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  1. This is an open world zombie survival modification, which was specifically created to work with 'The Artifact' scenario. The scenario is available under the 'scenarios' tab in the main menu. PAY ATTENTION TO THE REQUIRED MODS LISTED BELOW. MY MODIFICATION WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY WITHOUT THOSE. Required mods: CBA_A3; CUP Terrains - Core; CUP Terrains - Maps; CUP Units; CUP Vehicles; CUP Weapons; DS Houses Feautures: Hardcore survival in the zombie-infested Chernarus; Zombies with realistic human-like sight; Stealth; Basic needs (hunger, thirst, temperature, vitamins) and injures (bleeding, pain, wounded legs, open wounds); Diseases (flu, food poisoning, blood infection); Dynamic weather; Dark ambient music; Different ambient sounds; Various hand-made animations; Survival HUD --The Artifact-- The scenario combines survival with completing various tasks. Story Year 2014, Chernarus. The zombie apocalypse began about a year ago. Chernarus Defence Forces were rescuing inhabitants for about a month before they were displaced by the infected. Many eyewitnesses alleged that something strange was going on before the apocalypse: people were going missing, animals and crops were dying. Some insisted that Chernarus was cursed. You are an explorer named Dean Hendricks. You work for the clandestine company which provides different legal and illegal services. Recently, you were sent to Chernarus to find an unidentified object, which was named 'The Artifact', examine it and bring it back with you. You were flying over Chernarus with your partner Michael and a pilot when suddenly, something went wrong... You wake up near your crashed helicopter and see the dead pilot, but no sign of Michael... --Other-- Credits Mod, scenario: SerBiX (a.k.a SerbiX8); Music, sounds: Nicolas Gasparini (Myuu) - The Dark Piano; Freesound License This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY 4.0) license. Donate PayPal Patreon --STEAM WORKSHOP PAGE--
  2. If the player is a combat life saver, he may be using medikit insted of a FAK. Your trigger fires only when pilot's damage is equal to 0.25. Try this in COND: damage pilot<=0.25 I think that's what causing the problem. Cheers.
  3. Yep, that's what I was talking about.
  4. Hello, Can somebody explain me what's the difference between params and select commands? For example, we have 2 functions: fnc_someFunc={ params ["_argument1","_argument2"]; //...// }; [_argument1,_argument2] call fnc_someFunc; And fnc_someFunc={ _argument1 = _this select 0; _argument2 = _this select 1; //...// }; [_argument1,_argument2] call fnc_someFunc; So what's the difference between these commands? I apologize if this question is dumb but I really can't understand the difference. Thanks.
  5. It is my understanding from what Old Man said:
  6. So the main feature of params command is that I don't have to define each argument in call command for the function to work, right?
  7. SerbiX8

    Animation name?

    Maybe this one? "AinvPpneMstpSlayWnonDnon_medicOther"
  8. Your Pilot dude will have 0.25 damage after healing. Also I noticed that after switchMove command he will change his direction. On ACT (replace yours): _dir=getDir pilot; pilot switchmove "UnconsciousReviveDefault_B"; pilot setDir (_dir+180); Cheers.
  9. The Outbreak - Part 1 by SerBiX This is a SP/COOP Action-Horror scenario. Story: Year 2008, Chernarus. Yet another civil war was erupted. But soon it has been displaced by a sudden outbreak of the disease. The military forces failed to hold it back and the infection spread quickly throughout Chernarus. Somebody was lucky to get away alive and somebody was not. Now, it's too late to run away... It's time to survive. You are the Russian Forces soldier, returning to your headquarters after losing contact with your commanding. Story - Part I: Your helicopter has crashed after a spontaneous big blast while you were returning to your headquarters. You landed right in a dark, mysterious forest. Some say that this forest was cursed. There are many legends about lost expeditions, about people who wandered into its territory and never came back, about bright lights and strange sounds coming from inside. You have no desire to stay here too long. Features: Horror elements Every bullet counts You'll have to use your head Custom Dark Ambient music No revive Spectator mode after death (in multiplayer) ~1-2 hour length Installation: [SP] Extract the .pbo file to [\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\Missions] [MP] Extract the .pbo file to [\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\MPMissions] Required Mods: CM Zombies CUP Terrains - Core CUP Terrains - Maps RHSAFRF RHSUSAF Zombies and Demons Credits: Scenario: SerBiX (a.k.a. SerbiX8) Music: myuu from The Dark Piano burning-mir from Freesound Bohemia Interactive Workshop page or Download Ratings and comments are much appreciated.
  10. SerbiX8

    Laptop screen texture

    Greetings. Try putting this in the init: if (isServer) then {[YourUserTextureName,[0,"\Textures\YourFileName.jpg"]] remoteExec ["setObjectTexture",0,true]}; EDIT: Nevermind, that's not it. I thought you were doing it with the user texture.
  11. SerbiX8

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    I have the same problem. Zombies are spawning on every spawner regardless of the distance and being deleted as well. I think that new arma update did something. I don't know what to do but just wait for new update from BI or Ryan.
  12. SerbiX8

    3den Enhanced

    Hello. What means "Type of Aircraft"? And what should i place in this form? Thanks. http://imgur.com/9m1tTfl