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    General Discussion (dev branch)

    The latest Spotrep has the following: Tweaked: Doors, gates, ladders and hatches now use new technology for detection of user actions (actionNamedSel parameter) Could someone elaborate? I can't find "actionNamedSel" anywhere in SQF or in the Config Viewer. This new "technology" for doors might be very useful for me, and I'd like to make use of it
  2. digitalgeo.

    Official Zeus servers from Bohemia Interactive

    Hi, as of now Anti Air tanks are now missing from Game Master's menu in Official Server on the Zeus Stratis 48+2 scenario. So we cannot place down a Cheetah or the Tigris. We can't place down empty objects, now we can't place down some tanks. Please fix ASAP!
  3. digitalgeo.

    AI won't move

    Hi, I'm interested to hear your progress in this. I have a similar problem when I spawning ai to an existing group. They just sit there. I'm going to try to join them to a temporary group, and then move them to the existing group after. But it doesn't seem worth it, since your attempt at this failed