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  1. The hooded clothing ports from A2 have some sort of big black dots on the shoulders,is that fixable?
  2. Kriegsluh


    Is it just me,or those uniforms are a bit *too* bulky?
  3. Kriegsluh


    This update took a while for you to release,but it was worth its time! Small request; When you place the earthquake module,it'd be nice to be able to enable/disable the random destroying of buildings. Keep up the good work! ^_^
  4. Sometimes,when AI/i am wounded,my character/the NPC(s) moan. And once in 5 seconds,but constantly,using the same sound effect.
  5. Kriegsluh

    KSK 2035

    The red kinda sticks out,but it's ok since the plenty of green and small bits of black compensate for that
  6. Kriegsluh

    KSK 2035

    Can't hold all the fancy! Great job with this mod,great job indeed. The only problem i see with it is that the camo doesn't match the terrain tanoa's "pattern" that well,but i've noticed that it's almost invisible in the forests (under the trees,under the shadows).
  7. Kriegsluh

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    Someone needs to merge this with SoS,as they both have their pros and cons :P
  8. Kriegsluh


    I mainly downloaded this for the animations,because animating soldiers in the 2/3d editor init lines is boring and takes alot of time. More animation presets would be really cool,but i can already see alot of uses for this extension. :D