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  1. Sertica

    Replace Broken Walls

    The cursorObject command gave me a notion. It does not work on power lines. I need a way to manipulate the power lines so I can make it look logical and map the connective structures on the island to arrays. I have a circuit simulator in my java library that can give my mission a real time electrical grid.
  2. Artillery units in a pool are on standby to fill orders as they come in to pound spotted players. It's part of the same routine as the attack heli response I posted about before, except this will get pumped into forests. Each vehicle type prioritizes different types of target terrain. So I suppose I can check whether the vehicle is RscUnitInfoArtillery, then get the magazines from the the gunner index. How does the command deal with the shell already in the chamber? What happens if wrong shell type is in chamber? What is the difference supposed to be between the doArtilleryFire, commandArtilleryFire and BIS_fnc_fireSupport? In func viewer it looks like BIS does more complex stuff on top of the other command.
  3. The idea is to use doArtilleryFire or BIS_fnc_fireSupport (what is the difference?) in a method that works for any artillery class vehicle. I need to get a reference to the available artillery type gun magazines starting with knowing only the group in the vehicle. So suppose I have the group handle "_crew". I guess I start with assignedGunner. Then what?
  4. How do you make troops get in and out of the heli?
  5. Sertica


    Excluding sabotage or hacking, jets can be countered to some extent by putting 1 bot in a few cold SPAA. There were some occasions when I had NATO tied up trying to lase and GBU them while I'm doing something else. T-100 can dodge all missiles with speed. Rhino is only good against static defense. If anything is overpowered in Arma 3, it is pop-up titans. All it needs is 3 seconds to get a lock, then the missile can circumnavigate the planet to visit all 7 wonders of the world before returning to the AO, powder its face with any CM smoke, fly over the house that the target is behind, activate inertial dampeners to turn 90 degrees instantly, tap on his right shoulder to make him look before finally slamming into his left cheek. They are also better against choppers than AA missiles. This and much more in Warlords for the low-low price of 250 CP. Anyway, the official servers probably need to be shut down to have any realistic chance of the official game modes being worth developing or playing or hosting. Most people probably think that "official" means good, which is true in some games.
  6. Totally unplayable because sleeping is broken. It says to drag the minute hand, but the minute hand is not draggable. Really, due only to the fortune of my 3 SD above average intellect, I intuited that the dev bound drag activation to the "fire" key, instead of hard coding the mouse button. Makes you wonder how many that do not use defaults were less fortunate.
  7. Sertica

    Trigger Bug?

    I put you on my ignore list. I have a long time programming with Java. I know arrays. But params is baffling. After staring and drooling for a while I think it may have clicked. It sees the entire function argument as 1 array. So a single array needs to be wrapped inside another array before passing to function. 😵
  8. Sertica

    Trigger Bug?

    That page does not explain what the elements are.
  9. Sertica

    Trigger Bug?

    It sinks in now. Passing it in array makes it index=0 instead of array. SQF is very confusing coming from Java. I thought params was like the para definition in void myMethod(Object[] myArray).
  10. Sertica

    Trigger Bug?

    What is [] in an argument? That is not documented anywhere.
  11. There is a thisList passed from a trigger to a function. The function assumes it is an array, as it should be according to trigger documentation. But I'm getting an error saying it is an object. civCred = { // check player credibility as civilian params["_civList"]; { if ("" != primaryWeapon _x) then { _x call joinRes; } else { if ("" != secondaryWeapon _x) then { _x call joinRes; } else { if ("" != handgunWeapon _x) then { _x call joinRes; }}}; } forEach _civList; }; area setTriggerStatements [ "this", "thisList call civCred", "hint 'trigger off'" ];
  12. Sertica

