -1] and setEngineRPMRTD AI_chopper setEngineRPMRTD [0, -1] to no avail. It seems that most engine-related RTD commands only work on player vehicles and only when the advanced flight model is enabled, and some are only available to take-on helicopters. Any ideas what command or possible workarounds I could use? I did try putting the exit points of the cargo bay just barely above the carrier deck, and since I do have the WMO mod loaded, the AI choppers can be unloaded onto the deck and somewhat safely spool up before flying off, but this doesn't work for spooling down after landing, and since WMO is a bit wonky, I'd like to not rely on it as well if possible.
  7. ministuff

    AttachTo rotate with turret

    Hi there, I've tinkered with the solution for problem no.2 before. The best solution that I could come up with is using cba_fnc_addperframehandler; cba_fnc_turretdir; and setDir. For these, you will need to have the CBA mod loaded. Basically what you want to have is a handler that runs every frame, which is the "cba_fnc_addperframehandler". Inside this handler, put in the function "setDir" that takes direction parameter from the function "cba_fnc_turretdir" which returns the value of the turret direction of the vehicle in question. Unfortunately I'm outside right now so I can't give you the code, Imma post it later when I'm home. For problem no.1, you can adjust the model's rotation center by modifying the model's center mass position in object builder, you can do this by adding an arbitrary memory point far behind the actual model to extend the model full size, thus shifting the model's rotation center backward.
  8. Hello there, I'm really green to using the Object Builder, and I'm just starting with making simple barriers. I noticed that using samples rvmat available online, AI seem to be keeping track of me behind the barrier while some other sample models which I used don't let the AI track me behind it. I'm curious which properties of the rvmat/bisurf used on these models determines whether the model component is going to be opaque or transparent to AI. Thank you in advance.
  9. A slight necro/update: So I had a different idea, what I did instead was to attach a tough solid object to the gun breech(which is close to the frontal arc of the turret ring). Basically I'm using the attachTo command to append a rock to the "konec hlavne"(which is approximately the gun breech/mantlet position) mempoint(I'm using just a rock right now as a placeholder, which I was planning to replace with a custom .p3d shape using the createSimpleObject command). Unfortunately what I didn't realize was that the object would obscure the "zamerny" mempoint and the enemy would never even shoot the tank even from the sides because the zamerny point is encapsulated within the object. Is there any way around this probably? i.e. If I'm using props like a rock, is there any token that basically make it transparent to AI? Such that the AI will try to shoot the zamerny points. edit: as a workaround now, what I do is basically, using a while loop passed to execvm using bis_fnc_mp, scan the area using NearObjects for any ShellBase projectile, and only make the object visible (hideObject false) when there is more than 0 Shellbase within the vicinity of the vehicle, but this is rather resource intensive, and better solution is very welcome
  10. Hello there, I'm making a local script where a crew of a vehicle is set to allowdamage false when inside the vehicle, but returns to taking damage normally when they get out. I'm trying to make use of the addEventHandler GetOutMan, but since the crew already left the vehicle when the event handler is triggered, the script doesn't work obviously. Does anyone have any idea or work around to this problem? cheers.
  11. Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, I don't have access to the MLODs of the tanks obviously and I won't be able to tweak the zamerny point used on these tanks. Is there any work around to this that can be done in a cfg file? e.g. is it possible to reposition all the crews to the driver position (which is stupid ofc but it's the only way to prevent them from getting killed every single time a shot lands on the turret ring).
  12. Hello there, I've been making some player+AI vs AI tank-on-tank scenarios for quite some time and lately I'm getting somewhat tilted by the fact that in a head-on engagement NATO vs CSAT tank-on-tank scenarios, the results are often heavily skewed in favour of the CSAT t-100. I was sure the problem wasn't due to the tank per se. I've seen some partial unbinarized MLOG p3d of both the Slammer and t-100 and found that the slammer does have overall more armor thickness in the fire geometry. So I did some testing and I found out that when going up against the Slammer, an AI, especially a 100% skill one will converge its aim around the turret ring of the slammer, which is its weakest spot from the front, while when an AI goes up against the T-100, its aim converges around the upper plate, the strongest part of its frontal armor. My question is, how does the AI determine the point of aim against tank targets? Is this set in a cfg file somewhere? Is there any way to tweak AI's point of aim at all? Cheers.