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  1. My suggestions for the future of Mini DAYZ: 1. Enhanced control pad On swipe event or move + Pointer will move along with the user's finger. + Pointer cannot overlap the control pad. (no more teleportation for pointer) For me, a great and accurate control of your character is very important. Some of users are struggling on control specially when the game is getting laggy because of a very long time progress or some causes. There are times that your character move to the opposite direction when you move and fire. 2. New user interface (UI) of actions for throwable items such as grenades and flares If there is atleast one flare/grenade available in inventory, tapping the switch weapon icon can switch to flare/grenade. For example: If you have a melee weapon, no primary firearm, no pistol, have 5 stacks of flares, and a grenade in your inventory. The switch weapon rotation will be... melee weapon -> grenade -> flare -> melee weapon... This is helpful to avoid the unintentional throw of grenade/flare upon tapping the "throw" option of item. Here are the sample images of UI and some explanation: Grenade Before and after of UI when user tap the "throw grenade" icon. After tapping the "throw grenade" icon, the "cancel" icon (red X) will replace it and the user can tap the screen to throw the grenade. The attempt to throw the grenade will be cancelled if the user tapped the "cancel" icon. After throwing the grenade and no grenades left, the actions UI will automatically change into flare (if available) or melee. Flare Before and after of UI when user tap the "light-up flare" icon. The "light-up flare" icon will be removed once the user tap it and the flare will be lightened. Before and after of UI when user tap the "light-up and throw" icon before "light-up flare" icon. After tapping the "light-up and throw" icon, the "cancel" icon will replace it and the user can tap the screen to throw the flare. The "light-up flare" icon will be hidden because it will automatically light-up upon throwing the flare. But if the attempt to throw was cancelled, the actions UI before will return so the "light-up flare" icon will unhide. After throwing the flare and no flares left, the actions UI will automatically change into melee. 3. Live mini map view A small screen that will display your character's current position, obstacles (i.e. trees, buildings), and current tile according to mini map. This is a big help for smaller screen devices, secret location hunters, explorer of the whole tile/map so you can ensure you've seen the area of a tile completely while you move around. Miniview at northeast of screen. Miniview at northwest of screen. The red dot at the center of miniview is your character's current position. Buildings in miniview will show as what the area looks like in the inside. I think having an option to toggle miniview is good too because some people may not like it or don't need it specially to tablet users. 4. Auto-stacking of stackable items No need further explanation. 5. Stab in the back Could be a default melee combat mechanism or could be a perk. Attacking an enemy from behind will count as a backstab. Backstabbing an enemy will guarantee you to deal damage first and the target will only attack after the damage was dealt, not when you are getting near the target before you attack. Some additional ideas: + Guaranteed to deal critical damage or; + Higher chance to deal critical damage 6. Tactical backpacks Backpacks that can handle rifles and pistols. These are very helpful in looting firearms. Here are some images and explanation: Let us assume this "Mountain backpack" is an artificial "Tactical backpack" and have 7 slots too. The 2 arrows at the rightside of "Tactical backpack" is the switch slots icon. Tapping the switch slots icon will show the slots for firearms. In this backpack we have 5 slots for firearms. Each of these slots show what kind of gun it can handle so we have 1 slot for primary gun and 4 slots for pistols. This is what it looks like if we put "FN Cal" and "Glock" in "Tactical backpack". I am not sure if "Tactical backpack" is a right name or specific name to use so names may vary. 7. Archery perk "Increase the reload speed of bows by 50% and increase the chance to re-use shooted arrows by 20%." Numbers may vary. This will be a good reason to give love to "Improvised Bow" and "Crossbow". 8. Optional zoom-in when entering a building Allow users to turn off/on the zoom-in transition in options. 9. Detect friendly survivors by "Scout" perk With "Scout" perk, we can detect bandits and traders around. However the description is subjecting to survivors so why not detect the friendly survivors too? This way, we can not miss them whenever we hear them shooting their firearm nearby then suddenly become silent. 10. Dexterous perk "Traps will not trigger when you step on it and stepping onto barbed wires won't slow you down." Although the immunity to triggering traps may sound OP, I think it is still fair for the scores invested to learn this perk. 11. Protective "Bulletproof vest" Whenever a character equipped with bulletproof vest has been damaged by bullet shots: + only bulletproof vest's condition will be damaged or; + bulletproof vest will have the highest rate to absorb damage to condition than any other gear. 12. Actions control for friendly survivor Retreat When friendly survivor is attacking, friendly will retreat to a fight and will follow the character. When ally is in retreat state, ally will not attack even when being attacked. Lasts for a few seconds. No action will be made when friendly is not attacking. Scout Using this action will allow the user to pinpoint an area from screen. Once the user pointed an area, friendly will go to that pointed area and will stay/guard for a few seconds. Attack Using this action will allow the user to tap a specific target. Ally's attack will priotize the selected target. This may seem complicated to implement since there is no capabilities to select a target by tap. But if feasible in the future, that would be nice. However there is another way... instead of allowing the user to tap a specific target, make it tap an area. The nearest enemy (or any attackable target) to the tapped area will be the ally's priority target. 13. HP regeneration for friendly survivor Ally will slowly regenerate HP when unattacked or not in combat in a few seconds. Ally taking damage will interrupt the HP regen. 14. First aid kit Can be found in hospital and abandoned ambulance vehicle (secret location). This item is very rare. Using it will cure sickness and bleeding (like Tetracycline and Bandage), heals 25% of max HP (like Saline Bag), and gives a fast HP regen in a few seconds (like Vitamins). 15. Option for lower graphics Some users including me are experiencing lag like 15FPS as you progress for very long time. So I think this option might help. Maybe a little game optimization and bug fixing too can fix this lag issue. These are just suggestions and I will not be disappointed if all/one of these are disapproved. I hope my thread can help the dev team somehow on their current ideas and goals to the development lifetime of Mini DAYZ.
  2. BrownChoco