    Replace Broken Walls

    It is part of a script that renovates the Altis map, fixing or removing all wrecks, at initialization. I already have the houses done. Now I need the walls. Here is the house part: private _worldCenter = [worldSize/2,worldSize/2]; private _objectList = _worldCenter nearObjects worldSize; { //diag_log format ["Found: %1, Type: %2", _x, typeOf _x]; switch (typeOf _x) do { case "Land_u_House_Big_01_V1_F" : { [_x, selectRandom ["Land_i_House_Big_01_V1_F", "Land_i_House_Big_01_V2_F", "Land_i_House_Big_01_V3_F"]] call replaceBuilding; }; case "Land_u_House_Big_02_V1_F" : { [_x, selectRandom ["Land_i_House_Big_02_V1_F", "Land_i_House_Big_02_V2_F", "Land_i_House_Big_02_V3_F"]] call replaceBuilding; }; case "Land_d_House_Big_02_V1_F" : { [_x, selectRandom ["Land_i_House_Big_02_V1_F", "Land_i_House_Big_02_V2_F", "Land_i_House_Big_02_V3_F"]] call replaceBuilding; }; case "Land_u_Shop_02_V1_F" : { [_x, selectRandom ["Land_i_Shop_02_V1_F", "Land_i_Shop_02_V2_F", "Land_i_Shop_02_V3_F"]] call replaceBuilding; }; case "Land_d_Shop_02_V1_F" : { [_x, selectRandom ["Land_i_Shop_02_V1_F", "Land_i_Shop_02_V2_F", "Land_i_Shop_02_V3_F"]] call replaceBuilding; }; case "Land_u_Shop_01_V1_F" : { [_x, selectRandom ["Land_i_Shop_01_V1_F", "Land_i_Shop_01_V2_F", "Land_i_Shop_01_V3_F"]] call replaceBuilding; }; case "Land_d_Shop_01_V1_F" : { [_x, selectRandom ["Land_i_Shop_01_V1_F", "Land_i_Shop_01_V2_F", "Land_i_Shop_01_V3_F"]] call replaceBuilding; }; case "Land_u_House_Small_01_V1_F" : { [_x, selectRandom ["Land_i_House_Small_01_V1_F", "Land_i_House_Small_01_V2_F", "Land_i_House_Small_01_V3_F"]] call replaceBuilding; }; case "Land_d_House_Small_01_V1_F" : { [_x, selectRandom ["Land_i_House_Small_01_V1_F", "Land_i_House_Small_01_V2_F", "Land_i_House_Small_01_V3_F"]] call replaceBuilding; }; case "Land_u_House_Small_02_V1_F" : { [_x, selectRandom ["Land_i_House_Small_02_V1_F", "Land_i_House_Small_02_V2_F", "Land_i_House_Small_02_V3_F"]] call replaceBuilding; }; case "Land_d_House_Small_02_V1_F" : { [_x, selectRandom ["Land_i_House_Small_02_V1_F", "Land_i_House_Small_02_V2_F", "Land_i_House_Small_02_V3_F"]] call replaceBuilding; }; case "Land_u_Addon_02_V1_F" : { [_x,"Land_i_Addon_02_V1_F"] call replaceBuilding; }; case "Land_d_Addon_02_V1_F" : { [_x,"Land_i_Addon_02_V1_F"] call replaceBuilding; }; case "Land_d_Stone_HouseBig_V1_F" : { [_x, selectRandom ["Land_i_Stone_HouseBig_V1_F", "Land_i_Stone_HouseBig_V2_F", "Land_i_Stone_HouseBig_V3_F"]] call replaceBuilding; }; }; } forEach _objectList;
  13. private _terObjectList = nearestTerrainObjects [_worldCenter, ["Wall"], worldSize, false]; { diag_log format ["Terrain Object: %1", _x]; {_x setDamage 0}; } forEach _terObjectList; I tried this and it does not work on the walls I'm looking at. Walls return empty class names, so I can't use that either. The ones I'm looking for may be buried in the log list. But it is too much hassle to figure out which ones I'm targeting.
  14. Sertica

    UAV Issues

    1. I want to it move along the yellow lines at the airport and take off from the runway. Jets follow the wp along the lines, but the Greyhawk does not. 2. No. The UAV is supposed to be fully automated on the side the players fight against. At this point I doubt there is a way to make it useful anyway, because when I tested having it locked on a target the knowsabout stayed at zero unless I took control and used the reveal key. I may need to have a player slot on the nato side for uavs. 3. By object I mean the class Object. The commands do not work on that. But now I see how it works for the Greyhawk. You createGroup, addVehicle to a group , then assign wp to the group.