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  1. Just installed this script. Having a bit of a problem. The jets get X distance away from the players, and they just freeze. Kind of defeats the point of having them patrol. Any idea what might cause this?
  2. A mod like this would be awesome, if the targets were random generated AI that way this could be utilized on a PVE server.
  3. Kind of beating a dead horse, but I'm having a similar issue. I'm playing on an i7 12700K, AMD 6600XT and 16 Gb of RAM. VRAM utilization will go all the way to my card's capacity, but then, instead of crashes, I start getting the worst stuttering. Just pauses, that last anywhere between 0.25-1.25s, and the VRAM usage jumps between 7800-8100Mb. Possibly a driver issue?
  4. I've just gotten Arma Reforger, and I cannot play for longer than 10 minutes. Constantly getting kicked with the "Group=1 ‘REPLICATION’, reason=4 ‘TIMEOUT’". Renting my own server, no other players playing. Regardless if I'm running around on foot or GM. Game is literally unplayable in an online environment. I'm seriously disappointed in Bohemia.
  5. Hmm, first time I started running an Exile server, (I'm such an idiot, should've done it sooner, especially since I started dev'ing games 12 years ago). Anyway, lot's of these scripts and addons are poorly written,quick OT throw in What's more efficient: if(_side == "survivor") then { _group = createGroup SC_SurvivorSide; } else { _group = createGroup SC_BanditSide; }; OR _group = createGroup SC_BanditSide; if(_side == "survivor") then { deleteGroup _group; _group = createGroup SC_SurvivorSide; }; Below is the excerpt from a popular Exile addon, it runs the if statement anyway, why create and delete the group.... that's just illogical. Ugh. And FPS is an issue that is severely affected by what's going on the server. Maybe one statement like this ain't nothing, but through all the files inside the game, count 1 bad statement per file, that's a huge swing. Anyway, rant over. My 2 questions are: 1. Running the A3DS on my old i7 machine, and I NEVER get more than 30% CPU usage, usually more around 25-26% in total. So essentially, the server is using 1 core, 2 threads total, is there any way to max the usuage? 2. If I start running 1.66 Perf 07 or 08 on the server, will clients running the now current A3 version (from Steam) will be able to connect? I believe this is 1.66.139586 ATM.