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  1. STALINGRAD vid Brilliant piece of work . A lot of hard work /time gone into that. 👍
  2. yep thats it , works fine on Horsa Glider I will play around with the GAZ to see if i can get doors to open thanks for taking time to replies lads cheers
  3. Thanks BvB1 i will give that a go The "init " was the way i was hoping for cheers
  4. I tried to alter some of the values at the end of the lines and save but couldn't. eg. =0; to =3; however having not done this before its possible i haven't done it right. i will have another look thanks
  5. jaki tried what you said but couldn't alter values thanks for reply
  6. Hi is there any way these two objects can be placed in editor with any of their doors open thanks
  7. a few pics @Ihantala Winter " Currahee "
  8. A lot of effort and hard work gone in here ! Great work lads thanks
  9. Yep works for me too thank you
  10. Maybe "moderator " has taken them down as some pics had Nazi flags and gestures in them ?
  11. Berlin (WIP) a few pics
  12. Yes that's the one thank you k4ble
  13. Can some one please remind me where i can find R75 cheers
  14. wood Pipe is part of " Forgotten Fronts " re texture pack cheers
  15. Hi Digger Mods for Spitfire were from 7Y Assets WW2 (workshop ) and includes Tunisian and Malta version . pack also includes Churchill tank The Heinkel forms part of the " Faces of War " Sabres Planes integration pack (workshop ) The RAF uniforms are " Forgotten Fronts " re-texture pack (workshop ) the rest is just made up from what we all have . cheers