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    Select Spawn Point

    will do, thanks for the fast reply Edit: Checked it out, it did help a lot! Thanks for the guidance.
  2. Hello everyone! I have more than 1,000 hours logged in this game on steam and now want to try my hand at mission creation. I've found a few scripts here that I plan to use and all. Anyways, I want to create some spawn areas in my map for example spawn_1, spawn_2, etc. and I want to select which of them to spawn to like in the exile mod or in the Wasteland mission. I've looked at the scripts in the wasteland mission to see how to do it but I honestly have no clue where to find the script or it's dependencies. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the scripts HG I'll make sure to give them good use
  4. I love this script, helps in making missions like Antistasi
  5. E_Romanov

    Devas Autopilot [RELEASE]

    Man, this looks good! Great work