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  1. @Nichols just wondering what the progress of the mod is, the unit I am in is looking for this exact thing and I was just wondering how it was going?
  2. S.Bacon

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    Hey guys I have been working in Arma for a little bit now and was curious whether or not there has been any news on an arma 4. Whether its not coming or planned for like 2020. I'm sure the whole community is curious if this is in the works or is Arma 3 the last we will see of Arma?
  3. Hey guys, So I thought I would try my hand at creating my own map. I have successfully been able to import my map into the bulldozer and have been able to view it in bulldozer. My problem is that whenever I go to import an object from the template library it cannot load the texture. It happens as soon as I place an object and it doesn't matter if its from a mod or from stock Arma. What it says is, "Cannot load texture a3\data_f_exp_surfaces\sufaces\surface_concrete.paa." So i guess my question is if I use a mod or even the stock arma props will I need to extract all the pbos into one folder so that the directories will stay the same. Or am I coming at this problem all wrong? Any advice would be appreciated
  4. I recently downloaded arma 3 tools and when i go to open object/terrain builder it doesnt do anything, the tools just crashes. I'm running a 1060 gtx, and a AMD FX-4300 processor. Has anyone found a solution to this or is it just me?
  5. S.Bacon

    Apex Framework

    Ok thanks I'll install and report back
  6. S.Bacon

    Apex Framework

    Usually it just involves teamspeak and dropping a TFR node in the eden editor. Then configuring that node and having the mod run on the server.
  7. S.Bacon

    Apex Framework

    Would It be possible to use the Task Force radio mod with this I know only one node to drop?