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  1. Djavu

    Can't move camera on Buldozer

    I had this problem, too. To resolve: Check the root of your drive P has folder languagecore_f If you are not, then go to your Weapon installation, inside the Dta folder you will have the languagecore_f.pbo, extract to the P Buldozer will now work and move.
  2. Maybe it's not Vcom. I placed my base well away from the position where Alive generates the units, and when I requested the delivery of a group of allied units using logistics, when they were near the support units (CAS, Transport and Artillery), they simply left the their positions, they gained waypoints for the position of the reinforcement group.
  3. Sorry, my mistake. Yes, use it anyway (group this) setVariable ["Vcm_Disable", true]. The support units of the alive, I put manually in the editor, just to put the command Vcom in the pilot's init, but it does not work. Well, on the other hand, could Alive be generating waipoints for the drive? I'll investigate. Thanks for the quick response.
  4. Hello, I have problems using Vcom with Alive. Even putting [(group this) setVariable ["Vcm_Disable", true]; in the init of the air support pilot or init of the commanding unit of the artillery, they are still affected by the Vcom.
  5. Thank you friend. I just want to take a look at how a map is generated, for example: I would like to make a helicopter transport with a dialog box and that contains the map to select the extraction site. But I ate looking at the GUI editor a few days ago and some things are still confusing for me. As I do not have much experience in sqf and am curious, I'm running behind. Thank you again.
  6. Hello. The download link is broken, could you share it again? I would like to take a look at this example to learn more about this subject. thankful
  7. Hello guys. I would like to know which programming language most identifies with Arma3. I intend to start some course in this area. Not as a profession, but only out of passion for Arma 3.
  8. I'm following from the beginning, waiting for the finalization. Thank you for the time and effort devoted to this work.
  9. Djavu

    Apex Framework

    billboard class "Land_Billboard_F", or other similar.
  10. Djavu

    Apex Framework

    Hello, I would like to add some type cards with my group's logo in the base, but at the start of the scenario, objects are excluded, could you give me the correct path for such a procedure? Thank you
  11. Djavu

    Apex Framework

    Sorry I'm late. It was a configuration problem like TADST, more precisely, about the "custon" configuration type. Once again, congratulations on your work and thank you for sharing.
  12. Djavu

    Apex Framework

    Congratulations on the work fn_Quiksilver. I have a problem, I can not configure to allow the third person to be enabled, even if the server settings are configured as thirdPersonView: 1. The default key to change the view mode does not work and the player menu is disabled. The server is configured as Auto init, and the difficulty settings are those required by the mission.
  13. Hello everyone, I need help. How to check if all players have already loaded their characters and only then start the mission? What I intend to do: The players respawn the mark respawn_west, where they have a trigger that will teleport them to a helicopter, which will be in a position and will take them to the base. But the helicopter will only start the move when the P1 units are shipped. A black screen with some information will appear for those who have already been charged and teleported while waiting for the rest of the players.
  14. To check tanks, men,trucks and cars, I usually disable the damage to the object and disable the summation, prevent it from falling if you hit it with a vehicle: _nul = [this] SPAWN {while {true} do { waitUntil {sleep 1; count ((getposATL (_this select 0)) nearEntities [["Man","Car","Motorcycle","Tank"],30]) > 0}; (_this select 0) animate ["Door_1_rot", 1]; waitUntil {sleep 1; count ((getposATL (_this select 0)) nearEntities [["Man","Car","Motorcycle","Tank"],30]) == 0}; (_this select 0) animate ["Door_1_rot", 0]; }; }; This also works: _Object animateSource ['Door_1_sound_source',0];
  15. Hello guys. I have a doubt, a trigger is activated during the mission, and soon after a player joins the match, JIP, it also states that it was triggered? I will clarify what I intend to do: In initPlayerLocal.sqf: if (Isplayer player) then { waituntil {! isnull player}; //if you belong to group x, teleport if (groupId (group player) == "Alpha 1-4") then { player setposASLW (getPosASLW resp_base); player setdir 130; waituntil {(player distance resp_base) <10 && !(IsNull (findDisplay 46))}; sleep 5; qg sidechat format ["% 1, Welcome aboard USS FREEDON, our provisional base.", name player]; }; waituntil {triggeractivated transport1}; // Here is the question of JIP player addEventHandler ["RESPAWN", { player setposASLW (getPosASLW resp_base); player setdir 130; }]; }; Well, what I intend is: You will initiate two groups, the assault group will respawn at the airport where you will jump from parachute, the second group, upon giving respawn, will be teleported to the USS FREEDON. When the Assault group enters the aircraft for the jump, the trigger activates, and in the initPlayerLocal, which awaits trigger activation, releases the event handler for the players. Because when someone dies the teleportation will be for everyone. What about JIP? will the triggeractivated waituntil work? since it was not on the occasion?