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  1. Makesure it says detectedMines=0; in the server's Arma3Profile
  2. Ok, I'll give it a go. Thanks for all your help (and froggyluv) ...it's greatly appreciated.
  3. while {true} do { { if ("Para_Pilot" == AnimationState _x) then { _x allowDamage false; } else { if (isTouchingGround _x) then { sleep 5; _x allowDamage true; }; }; } forEach allUnits; sleep 1; }; I'm presuming that if they land in a tree it's considered touching ground so the sleep 5 is there to give them a chance to get out of the tree before they can take damage again, what would I need to add to stop the script checking after 5 minutes?
  4. I don't know how to write code from scratch, but I made this script a couple of years ago from parts of 2 older scripts and then adding the isTouchingGround, it's usually getting used in the Escape mission on 10 players, so is it continually checking to see if the condition is true because it has no sleep added? For this AI version I was wanting to use it on 30 to 60 units halo dropping from a plane, changing the animation and speed coef to disable damage so they don't kill themselves on trees. (works on a player but the swim version is easier to observe if it's working other units) So, after the initial drop will the script continue to check throughout the approx 45 minute mission duration causing unnecessary lag? Never noticed in Escape as that mission is very resource demanding as it is.
  5. Thanks for the reply, this works fine, but unfortunately the AI it's needed for are spawned, not placed. I tried using ... //description.ext class Extended_InitPost_EventHandlers { class CAManBase { class initpost_units { serverInit = "_this call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers 'swimFaster.sqf'"; }; }; }; ....and turning it into a function following davidoss's instructions from this topic ...and another method using a functions.hpp, but it just seemed to ignore the script. The first method with the description.ext seemed pretty straight forward enough, but I could've messed up the function attempts. Any idea how to execute it other than from inside a placed units init?
  6. Thanks for the reply, when I substituted "player setAnimSpeedCoef 1.6;" for {_x setAnimSpeedCoef 1.6} foreach allUnits; The AI did speed up, but obviously they were triggered from the player's animation so they sped up on land too. I'm unable to change "AnimationState player" to get it to trigger on their own animation state like it does for just players. The only positive result I managed was "{AnimationState _x} foreach allUnits" and it must be saying pretty much the same thing as animationstate player as it gets exactly the same result.
  7. 33 people an nobody knows the answer, is the question really that difficult, or does a swim slightly faster script offend mil sim principles that much?
  8. Does anybody know how can I get this script to apply to all units including AI, I've tried a few variations on allUnits. but I could only get it working on players again (with some unwanted sleep effects on start and stop)...... SwimFastScriptHandle = [] spawn { while {true} do { if ("AsswPercMrunSnonWnonDf" == AnimationState player) then { player setAnimSpeedCoef 1.6; } else { if (isTouchingGround player) then { player setAnimSpeedCoef 1; }; }; }; };
  9. Yeah it gives empty quote marks where the name should be, I also used.. onEachFrame {hintSilent str [typeOf cursorObject, cursorObject]}; ...which gave me ["",1026274,powlines_transformer2.ped] with the same empty quotes. But thanks all the same.
  10. Does anybody happen to know the classname for this building?.... All I could get is 1026274,powlines_transformer2.ped, Tried Land_Powlines_Transformer2 on the off chance, but it didn't work.
  11. Is it possible to lock player slots when the mission is running? So players can still join the server while the mission is running, but they remain on the right side of the lobby and are totally unable to select any playable slots until the mission has ended and the timer to restart is active. Disabling JIP scripts still seem to let them select a slot before it exits and reserving slots is not what I'm after either.
  12. When a player or AI enters a trigger it runs the Lootspawnrandomizer, which spawns ammo crates in buildings filled with a selection of items from another script. It has to be crates because the AI have their own script to loot from them. It's not my mission, it's a BR style mission for small groups to play that adds in AI to fill out the numbers. The original author made it for SP and 5 player local host coop but has since vanished. I've been adapting it for up to 30 players on dedicated and have been getting away with ''wingin it'' up to this point as my scripting skills consists of whacking it with a hammer until it hopefully works. The loot system works fine, it just needs to run on presence rather than those LStriggers as they're connected to the start point (certain starts only spawn certain LS triggers) so it leaves areas with no loot at all when people spread out or the play area moves away from the start point in later rounds.
  13. Thanks for the reply pierremgi, after a ton of testing I realized I was getting some repeatable positive results with what you had suggested. Not great results, but positive, I was possibly getting the same results before but thought it just wasn't working because I was looking elsewhere. With Any player, the first trigger I entered would often fire and the base trigger (0) and trigger _1 would always fire. With anybody, it seemed to be just the base trigger and _1. With civilian (what the payable units and enemy AI are) the base trigger and _1 fired for AI. It's tricky testing the AI as the mission has a random start so if they don't go into the base and _1 nothing happens. Is there anything in the code that would suggest why the first two triggers are the only triggers that consistently fire as all the other triggers seem to be fine and in order?
  14. I'm trying to change the activation of triggers from number based to presence based. The triggers are spawning in ammo boxes and look like this..... They use this code from the initserver.sqf for the condition.... (The case numbers are start postions) ...and call this code also from the initserver.sqf to spawn the boxes... LootSpawnRandomizer = { if (isServer) then { _LStrigger = _this select 0; { _checkType = typeOf _x; _resultPump = _checkType find "_pump"; _resultKiosk = _checkType find "Land_Kiosk"; _resultTransformer = _checkType find "Land_spp_Transformer"; _resultPier = _checkType find "Land_Pier"; _lootPlaces = _x buildingPos -1; if (count _lootPlaces > 0) then { if ((_resultPump != 0) && (_resultKiosk != 0)&&(_resultTransformer != 0) && (_resultPier != 0)) then { {_amishouldSpawn = floor random (5); if(_amishouldSpawn == 0) then {0 = [_x] call myfuncLS;}}foreach _lootPlaces; }; }; }foreach (_LStrigger nearObjects ["house", 300]); }; }; Does anybody know how to get it to ignore the LStriggers and just use presence instead? as any changes I make to the LootSPawnRandomizer where they're mentioned just breaks the mechanic, I presume I need to change part of the "on activation" code in the trigger also... (needs to trigger on anybody including AI, just once) Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. On certain missions If a HC is booted at the same time the server instance is, it tends to lock you out of the mission settings, maybe it's causing the issue with MCC.