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    CfgRadio not found

    No, I know what you are meaning and no, that doesn't appear, it just appear what I wrote.
  2. Hi, I'm having a trouble when I create CfRadio in my Description.ext file. It says "radio message GodDamnit not found". Class CfgRadio { sounds[] = {"GodDamnit"}; Class GodDamnit { Name = "GodDamnit" ; Sound[] = {"Goddamnit.ogg", db + 1, 1.0}; Title = "For FUCK SAKE!"; }; };
  3. The warfare module is a module were you can find it at the ArmA maps editor, go to Editor> Utes (or any map that you want)> Modules (F7)> Warfare. there are 2 types of warfare (As far as I know) Warfare and Warfare OA. the Warfare is the normal Warfare of ArmA II and the Warfare OA is the warfare of ArmA: Operation Arrowhead. you can start a Warfare by just adding the module on the map, then sync (F5) the warfare with all the units that can be the Comanders including OPFOR, BLUFOR (Or Civilians, Independent and even with the animals), then just start the preview and the Warfare will start automatically. I still don't know how to add the capture zones.