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  1. The fences that surround the Tanoa International Airport; I am able to edit them the way I see fit. The problem I am having is making them have no damage. I have put in the init; this addeventhandler [this allowdamage false]; this allowdamage false; this enableSimulation false; etc. I have put it in the Init ;|; Init+Object Init ;|; Init+Global Object Init ;|; Init+Object Init+Global Object Init ;|; Object Init ;|; Global Object Init ;|; Object Init+Global Object Init. I have tried the Enable Damage tab/checkbox and it seems to only work for doors. If you guys have anything for me on how to make the Terrain Objects not have any damage through the "EDIT TERRAIN OBJECTS," I would be grateful!
  2. My man, you are a god! Thank you. Been looking all over for this.
  3. I have a buddy that wants to start something like what you are talking about. Let me talk to him and see what he really wants to do. He already has a melee mod and wants to create a Stealth mod. TY for the reply on what you think. :D
  4. How would I get both sides of the gate to open? I used to know and now I have forgotten. The "Bargate Script" only opens one side. Cheers, Booker
  5. Booker-

    Delete Map Objects?

    Ok will do that now.
  6. Ok, So I see that the last post was over 10 years ago. So lets try this again. They more or less already have 'Splinter Cell' gear but no where near called that. Saying that, would it be possible to create all of the Splinter Cell: Blacklist outfits? If you are wanting more info on what I am talking about, I would be happy to do so. No need on the Noggles, and if possible to create a very small to very large Invisible backpack that has no Shadow would be amazing!
  7. Booker-

    Delete Map Objects?

    Good to know. I just tested it and have found a few objects! Wonderful *Sarcasm*. Cheers!
  8. I was angry that day and don't remember why. Lol. I will put that into my InitServer.sqf. TY for getting back to me.
  9. I finish it then test is out. TY for starting it. :D
  10. Booker-

    Spike Strips

    So with the AddEventHandler, can you do a Trigger instead of a game logic?
  11. Booker-

    Delete Map Objects?

    Only problem is when you hide the object, that certain object is still there. Meaning if you wanted to shoot an enemy on the other side of the 'house'. You would be hitting the house, not the enemy. Keep this in mind when you hide any objects. Also, a note I might add, if you are driving and all of a sudden hit a 'object'. That would be the object that you have hidden. I use the Hide Terrain Objects to remove trash and other crap at my home base that does not need to be there. Cheers!
  12. Booker-

    EDEN custom dialogs

    Posting on here so I can find it again.
  13. You say this one does the trick, but what in gods name is this? Where am I suppose to put it? How do I attach it? Do I need a macro? Etc etc etc!!! I don't mean to be rude, just upsets me when anybody does not give out everything and only half ass at it.
  14. Booker-

    Do I have to use Eden?

    That's actually pretty nifty. I will have to remember this.