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  1. Nablatidis

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    CFP is an updated version of CUP. I didn't use CUP that much before either, the models just look too dated for my taste. But this mod brings the models to the standard of many of the newer mods. I tried making my own preset, but i got errors when I started editing the heavy vehicles - So i gave up. Was an errror message that said something about the light inf group for some reason. Anyway, if it's something you wanna check out, I'd say they look for the most part better than the RHS infantry.
  2. Nablatidis

    Community Factions Project

    Hello, The US Army (Jungle / Woodland) units keep reverting back to the old desert CUP models. Also, is there a reason why the US army groups don't contain any medics? Is this how it is IRL?
  3. Nablatidis

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Hello! First off, thanks for keeping this mission alive and working on it. It's the mission I keep coming back to when I need a quick CTI combat fix and end up playing for 10 hours. Now to my question, Are there plans on including the most amazing Community Factions project in the different presets in the mission files? If not, does anybody have a preset of it? I was thinking of doing it myself, which is kinda unnecessary if someone already made it. That mod looks too damn good now to not use in this mission. It's also complete enough now to replace blufor and opfor factions. cheers
  4. Nablatidis

    Drongo's Air Support

    What happened to this little gem of an addon? I can't find a download anywhere. Did you stop working on it Drongo?
  5. Nablatidis

    Advanced AI Command

    Hey Duda, Really amazing mod, I can't live without it. I'm playing around with it in ALiVE, and was wondering if there is some way to give a unit command over another unit in-game in a mission - Can do all that in the edtitor with the 2 modules without a problem. But if i want to change the groups I'm commanding I'll either have to stick with what I have from the editor, or have command over everything, and this means a LOOT of little black circles on the map since there are so many units. Regards
  6. Nablatidis

    40mm grenades need a real buff

    Have you seen a real M203 grenade explode in real life? It is really lackluster. The explosion and the shrapnel is small and I doubt they would ever kill anybody unless you land it perfectly in front of somone. The shrapnel travels away from the shooter so you need to land it a bit in front of your target, unlike a regular grenade. I carried an M203 on my weapon when i was in the army, and we were told to try and use it so that the explosion would land on other objects that would create more shrapnel - Like windows. SO i'd say its pretty realistic. But maybe not that much fun :)
  7. Nablatidis

    Headless Client for SinglePlayer???

    Depends on how you wanna play Arma. As you probably know, arma isn't exactly CoD where you can rambo yourself through the enemy. So the more AI the more trouble you're gonna have yourself without AI help. With fewer AI you can more easlly influence the outcome yourself. But a large number of AIs IMO it's more immersive and feels more like a real battlefield, but you can't really win the war all by yourself unlike CoD. I prefer immersion and as much AIs as possible. I play single player with a dedicated server with 3 headless clients. And my computer is an i7-8700k with 16gb (3000Mhz) of RAM. With that i can run with about 300-400 AI active at the same time while getting decent FPS (for me thats above 30+FPS). If i wanna go with more AI than that (depending on mods to) i'd need a second computer with another ARMA client installed and put a few HCs on that. So each to his own...
  8. Nablatidis

    Drongo's Command Enhancement

    Nice one. Playing around with it now. Got a few questions ofc :) What are the modules for in the editor? Can't find anyting in the readme. What would be the command to remove groups constantly in a dynamicly created mission like alive? I'm getting bombarded with reports of civilians and the map and if i go in to high command mode it is cluttered with little white circled groups. Do you have plans to use those modules the same way the high command module works? to set exctly what groups to control or not control? Last question, got an ETA on the air support mod? I really want that baby, and it's not available anymore :(
  9. Nablatidis

    Drongo's Command Enhancement

    I will agree with everything said here. The lack of information on the battlefield as an AI commander has always bothered me. This does what no other mod does and I would love to see AI communication expanded. I have only briefly tried this mod, but if there are no conflicts with advanced AI command and C2, then this mod could fill another gap and complement those two mods.
  10. Hello! What I'm looking for is a way to get more information from the AI teams and squadmates what's going on the battlefield. I'm using Advanced AI command and C2 with an ALiVE mission where I'm controlling some, but not all of the units. What I would like to do for example is from an infantry squad, get enemy contact information (recon), when a squad is taking losses and when they are under fire. And from air assets it would be good to hear when they are firing A2A and A2G weapons. Like "fox 2" or "Rifle", and when they get hit and eject. Like they do in the jets showcase mission. I suppose I could take a look at that mission and maybe make something myself. But I dread all the sound files, scripts and the triggers that would go with it. My experience with scripts is limited. So the question is, is there a good mod for recieving information like this? Or maybe a sample mission where on can get some easy pointers how to do it? Hope someone out there has a clue. I can't be the only guy out there getting g annoyed about the lack of what's going on. "Hey where's my air asset..,....oooh it was shot down 10 minutes ago" Anybody else had that happen of the single player command people?
  11. Hey I have a problem that I've narrowed down to being caused by this otherwise amazing mod. The repair/refuel function around repair/refuel vehicles doesn't work at all. Where you would normally go near a repair/refuel vehicle, nothing happens. It works again when I uninstall the Nimitz. But I'm building my mission around it as a base, so uninstalling isn't an option. I assume it's because the auto repair function is now tied to the hangar area instead. But is there a way to disable that?
  12. Nablatidis

    Advanced AI Command

    I have a small issue, The modules doesn't seem to work when used with the C2 mod. Like using the advanced ai commander and groups modules to give me command of certain units. It just gives me command of all units, which gets kinda messy when used with ALiVE. It works when I only have CBA and AIC loaded, but doesn't when I have those two plus C2. Buuut, as i said, not a huge issue for me, i just use color markings on groups. Just thought I'd report it as this mod and C2 should work well together.
  13. Nablatidis

    Advanced AI Command

    Has anyone else gotten this to work well with vcom? Or does it work with other ai mods? Vcom is my preferred one ofc but that's just me. Perhaps somehow you could temporarily disable in-game an AI mod on whatever group you want to control with Advanced AI command. From the VCOM readme: To disable a Vcom AI group from creating additional waypoints or running to support friendlies, put this command in their init field: "{_x setvariable ["VCOM_NOPATHING_Unit",true]} foreach units (group this);"" Maybe using something like that whenever a command is given from Advanced AI Command and until that group has executed those commands fully and can return to vcom control. It would also need to remove any existing VCOM waypoints to make the group follow the Advanced AI Commands. I don't know if there are more compatability issues within these two mods, I get an AIC_getgroupcolor error whenever i have vcom on. But i doesn't seem to break anything.
  14. Nablatidis

    Do you prefer Vanilla AI?

    I am using Advanced AI command as well and I can't live without it as I play mostly SP. But I've gotten used to using it together with vcom, with all its werid behaviour and error messages. Inspired from this thread, I may give vanilla AI a chance after all. But, there are a few features in vcom that make it really useful that I'd want to keep. Such as AI calling in support from nearby units and calling for arty. And other things such as using and deploying static weapons, flanking etc. Is it maybe possible to use only those features or thoae that doesn't conflict with advanced AI command? Both are available in script form so maybe someone skilled at scripting might know. But if only using vanilla, are there any other mods scripts that lets AI call for support? Someone mentioned GAIA. Does it work well with mods like ALiVE and/or Zeus? Another mod I saw was AISS, might be an option but I looks like that I also has some AI behaviour features. And hasn't been updated for a while. Edit: I should note that I, as any self respecting arma player should, almost always play with ALiVE