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  1. Iraq_Lobster

    Historically Inaccurate Conflicts

    N.R.A (WiP) And Iranian Armed Forces (Basij Only) Released.
  2. Iraq_Lobster

    Historically Inaccurate Conflicts

    US FORCES (W.I.P) Released: The Main Reason Behind this Release is to clear old burdens and start a new as I made this with out any team work or feed back but now We have a chance to Start all over again. DOWNLOAD: Download Link REQUIRED MODS: (I know a lot of Required addons this is why I decided to start all over again) FoxFort Camo Download FoxFort's Camo Pack 45KO Equipment 45KO Equipment SMA Specialist Military Arms NIARMS(Its Better to download AllinOne then Seprate as NiArms is our Default Requirement for every Faction) NiArms AllinOne OR: You can download Separate NIarms Weapon packs but these are only for US forces. NI Arms AR15 Download NI Arms M60 Download NI Arms Mini Download
  3. Hi, I am in a bit of trouble I wanted to change the sounds of HLC AK mod with my own one. Things I did. Changed my Sound to .wss (like the one in HLC ak) Extracted the wp_hlc_ak.pbo Renamed my sound like of one in pbo deleted the original sound and replace it with mine with same name. Packed the Folder wp_hlc_ak into a pbo Thing is the whole PBO is not loading it seems as no HLC AKs are present in Arsenal.
  4. Hi, Just a quick Question. Does The Iron Front full version works with Current Arma 3 build? I want to know because I cant stand those textures given in lite version so I thought why not buy from cheap buyers and play the full version.
  5. Iraq_Lobster

    Historically Inaccurate Conflicts

    DOWNLOAD MASTER EFFECT: DropBox Link To Install The Master Effect Copy The contents of the folder to Your Arma 3 Directory. 2. Start The Game You will See a Welcome Text on Top left Corner of your Screen(This Means Effect has successfully loaded) 3. Adjust the In game Visual Settings to Work Best with the Preset.(Also Provided in The Readme) In The Display Tab: BRIGHTNESS: 1.0 GAMMA 1.2: In The AA & PP Tab: Sharpen Filter: 10 (you can arrange it by your taste but I recommend value 10) Color Preset: Brightness 100 Contrast 100 Saturation 80 Antialiasing FSAA 4x PPAA FXAA ultra
  6. Hello Every One Today I present two Projects And I Need Help With one of them. MASTER EFFECT FOR 64-Bit: Since Arma has been Updated To 64 Bit Executable Most of the Presets were outdate with only remaining were Real light etc I present to you Master Effect Reborn For Arma 3 64bit exe It includes and excludes from many other presets old and new It has a small amount of DOF too but not too much that it is difficult to see. Better Color saturation actually Colorfulness is more or less like Real Light V7 but not that bright which makes Rocks Glow. For this Master Effect I will provide you the settings you will need to achieve the beauty. Here some Screen Shots I know they don't look First class but Effects are great compared to vanilla game as Images were not able to capture light DoF. See The whole Gallery. HISTORICALLY INACCURATE CONFLICTS: HIC(Or HIA/Historically inaccurate armies) is More or less Adding new Factions To Arma 3 HIC takes Resources from Several Other mods such as NI Arms for Weapons and Multi National Pack/FoxFort for Uniforms these mods are Required As a dependency. Again A picture is Worth a thousand words Some of The Armies are Down to the core Realistic like Iranian Armed Forces and Some are Historically Inaccurate as The 33 States US army( Modern American Civil War is a possibility) Right Now My focus is only on Infantry as I don't know anything about Modding If we can Make a small Team containing Texture Editors, Coders and Mission Makers I can release a road map for the Future. DOWNLOAD US FORCES: DOWNLOAD N.R.A: DOWNLOAD Iranian Armed Forces (Basij only) Here are some screenshots. An Iranian Team Leader (Basij) calling Artillery Fire on Enemy Positions. An Iranian Rifleman G3 (Basij) Shooting at Fascists Armed Group (NRA - Historically existed but timeline is inaccurate) An Iranian Machine Gunner Firing at 33 States US soldiers In the 1st Floor. 33 states US soldiers Assaulting Rebel Check point. 33 US soldiers Guiding Pilots. NRA Fascists Planning an Attack on 33 US FOB