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    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    idk if it bug or not.. but did at 18.00 lights still bright? on my phone lights will be dark start at 00.10 to 05.50, you know it's weird for light still bright at 18.00 to 00.00 psh i using asus zenfone 5 model T00J
  2. bozzGanza

    Suggestions for Mini DayZ

    I think for idea huge trade camp would should better on island 3 or 4
  3. bozzGanza

    Suggestions for Mini DayZ

    1. add stamina bar that can affect your running and your aim (would be great if u just add it on veteran difficult) 2. if we have blade/knife make it can tore clothes and pants into rags 3. make it we can loot from refrigerator,drawer,etc 4. like poeple mention on above me: simple command on friend, like stay close, cover, spread, rest(so he can regain his health), exchange (so can trade his for better armor and weapon) 5. can makeshift rope from rags 6. can makeshift hut just using wood and rope, exemple you have 10 or 15 wood and 3 or 5 rope then combine all item to build makeshift hut 7. make it item that count as 1 item per slot will be stacked when i have several item on ground like wood or rice or canned beer or zuichin, etc. because when i have 40 zuichin to scroll down item most bottom feel so tiresome 8. make it we can craft, eat, drink from that coloum on left
  4. bozzGanza

    Report Bugs 1.2.1

    beforehand i using ASUS Zenfone 5 Model T00J, here my report bugs: 1. zooming in and out getting lag when there was bubble word 2. ads sometimes won't play so no gift loot, sometimes play and get loot but not playing the ads 3. sometimes i/zombie can through between wall in house to street 4. water in pet bottle why i feel like dont balance with drunk from pump (someone please check it for me) 5. my camp lost function for storage item, so when i left for scavenge on other city then after i back to camp suddenly all item gone 6. footstep dan gunshot sometimes disappear permanenly and just leaving ambience sound play when there some sound from other app ringing 7. just what it like the picture, maybe i am will going meet god in white space room lol :p