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  1. TrueMonolith

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    Thanks for pointing me to it! It's a really good template, and thanks for the helper layers! After messing around with it, I have one more little question: Is there any way to create a "tan", i.e. non-reflecting skin of the Van? I'd like to create a military ambulance but the gloss is making this kind of hard!
  2. TrueMonolith

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    Hey there, now that the DLC is officially released, is there any ETA for the repaint templates? I'd really love to do a military-esque repaint of the ambulance (and some other stuff :) )!
  3. TrueMonolith

    Advanced Train Simulator (ATS)

    Hey there, loving this mod, I hope it will get even better when Orange DLC is out as it features an easy way to get rid of objects in game - so I can finally modify the track layouts on Tanoa and get rid of the things that bug me. Just two little questions: Are there any plans to raise the engien noise level for the stock locos? Right now it's audible, but very quiet; on my end at least. Also; lights would look fantastic on those little diesel engines! Cheers, Mono
  4. TrueMonolith

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    Excellent, thanks for the swift response! Great to hear! Read Mocane's post above!
  5. TrueMonolith

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    On a rather general note: Will there be a possibility to create your own skins of the vans? Because they sure do offer a lot of reskinning potential!
  6. TrueMonolith

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    Amazing DLC so far, I really like the new assets and I'm a huge fan of the van, but please consider the following points to make it even better: - Rework the passenger variant's height on it's wheels. It's very low compared to the other variants which look much more natural. Can you maybe lift it up a little bit? Also, if possible, could you add the option to use the utility wheels from the other models (and not the "fancy" ones)? - Since the last update, the headlights are not workable for me anymore on any van variant. - Strobe lights and additional emergency lights vary a lot in their intensity and colour. I think the additional lights are very visible but the strobe lights are kind of dim - maybe adapt the strobe light's intensity to that of the additional lights? - Are there options to open (and close) all the doors of the vans in-game? I can't seem to find them! - You missed a huge opportunity in creating a bus paint scheme for the "extensive bus network" on Malden (and on Tanoa). If you were to sneak in one or two little public transit paint schemes for the passenger variant (such small buses are not uncommon for small islands!) that would be fantastic! Cheers, Mono EDIT: Some other things I noticed: - The vans accelerate a bit too quickly in my opinion - I think they should handle a bit more sluggish. - At least the ambulance variant really needs some interior lighting. The bus would benefit from that as well.
  7. TrueMonolith

    Nord, Arctic circle map II

    @bludski Interesting! Excited for further development on the egg-shaped object!
  8. TrueMonolith

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    This is actually a brilliant idea! If there was an AMX 13 I'd never play another tank again! :D
  9. TrueMonolith

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    Nice find! Looks like a flag to be put on the front of a vehicle like this Seems that the humanitarian aspect-dlc might still be the best bet!
  10. TrueMonolith

    JSHK Contamination Area Mod

    @jshock You are a madman, thanks for updating so quickly! The overlay is working great now, just one remaining question: When you aim down your sights, the overlay disappears. Is that intentional? Also thanks for making the vehicle module a seperate entity! Regards, Mono
  11. TrueMonolith

    JSHK Contamination Area Mod

    @Jshock that's awesome, I'm already looking forward to it! About the ACE mod, I have tested it in various scenarios and interestingly, everytime I tried going into the hot zone with an unshielded character I took quite some time to die. Will test again and update you on this!
  12. TrueMonolith

    JSHK Contamination Area Mod

    Hello jshock! I just tested your mod and I think the idea is absolutely fabulous and this will add a lot of interesting new gameplay elements! Sadly I did encounter a problem though: My unit is very picky about new mods and while your mod itself is nicely small and compact, the CBRN pack is not and comes with a lot of stuff we don't really need at the moment. The only thing we'd need is a gas mask, and I found a really nice one on SW that would fit perfectly. As stated in your description, your mod is modular and should work with any mask (or facewear item) out there - and functionally, it does! The standalone mask will shield the wearer against the toxins, BUT I can't get the overlay to work. It feels really weird that you can wear a gas mask that doesn't obstruct your view in the slightest and I'd want the players to feel cramped. I placed down the gas mask module and enabled the overlay for 1st person. I typed in the class name of the mask but still, no overlay. Am I missing something? Cheers, Mono
  13. TrueMonolith

    E3 2017 and BIS

    They were there and announced a nwe Minecraft Clone. I was actually hoping for some Orange DLC info. Damn!
  14. TrueMonolith

    Arma 3 dev team decreasing?

    I bet ArmA 4 will be a Cold War revisit, set in the late 80s or early 90s. As for the battlegrounds, Tanoa has grown on me so I'd like to see an Asia / Pacific scenario. North vs. South Korea would be a nice scenario. A US West Coast scenario (World in Conflict vibes!) would be quite fresh too.
  15. TrueMonolith

    Arma 3 Aegis

    Hey Nightmare! Just wanted to drop in and say: I'm really looking forward to this mod and the way it expands the 2035 universe! Keep it going!