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  1. I'll tell about my method of teleporting squads. Maybe it's stupid and not beautiful, but it works in MP on our TvT games. 1. create markers on destination points 2. give each unit in squad a unique name 3. create object wich will have action teleport-menu 4. write script, as i show below, for all destination points and all squads. In the example below, one squad is teleported to one point sdv_1_teleport_1 addAction ["<t color='#FFFFFF' shadow = 1 size='2'>Выбери место старта Водолазов 3-3 <br />(будет доступно после фризтайма)</t>", {}]; //action menu on object waitUntil {!isNil "WMT_pub_frzState" && {WMT_pub_frzState >= 3}}; // waiting start for mission sdv_1_teleport_1 removeAction 0; // remove action sdv_1_teleport_1 addAction // make new action menu for teleport [ "<t color='#00ff00' shadow = 1 size='2'>Водолазы 3-3 на позицию #1</t>", { {_x moveInAny sdv_1;} forEach [spn_1_voda_KO, spn_1_voda_2, spn_1_voda_3, spn_1_voda_4]; // list with unique unit names, which are loaded into vehicle sdv_1 setPos (getMarkerPos "kostil_1"); // teleport vehicle to destination point sdv_1 setDir 0; deleteVehicle sdv_1_teleport_1; // remove objects with action menu deleteVehicle sdv_1_teleport_2; deleteVehicle sdv_1_teleport_3; {deleteMarker _x;} forEach ["wmt_east_sdv_1","wmt_east_sdv_4"]; // remove markers }, nil, 1.5, true, true, "", "true", 4, false, "", "" ];
  2. asys


    I read one book about war, modern warfare. There was a scene of the execution of the pilot of aircraft by civilian, whom he bombed before. He was tied to an iron bed and slowly roasted over a fire. In your video (1:08), replace the stick on a metal mesh bed and you get that episode from the book.
  3. asys

    Video From TV/Laptop/Screen

    @Melody_Mike Thank you !
  4. asys

    Video From TV/Laptop/Screen

    is it possible to display the image from the commander's, drivers, gunner's camera in the tank on a stationary screen ? I want to make a headquarters with many screens that will show what the crew saw at the moment
  5. I understood correctly, praetorians shoot and destroy bombs and rockets, but not helicopters as in default situation?
  6. asys

    CBRN Script

    reading your scripts, in fn_init.sqf I found lines whitch allow to change the volume of the beep signal on ChemicalDetector_01_watch_F or turn off sound signal. But in game i can't found that functions. It's working?
  7. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=694171151
  8. Some times ago i build big base of submarine on Malden, for our TvT fightings. During the fighting, i noticed that the columns of land Airstrip Platform (classname "land_AirstripPlatform_01-F") are actually much larger than their apparent size. In combination with the angle at which infantry attacked the base through the main gate ... our sniper was crying. He could not kill the enemy between the columns. Below how it looks (some tests in the editor) small overview of my creature
  9. asys

    CBRN Script

    hmmm...Thank you. When i load default player profile, i saw text. But in my main playable profile i don't see that text. Look at the pictures, please. Which menu used and i lost when change UI? default UI (working correctly) my playable UI (not working)
  10. asys

    CBRN Script

    hm...... don't working. What I'm doing wrong? Load only 2 mod - CBA_A3 and ACE3