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  1. Contact me Diveyez#1878 on Discord, I would like to help with Development of this project with Factions and more!
  2. This is an OKAY method of doing this, but the best way to do it is to use human actors because of the delay and latency.
  3. VQI, this information may help you. I find that this plane probably cannot takeoff from the ground because of this. I would love to fly it but it blew up lol
  4. I just saw your response to me, somehow my browser loaded an old version of thread. Sweet, if its in the works. I will gladly help, I am in Atom.io coding cpp and sqf scripts for HALO ops out of my own aircraft as well.
  5. All it is going to take to make this dedicated functional is a script, on a sign. VQI check your inbox, lets chat in depth about this because I have solutions and would like to help you with this. I have all the free time needed.
  6. Von Quest: SInce you are working on this again, github.com/diveyez discord: Diveyez#1878 Link up with me and ill code some c++ and scripts to get this working on dedicated servers. I would also like to add a C2A Greyhound to your pack, one that I am working on and have been for about 3 months since my new found love for HALO operations.
  7. Diveyez

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    You can try using the performance binary from dwarden instead? I get little to no performance increase in Arma3 by changing anything other than shadows. That seems to be the only thing increasing FPS. I'm running an i7 and a 1080ti so I should not be having performance issues at all ANYWHERE. Arma is just a horribly out of date and non-optimized piece of software and needs to be replaced by its next version ASAP. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/153-arma-3-troubleshooting/
  8. I have decided to discontinue any ongoing mod development projects until I see major performance updates or a new version of Arma all together. It is just not worth it. Literally a nightmare as a developer to hear back from everyone that their 2019 computer running an RTX2080 and an i9 cannot run arma at a frame rate higher than 20FPS when in battle with AI infantry as infantry themselves.
  9. Ill fix all the mods I use and host those fixes privately for my people. That's never an issue. Just give us the new new! Its 2019!
  10. Is there ever going to be a performance stable build for the main branch? The performance of ARMA is not up to standards of 2019 and this needs to be fixed. We wont be waiting for you for 5 more years until arma4. By that time, someone else will do it better and faster. You really need to talk to your team dwarden and your bosses as well because the shotty crap being dished out to us is being exposed for what it really is. We support the development of arma, if our expectations are being met. The moment they are entirely ignored, you are out of a job, so are they. If I dont see performance increases in Arma3 before Arma4 is even announced for a release date, we will be blogging about it from these gamer studios here in Los Angeles about why people need to stop buying games from developers who just cannot produce quality anymore.
  11. I placed down system only module and nothing works at all anymore. Nothing even shows up anywhere on Tonoa. I have to set it to the xc-130 instead.
  12. Just now I tried to use this on a dedicated server with the module set to place xc130 on runway, and the players could not load into server properly. That is new, the older version just didnt work and the players could load in.
  13. VQI -> https://devgru.club/site We love you! We support your work, if there is anything you need. Let me know. At DEVGRU we focus on that style you had in mind for spookwarcom. Good to see you in action brother!