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  1. pooface

    QGIS shapefiles?

    ah, yes good on you for posting your method. Helps everyone to provide many solutions from different angles!
  2. pooface

    QGIS shapefiles?

    Hey _SCAR see https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Terrain_Processor:_Tutorial and look at 6.2 Preparing Roads (although it appears your Roads in your project are fine?) For shapefiles, I am pasting from the same page as linked above from 7 Generating Map Content in TP: Forests etc: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ QGIS How to compute area in hectares : Toggle editing on selected layer Open Attribute Table Open Field Calculator You can add new column or update existing field Use expression : $area / 10000 IMPORTANT: Sometimes values are wrong. It's bug in QGIS. Start new project, add only one layer and try it again. If it fails again, check your projection or simplify shape geometry. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. pooface

    QGIS shapefiles?

    I would suggest processing your shapefile layers through terrain processor before importing into TB, (most likely) it will make whatever processes you plan to do with the shapefiles much faster and organized. Also, make sure in the layer attributes table that everything is correct. And you must convert all polygons to HECTARES as demonstrated in the Terrain Processor manual.
  4. pooface

    Buildings not showing up in game

    if you are using buildings that are not from the a3 folder, then you have to enable the mod in the launcher before you launch the game.
  5. Yes, it ought to work this way. Make sure when you are setting your variables in Terrain Processor that everything looks compliant and correct. Only then should you run your modules and pray...
  6. Hey badfish! I also got my data elevation heightmap from this website, so hopefully I can help you. If I recall correctly, the primary step for compliance with the arma3 tools should be first: Import the .dt2 directly into TERRAIN BUILDER Then, export the terrain heightmap from TERRAIN BUILDER to an .asc This should create an .asc file with the correct coordinates in UTM, which then neglects the need to convert/warp your heightmap ever again. To check, you can open up the .asc file with windows Notepad (or any .txt reader) and the first lines should give you the x,y coord and cell size. THESE values are what is important for terrain processor. You can use QGIS to test and confirm the location of your .asc before using any of Terrain Processor module tools. Terrain Processor is a great tool once all of your inputs are compliant with each other (but for that reason it is very frustrating to diagnose the problem.)
  7. Hey rossoe, I hope I can help you with this: For this same operation, I use a different plugin available within QGIS's plugins called 'Affine transformation' I know this plugin works from my own experience for this type of objective. First, make sure your line shapefile is editable, then you open up the Affine transformation tool and select that layer. Using the matrix (with explanation here: https://gis.stackexchange.com/questions/136817/qgis-moving-the-layer-all-features-using-vector-affine-transformation) you will only need to edit the to x' = 0 + 25931.921 and y' = 0 + -15603007.959 parameters to get your desired transformation. Seems like the v.transform should work this same way, but I have not used it.
  8. I do not see why you could not simply not have an airport.
  9. pooface

    Bludclot's Buldozer Cursors.

    Good techniques and suggestions, thanks!
  10. pooface

    Bludclot's Buldozer Cursors.

    I had a chance to use all of these, and while the precision to know where exactly the point you are trying to 'grab' is very helpful, it has revealed an inherent problem in buldozer (that I cannot resolve). First, the ability to move your cursor up and down with Q and Z moves way too fast. I'm aware you can speed this up with shift, but I don't know how to slow it down. Second, even when the exact point on your cursor is on the object you wish to control, buldozer often grabs a different object. For example: if you are in a building trying to shift around a small object, it will grab the building (yes, even if it's on a different object layer!) Another example: In a dense forest, if I grab a tree with my cursor inside of the truck, it will grab an adjacent tree - this is only if the one of the tree's 'object marker' in Terrain Builder is on top of another one (which they often are) So, is there a way to shrink the object size in Terrain Builder? Is there a way to tell buldozer to ignore it and only pay attention to what the cursor is pointed at?
  11. pooface

    Bludclot's Buldozer Cursors.

    Nice! I was wondering how anyone gets all the little things in the correct place inside buldozer. It's always been great for medium to large structures but I guess the answer is custom cursors! thanks for sharing
  12. yo this is awesome! The satellite mask looks weird though - you can see the outlines of the cells where there are harsh changes. Is that how they pieced it together? Because then wouldn't they need a separate layers.cfg for each cell? Interesting and it's beautiful to see the satmap, thanks!
  13. pooface

    How do you use mask line?

    The "mask line" module must be placed in the same project (.tpp) as your forest generation AFTER your forest generation module.
  14. This did it indeed! I wonder how pennyworth got the config? All the apex data is still in .ebo yes? No way to (easily) unpack the data :( Thank you for bringing this beautiful little piece of code to my attention