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  1. AeroPostal

    HUD ai tracker

    Is there a way to hide the icons from select units of the player's side? I have an HQ unit on the map and the icon shows up on screen a mile away and looks pretty stupid.
  2. AeroPostal

    HUD ai tracker

    Ha! That did it! works smoothly now thanks for that.
  3. AeroPostal

    HUD ai tracker

    Yeah it's weird, I'm curious to how BI did it in apex. At any rate, how would I add in a sleep line, furthermore, if I want to apply this to one unit only, not including the player and the HQ unit on the map. What would I need to change?
  4. AeroPostal

    HUD ai tracker

    Thankfully it's only applied to one unit, so the icon itself stutters a little but not to the point where it's annoying. and thank you. Again, new to scripting any information helps aha.
  5. AeroPostal

    HUD ai tracker

    Real quick, how do I select what units I want it to apply to?
  6. AeroPostal

    HUD ai tracker

    You're the greatest, thank you!
  7. Hello. What would be the process for adding the blue hexagon over friendly ai on screen like you see in apex protocol to an ai in a custom mission?
  8. This did it, thanks a bunch
  9. It's going to be a script, I know it is. I already know there is a script for spawning units via trigger and giving them a destination, but I want to give them waypoints so they will follow the direction of the road, rather than just move straight to a destination. Sure I could place them on the map the simple way, but I wouldn't be able to have them walking at the exact time and place I'd need them to for this scene in the mission to work as I envision it.
  10. Hello again. Today I'm in a situation where I want the player to move to a certain spot/trigger location where an enemy patrol (2 units, variable name patrol1) will spawn down the road a ways and follow a set of waypoints. How would I go about doing this? Again new to all of this, please be understanding!
  11. AeroPostal

    Help with infotext

    Thank you very much.
  12. Hello As I near the completion of my first mission, I wanted to add in a slow black fade in screen, followed by 5 lines of text in the lower right corner at the start of the mission. the timing for that would be default for both. How would I go about making this happen? Now I've obtained the script and watched a guide on What it does (down below) but I haven't found one that shows how to set it up setp by step. I've been having an extremely hard time editing it fit my needs, let alone inserting into the mission. Please go easy on me, I'm brand new to mission making and scripting is completely foreign to me. I'm here to learn!
  13. You know, for a grumpy old man, you're not so bad! Thanks for the help brother.
  14. Hello evveryone. I'm creating a mission where you are tasked to intercept bomber flights before they bomb a specific target. However to keep things reasonable, I only want the next bomber to spawn after the first one is destoryed. Using the variable name bomber2 what would the trigger code look like for making this happen?