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    It will get really dark at time 01:00 to 05:00.
  3. BrownChoco

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    There is this minor bug, I think, where the durability of fire axe do not display when equipped. My screenshots here: https://imgur.com/a/Hn4mj
  4. BrownChoco


    If in iOS, yes. But in android, no problem.
  5. BrownChoco

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    Another bug I found today. It is about underground bunker. I enter the UB and the lighting is bright. I took a break and the light is still bright. But in continue, it became dark like night. The time is about 03:45. In my whole exploration, the UB is still dark even in 06:00. The lighting remain dark until I go out the UB at time 13:30.
  6. BrownChoco

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    Nightcrawler and Scout perk bug! Nightcrawler In my saved game after update, I've noticed the change of darkness at night. In my new games, I don't think the perk procs properly. But in one of my runs after I reached Island 2 in night time, I can see the improvement but the effect disappeared again and its pitch dark after I've had a break and continue. Scout Sometimes I can't detect any survivor with learned Scout perk. But I resolved it by returning to menu then continue again. These bugs keeps on coming back and it is noticable.
  7. BrownChoco

    I'm ready for island 4

    Because that screenshot was taken before the update came.
  8. BrownChoco

    Shooting accuracy after 1.2.0

    I agree. These AI bots' aiming must be nerfed somehow. I can't even get close or aim carefully to them. For me they are overpowered with firearm.
  9. BrownChoco

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    Just a moment ago before death from OP bandit with firearm. I think this is an AI bug. I've heard a repetetive sound of reloading, I've seen the survivor running in circle like crazy while just reloading repeatedly. I already got scout perk but this bot was not detected as bandit or trader. I don't think it is an ally either because there is no HP bar. So I killed that bot and got the MP5K.
  10. BrownChoco

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    I have experienced this bug where I can't shoot with my firearm (remington shotgun). The durability is 45%+ and fully reloaded. I can still fire with my handgun. But whenever I tap fire button with primary firearm, my character just aimed and no bullet was fired. Any basic troubleshooting did not worked such as relaunching app, back to menu then continue, repick that weapon, eject and reload, etc. So the weapon became useless with that bug.
  11. BrownChoco

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    About 5 or 6 times maybe.
  12. BrownChoco

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    That's the strong reason why I stopped playing this game.
  13. BrownChoco

    Im enjoying this game! (kinda addicted to it)

    Its sad that this game is kinda underrated in Play Store. Its hard to find this good game so I am sharing it to some gaming section in forum.
  14. BrownChoco


    Maybe some of them are the lucky beta testers?