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  1. Marcel1802

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    @Dedmen is this project discontinued? And if not, will you use it in the next ArmA parts too? If so, then I've got some new ideas...
  2. Marcel1802

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    Does anyone know if BI is still willing fix stuff or if the project is 'closed'? There are still some 'gamebreaking' bugs
  3. In the last update (SPOTREP #000900) the arsenal got fixed. The fix caused that if you use a limited arsenal you can load every loadout you saved, even if the loadout contains items which are not accessable in your limited arsenal.
  4. An eventhandler script for removing all items which are not in the arsenal would be useful ,yes. But I can tell you for sure that the loadouts which contain forbidden items were greyed out, and if you loaded them you got an empty loadout. Before the update everything worked fine.
  5. Is it normal that if I use setMarkerAlphaLocal to hide a marker the marker gets visible again if the server executes setMarkerText and is there a way to keep the marker hidden even if the server change it's text?
  6. Marcel1802

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Bug: On my unit page ( https://units.arma3.com/unit/fireteampandora ) all members who are on page 2 if I manage all members are not displayed . All in one, 3 of 3 rank 5 officers and 16 of 24 (!) rank 2 member are displayed.
  7. Marcel1802

    EXTDB3 returns "any"

    I had a problem with inserting data in my database and it inserted 'any' too. That was because if you execute a command on the server, you can't use the command 'player'. For example, if you execute (getPlayerUID player) on the server, the value will be empty because the server doesn't have a steamID. And if you try to execute (profileName), it will be 'arma3'. I gave each playable unit a variable name to solve the problem.
  8. found a way Made script which gets executed in the init.sqf In that script there is a infinite loop, first command is 'sleep 300;' so the server doesn't get killed I gave every unit a variable name, for example 'aaf1' for an aaf soldier Then I wrote that in in the loop: if(alive aaf1)then{"extDB3" callExtension format["0:SQL_QUERY:INSERT INTO tbl_coopServer (steamID,lastUsername) VALUES ('%1','%2') ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE lastTimeUpdate=CURRENT_TIMESTAMP()",(getPlayerUID aaf1),(name aaf1)];}; It works perfectly I copied and changed the variable name for every unit There is a way with a forEach loop and _forEachIndex etc. but this way was easier I don't wanted to use 'format' for the if-command, so I copied everything.
  9. I can connect the database and the server but it does not make any entries in the database Code: "extDB3" callExtension "9:ADD_DATABASE:ftpCoop"//connection to DB, [ftpCoop] = name in extDB3-conf.ini "extDB3" callExtension "9:ADD_DATABASE_PROTOCOL:ftpCoop:SQL:SQL_QUERY"//saw that on the internet it works so it's ok //both works and gets executed in init.sqf "extDB3" callExtension format ["0:SQL_QUERY:INSERT INTO main (steamID, lastUsername) VALUES ('%1','%2')",(getPlayerUID player),(profileName)]; //inserts playerUID (primary key in database) and last username in the database (and other things like date & time, [...] automatically with CURRENT_TIMESTAMP and other standard values in the database itself) //doesn't work if the player is already in the database, but it doesn't crash everything so it's ok "extDB3" callExtension format ["0:SQL_QUERY:UPDATE main SET steamID='%1', lastUsername='%2' WHERE steamID='%3'",(getPlayerUID player),(profileName),(getPlayerUID player)]; //refreshes data in database //tried to execute it on different scripts e.g. onPlayerRespawn.sqf, init.sqf, initPlayerLocal.sqf and initPlayerServer.sqf If I execute the insertion command in the debug console, it only works if I execute it on the server (not local or global). Then the playerUID is empty and the name is 'arma3'. The last command doesn't cause any problems if I execute it in the debug console.
  10. Trying to make a pilot restriction script which works in the same way My problem is that if I type 'typeOf player == "B_pilot_F";' into the debug console, it says 'false'. I am "B_soldier_F" it says. I placed "B_soldier_F" with the editor, but I am using the "new" respawn system where you can choose the class and respawn location while respawning. (Example picture of the system from this forum) Anyone has ideas? Thank you.
  11. Marcel1802

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    I got a unit of my clan with so many members that they are listed in 2 pages if I want to change their ranks. On the main page, it doesn't show the members who are on the 2nd page. Anyone has ideas? (On rank 1, there are only 3 people listed, that should be 11.) My Unit: https://units.arma3.com/unit/fireteampandora
  12. A better medic system would be nice. Maybe as a module that enables the new system so you can use the old one if you want.
  13. Marcel1802

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    My Squad do not have an icon ingame but I uploaded one. You can see the icon on the website.