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  1. Your_Nemesis_IQ2

    Performance Problems, 780ti

    it is a problem of the game because they use an old engine like arma 3 ihave i7-7700k gtx 1080 gaming x ssd 16 gb ram and GPU usage 45% at ultra settings i have masive fps droop and game lagging stuttering everytime so the problrm comes from the game itself
  2. Your_Nemesis_IQ2

    Multi core/thread

    from steam -- click on the game right mouse -- properties..lauch option--- ----------------------put -------------------------------- -cpuCount=4 -high -enableHT -exThreads=8 -------------------------------------------------------- if you have 4 cores dont change 4 if you have 8 threads dont change 8
  3. Your_Nemesis_IQ2

    Input lag

    in task manager select your mouse firmware --property---combatibility-- run as win7 that was the solution for my logitech g502 the input lag was improved 90%
  4. hi i installed Argo server from my steam app but when i launch it it show me this message ----------------- 20:32:20 Dedicated host created. 20:32:23 Host identity created. 20:32:23 Game Port: *****, Steam Query Port: ***** 20:32:23 Warning: Current Steam AppId: 5***** doesn't match expected value: ****** -------------- need help please
  5. Your_Nemesis_IQ2

    Can't join LAN private server

    i think becouse you turned off UPNP on your router
  6. Your_Nemesis_IQ2


    this is one of those hackers
  7. Your_Nemesis_IQ2

    Application error (0xc000001d)

    try to update your graphics card driver or Direct X
  8. Your_Nemesis_IQ2

    FPS optimization

    i have i7-7700k 4.5ghz HT gtx 1080 gaming x 16 gb of ram SSD drive 1080p and the average FPS is 70
  9. Your_Nemesis_IQ2

    a hacker in an official server

    focus on video one shoot kill !!!!!
  10. Your_Nemesis_IQ2

    Game lag stutters

    thanks men i have a high end pc i can run this game on ultra with my msi gtx 1080 gaming x average 65 fps and i have resolved the problem was my antivirus
  11. Your_Nemesis_IQ2

    a hacker in an official server

    he isent lagging his ping is 32 you can see his ping in same video and he use a sniper or dmr please focus on video
  12. hi I thing BattleEye dont do his job in this game there are many hackers cheaters in this game and this video shows one on these hackers in an official server please developers do somthing or this game while die
  13. Your_Nemesis_IQ2

    Voice of a woman

    i hate this women XD
  14. Your_Nemesis_IQ2

    Container bug at Combat Patrol, Airport

    i was streeming [youtube]https://youtu.be/G9EU4FTD9CM?t=1058[/youtube]
  15. Your_Nemesis_IQ2

    Container bug at Combat Patrol, Airport

    i happend to me too ?