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    NO, BIS, NO.

    friends, if you remember 2014 and single Arma 3 story ..... secret military project on Altis .... strange earthquakes .... CSAT Special Forces try to take out the unknown device ..... What if we have a new similar secret project on Altis Livonia ...... strange earthquakes antigravity effects .... CSAT Russian Special Forces try to take out the UFO unknown device .....
  4. asys

    NO, BIS, NO.

    @denzo don't run ahead, maybe it's just a declassified secret russian weapon 😄
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    Arma3 Videos

    squad 'Clear sky" at work
  6. Year ago i played in ARGO Monthly Challenge called the Witch Hunt. It was very interesting to kill invisible enemy. Is it possible make that in arma3? I want to create my mission with that invisible target. If this script is somewhere described please show me the link. I have some difficulties with search on english. P.s. I was interested in the effect at which the invisible enemy visible as a blurred, transparent and wavering cloud
  7. asys

    co10 Escape

    yesterday we tried v.1.9 DLC support, new road block, new supplies point, random prison build and many other - all is amazing. Thank you very match for great mission. p.s. after some hundreds escapes from start point - it's very easy. I thought, maybe start prison need make more hard? Maybe add second Perimeter with wire fencing with barbed wire from above as on supplies point? Some little watch tower with machine-gunner ?
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    Arma3 Videos

  9. asys

    Arma3 Videos

  10. asys

    co10 Escape

    today, we almost escape Our first end at 1.8.1 ver. before we play 1.7.5. We sat down in the helicopter and flew. We thought that it was all over, but something hit and damage helicopter. I took the parachute and jumped out. I and my friends landed normally, thought that now we will go look for a new terminal, as before in1.7.5. but mission ends as failure. another case - we rush on car into the central airfield, there was a enemy Hellcat on the ground. We killed the pilots and took off and flew. One of our friends stayed in the car on the ground. After 2 minutes our helicopter was shot down from a stationary .50 machine gun. When helli fallen to the ground mission ends as failure. So it is necessary?