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  1. That is a great tutorial, thank you. I think I understand the grid now ;)
  2. It is working very well with importing the asc file to Terrain Builder and exporting it then. Sometimes the Terrain Builder process is not responding while importing. But after a minute or so everything is there. Awesome! But I have a question about the best options for the Terrain Sampler of the Terrain Builder. I am using a Grid size of 1024 x 1024, a cell size of 4 and the Terrain size is then 4096. I found this options in the tutorial so I used it. What do these options actually mean? And are the tutorial options the best ones for this and for each map imported from earthexplorer? By the way I found a very good alternative for earthexplorer: OpenTopo. It is much more user friendly. Can I use the same Terrain Sampler options for earthexplorer and OpenTopo? Thank you so much.
  3. Hey Pooface, Thank you for your fast reply. This is awesome! I don't need the Terrain Processor for this. But I can use the Processor with the new asc-file (generated from Terran Builder) for precessing vector data (roads, trees, ...) from OpenStreetMap?
  4. I am trying out the Terrain Processor Tutorial but I have problems to succeed the Heightmap step. I downloaded the corresponding heightmap "n50_e014_1arc_v3.dt2" from http://earthexplorer.usgs.gov/. Then I reprojected it with QGIS (Raster > Projections > Warp (Reproject)) to "tut3.tif". And later I converted it to ASC (Raster > Conversion > Translate (Convert Format)) to "tut3.asc". Now I am trying to process the heigtmap with the Terrain Processor and the "HeightmapGeneration.tpp" project. I have waited over an hour but the Terrain Processor did not finish the task. So I really need help with this. How can I process a heightmap from earthexplorer with QGIS (or an other tool) to Arma 3? I uploaded all files to Dropbox. Thank you for your help.