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  1. ACoolDuck


    I do like your way xD
  2. I corrected it to GrenadeHand....
  3. Yes sorry about that. Tested. cursorTarget sometimes allows me to create an object there and sometimes doesn't. Probably not a good idea to use this method although at the moment it's the only one i can think of. Although the cursortarget one is not reliable this is the fixed version of the map method: openMap true; onMapSingleClick "'GrenadeHand' createVehicle _pos; openMap false; true";
  4. use cursortarget for position if you want to use where you are looking at. So 'HandGrenade' createVehicle cursorTarget;
  5. Nevermind fixed now! needed to use source "rotorH" and have the right selections!
  6. Hello my name is Duck and i have a problem. I have made a cool drone that inherits from the Darter drone which works fine but i need to animate the rotors and i have tried everything... i need help getting these rotors animated on engine start!
  7. You can remove actions as long as you define them for example: myfirstaction = player addAction ["myfirstaction", {}]; removeaction myfirstaction;
  8. ACoolDuck


    [] spawn {(FIRST SOUND PLAYS) UISLEEP 1; (SECOND SOUND PLAYS)}; - you can use UIsleep to wait but make sure to spawn it.
  9. A way you could go about it is to either disable the built in respawn menu or you can create your own so you can decide when it comes up. Another way is to use an eventhandler to 'down' the player which will be where they see the deathcam then they die after a certain time of being down.
  10. You can use the command onMapSingleClick command to use your cursor position example : openMap true; onMapSingleClick "'HandGrenade' createVehicle _pos; openMap false; true"; this should open your map then wait for you to click then closes the map and spawns a grenade on the position.