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  1. On certain missions If a HC is booted at the same time the server instance is, it tends to lock you out of the mission settings, maybe it's causing the issue with MCC.
  2. A good rewrite of FAST2...and then some, working well and updated regularly. Can't ask much more than that. Cheers! "much"
  3. For some reason I got this notification but not your last, even with them turned on.... Yeah, that's what I'd been seeing, it's more geared towards specific slots. I was just wanting to lock all slots while the mission was running, but keep the ability to join the server lobby (right side) open. I think it might actually be the kill counter itself that has the problem _unit addEventHandler ["killed", "MyPlayersCount = MyPlayersCount -1; plalive = MyPlayersCount; publicVariable 'MyPlayersCount'; if (isPlayer (_this select 1)) then {remoteExec ['addKillCounter',(_this select 1)]}; chatMsg = format ['%1 was killed by %2. Players alive: %3', (name (_this select 0)), (name (_this select 1)), MyPlayersCount]; [(_this select 0),chatMsg] remoteExec ['globalChat']; remoteExec ['updateUI']; call test_logger;"]; updateUI = { if (EnableCustomHudMode>0) then { disableSerialization; _display = uiNamespace getVariable "hudScrDisplay"; _textPlayersAlive = _display displayCtrl 1905; _textPlayersAlive ctrlSetText format["%1",MyPlayersCount]; //[_textPlayersAlive,"format['%1',MyPlayersCount]" ] remoteExec["ctrlSetText"]; _textKillsCounter = _display displayCtrl 1908; _textKillsCounter ctrlSetText format["%1",KillsCounter]; I think If this was done using normal alternatives to the author's MyPlayersCount it might solve the issue, because somehow what the author has done is counting players in playable slots, that are not actually playing in the mission itself. I believe the variables MyPlayersCount and AllMyPlayers were made because the mission was originally intended to be a coop with an AI team preferably over 5 human coop players....and hosted locally. What I'm trying to do is make it for up to 25 human pvp players on dedicated....and for the most part, it's working. Just this issue and a regular error concerning another author variable "mymortarrs" getting thrown in the rpt to sort out. For example the win condition had to be changed from this first line to the second to get it to work. (which is what I was asking about first) condition="allPlayersmy = []; " \n "if (EnableSquad < 1) then { " \n "{ " \n " if (isPlayer _x) then " \n " { " \n " allPlayersmy pushBack _x; " \n " }; " \n "} forEach playableUnits; " \n "} " \n "else { " \n "allPlayersmy = units MyTeamSquad; " \n "}; " \n "plalive == count allPlayersmy; " \n ""; condition="{sleep 45};(({(alive _x)&&(!isPlayer _x)} count allUnits)<23)&&(({alive _x} count allPlayers)==1);" \n ""; Anyway, thanks for the reply.
  4. Sorry, only saw your reply now. I didn't get it to work exactly how I wanted it to. Whatever way I tried to include the pilots and crew into the count it seemed to just ignore them.(though that could totally be down to my lack of coding knowledge). Eventually I just counted them as a total and included that total in the all units count as less than their number. However while it seems to work, the mission is counting players in the lobby in player slots that aren't actually in the mission and incorporating them into the Kill counter total in the actual mission and that then gives a false number. The win condition still activates when only one player is alive and fails when all players are dead, but it doesn't line up with the kill counter. Ideally, I'd like to do it the most effective and eloquent way, but how the the mission counts AI and players is intertwined to include AI as part of your team (as it's made to be a 5 player coop with real players or AI squad) and the codes seems to be in a few places with mission specific titles like, allPlayersmy, MyPlayersCount that don't give any applicable information when searching on google for them. I can sort of see how they work (to a degree) but changing them would we beyond my capabilities. I think my alternative option would be to lock all player slots while the mission is running, as being on the right side of the lobby doesn't seem to affect the kill count the way being in a player slot does. However when searching how to do that the best I can come up with is locking class based slots or reserving white listed GUID slots. Is it possible to keep the server open for players to join while the mission is running, but to have the player slots locked, so they have to wait on the right side until it restarts and they open again?
