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  1. Like other WW2 mods, I'm alo a huge fan of Iron Front..... I'm trying to rally some help up for my project, If anybody could help?
  2. HotBrass

    Faces of War [WW2]

    I'm a huge fan of this MOD, thank you for all the hard work! I'm after some nuggets of Information, If I could direct you to this.. I'm trying to rally some help for my project, If anybody could help... Kind Regards
  3. Greetings, Last year I had a vision, a vision of a virtual world that holds a dear place In my heart... https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/210876-project-operation-pegasus My grandfather fought here as part of the British airborne contingency, he was one of the lucky few who managed to escape the battle. Unfortunately my ambition outstrips my ability.. With some amazing work being produced, by some very talented people; I would be honored If members could help me achieve my objective of making this happen, It would mean a lot to me. Information would be very well received on how to make/design the map and all that goes with It. I have A LOT of reference material on Market Garden and If any one would like Information for there MODS etc, I would be more then happy to help. Kindest Regards
  4. Welcome to Operation Pegasus This Is the first announcement of an exciting project I have harbored a strong Interest In since WW2 assets were available for the Arma series. Now with a more user friendly approach to modding within the game, I felt It was the right time for me to unleash my creative juices and create what I wanted to see In game. This map and assets will be a realistic representation of Oosterbeek through to Arnhem, complete with custom buildings centered around areas the British airborne forces were Involved within Operation Market Garden.
  5. 'Move It argie' Addons: 3cbaf. Rismarck poses
  6. Friends have a quick happy snap taken for the scrap book, before 3 Para assault Mount Longdon, Falklands 1982. Addons: 3cbaf, Rismarck poses
  7. HotBrass

    How would you model this?

    Thanks joot, I hear what your saying, I just needed a bump to get me started ;-) Thanks
  8. HotBrass

    How would you model this?

    Thank you six_ten, joot, I appreciate It's an arma forum, I already tried to source an answer by looking on youtube and posting on a blender forum; But there was no answer to my question, hence why I came to ask In the modelling section of the arma forum. I'll take the advice on board and start with what's been suggested. Kind Regards
  9. HotBrass

    How would you model this?

    Thanks for the reply six_ten, How would you go about modelling the flap? Kind Regards
  10. Hi all, I'm stumped, after playing around In blender I'm looking to try and model a beret like this... Does anybody have any guidance or advice on how I can achieve this? Thanks In advance!
  11. SANGER 7 A British soldier on stag, In early morning Afghanistan mods: @FATA @3cbUnit
  12. Mundane Patrol A squad leader who has taken point, stops to scan a suspected enemy trail. Addon: Unsung, Rismarck Poses
  13. Angel of Mercy A Dustoff responds to an American G.I seriously wounded In South Vietnam 1967 Addon: Unsung
  14. Thanks for the reply. That's bad luck, I'm at work for the next 7 hours so I feel your pain :)
  15. Morning all, Is this still scheduled for release today? Kind Regards