  5. Yeah, I think once I didn't get the result I was hoping for, but actually got something else happening instead of what it had been doing default, then I couldn't see the forest for the trees and just kept digging myself a deeper hole. That's no doubt correct, but it's not my script, or mission and trying to get it to function the way I wanted has melted my head to the point that I'll be happy enough if it just simply "works", let alone efficiently and compared to the win condition, this is has been easy. Perhaps the author wrote it that way because AI need to interact with it too, I have no idea.
  6. It is a dedi, but at that point I was trying everything through furstration and a touch of desperation....I can only think the closing }; must've messed up and because it did actually do something to the crates I just kept doing the same thing wrong.
  7. Y'know. that was the first thing I tried and it didn't work, neither did IsDedicated and a few other variations in multiple places. Then because you confirmed it I tried it again and only one crate dropped. There's AI in the mission so it normally drops 2 without other human players on, so I'll have to wait to confirm, but it looks good. I don't know why it didn't get the same result the first time as I did the exact same thing, or some of the others, but it would've saved me a ton of time going in and waiting 10 mins for the drop to happen just to see it didn't work ...and I did that a LOT lol Arma! Thanks for the reply, if it turns out it's just bluffing me, I'll be back.
  8. I'm playing a mission that has a supply drop script in it, the script runs fine in the editor, the plane arrives at the right location and drops one chute with a crate on it with inventory access to the gear inside. However on a dedicated server when the plane arrives at the location it drops multiple chutes with crates in relation to how many players are on the server and only one has gear with an inventory interaction available to get it, the rest are empty with no inventory interaction. Google suggests adding isServer/isDedicated etc, but no matter how I try applying that to the script or the call, the only thing it does is affect the contents of the extra crates and the ability to access the inventory, it still generates multiple chutes with crates. The ideal situation is for the plane to drop one chute with one crate regardless of how many are on the server. The author of the mission hasn't been seen since February so I haven't been able to ask them directly and I'd be grateful if anybody has any ideas? It's a BR style mission so the drop plane goes to a randomly placed area on the map, it's called from the initserver.sqf ....and this is the script....
  9. I sort of got it working by including the blufor units in the unit count, but if arma does it's thing and kills any of them for arma reasons that'll probably break it. playableUnits findIf {alive _x && isPlayer _x} <= 0 seemed to just be ignored, but I'll give it another go tomorrow, been at this for 14 hours....melted. Thanks for the help .
  10. It crashed the server with this error '/mission/Entities/Item6/Attributes.B_crew_F':"" encountered instead of '='. I tried deleting the units from inside the brackets and it didn't crash, but it didn't have the desired effect I was looking for either. The check is for a win condition in a BR style coop mission. (That I didn't make but the author is awol) I'm trying to get it to end when all AI 'players' and all but the last playable unit are dead (it was designed to end when just the AI are dead so if there's more than one player left it still ends the mission). When I run that check and kill all the AI playing the BR part of the game it doesn't end because there are still blufor artillery tanks and vtols alive in the mission, when I kill all AI in the console the win condition works. What I'm trying to do is exclude the blufor units and get the same result.
  11. Can anybody please explain to me how to either exclude "B_crew_F" and "B_T_Pilot_F", or side west from this check.... (({(alive _x)&&(!isPlayer _x)} count allUnits)==0)&&(({alive _x} count allPlayers)==1)
  12. DPM

    co10 Escape

    Anytime we get silently killed it's because we didn't see the drone. The UCAV Sentinel (B_UAV_05_F) has GBUs, though I've never seen it use them, but you'd know if it did and the Greyhawk (B_UAV_02_dynamicLoadout_F) NATO drone is armed with ATGMs when placed in the editor and we've definitely been nuked by it when in vehicles, especially boats.
  13. DPM

    co10 Escape

    Sounds like a drone strike to me.
  14. Ah ok lol as long as it's not just me...thanks.
  15. I keep getting injured when landing the green parachutes, it goes much quicker than the white ones which don't give damage when landing. Should I be doing anything other than pulling back to try and slow it down like steerable chutes?