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  1. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Soldier_Protection According to this page I'm understanding it as meaning that a special carrier rig with 24 abdomen armor divides incoming damage by 25, because the abdomen has 1 health and the vest adds 24. So body armor does not stop bullets as vehicle armor does. It only divides the damage. A scorpion still kills you with 6 bullets at 18m, so it must not work realistically.
  2. I'm starting work on a system for procedural generation of waypoints guaranteed to be reachable. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/calculatePath 1. I followed the warning advice and put this in init.sqf: isNil { calculatePath ["man", "aware", startMark, endMark] addEventHandler ["PathCalculated", { params ["_agent", "_path"]; for "_idx" from 0 to (count _path) do { player sideChat (str (_path select _idx)); _marker = createMarker["",_path select _idx]; _marker setMarkerColor "ColorWEST"; _marker setMarkerShape "hd_dot"; }; }] } The code does not execute. 2. I tried removing the isNil block, then got an error about startMark variable undefined. But it is defined on a marker placed in the editor. I've never had a problem reading editor placed global variables from init before.
  3. Sertica

    Behavior Score

    Official servers are a cesspool with no discipline scripting. But they may be banned if you had proof and sent it to Dwarden on discord. The problem ultimately is there are so many trolls it is a life's work banning all of them. Then you go to a server with different owner and they are all back again because that server does not have them on the ban list. Where often spending money and sucking up to people in high places determines how you are treated/ranked.
  4. Sertica

    Noob looking for server......

    The closest you get currently to public sim servers is CodeFourGaming KOTH HC (pvp) and Antistasi Community (pve). Server name: CodeFourGaming - King Of The Hill HC Infantry US #2 - 24/7 Day Address: Most private servers use arcade settings.
  5. Right clicking on a process in task manager allows you set core affinity. I have a G3258 CPU, which has 2 cores overlocked to 4ghz. Load is almost 100% on both. You could put the dedicated server on cores 3-4. Then put Steam and other garbage on > 4.
  6. Sertica

    Body Armor Math

    Just making sure I'm correct.
  7. The rules are baffling. These statements seem to contradict. 🤔How can local variable be visible to function if defined in and only visible in the calling script? So the difference with private modifier is unclear. For Java it is so easy. Just look at the access levels table: https://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/java/javaOO/accesscontrol.html
  8. I assumed that local variables declared at file base level had scope anywhere in the file.
  9. What I pasted above is the entire code in the mission folder, in init. It does the same thing if run from a player action. checkPath = { private _agent1 = createAgent [typeOf player, getMarkerPos "startMark", [], 0, "NONE"]; //_agent1 setBehaviour "AWARE"; _agent1 addEventHandler ["PathCalculated", { { private _marker = createMarker ["marker" + str _forEachIndex, _x]; _marker setMarkerType "mil_dot"; _marker setMarkerColor "ColorBLUE"; //_marker setMarkerText str _forEachIndex; } forEach (_this select 1); player sideChat "PathCalculated Done: "+str(count (_this select 1)); _agent1 removeEventHandler["PathCalculated",_thisEventHandler]; _agent1 = nil; }]; _agent1 setDestination [getMarkerPos "endMark", "LEADER PLANNED", true]; }; player addAction["Check Path",checkPath];
  10. private _agent1 = createAgent [typeOf player, getMarkerPos "startMark", [], 0, "NONE"]; //_agent1 setBehaviour "AWARE"; _agent1 addEventHandler ["PathCalculated", { { private _marker = createMarker ["marker" + str _forEachIndex, _x]; _marker setMarkerType "mil_dot"; _marker setMarkerColor "ColorBLUE"; //_marker setMarkerText str _forEachIndex; } forEach (_this select 1); player sideChat "PathCalculated Done: "+str(count (_this select 1)); _agent1 removeEventHandler["PathCalculated",_thisEventHandler]; _agent1 = nil; }]; _agent1 setDestination [getMarkerPos "endMark", "LEADER PLANNED", true]; The event handler is removed. The agent is nil. Yet the ghost keeps coming back to haunt me every 5 seconds in side chat with a new calculation.
  11. There is something strange going on. I used the alt method because I can't have the bug with this command. But the event handler gets fired endlessly. This is not feasible. I need it to run once. private _agent1 = createAgent [typeOf player, getMarkerPos "startMark", [], 0, "NONE"]; _agent1 setBehaviour "AWARE"; _agent1 addEventHandler ["PathCalculated", { { private _marker = createMarker ["marker" + str _forEachIndex, _x]; _marker setMarkerType "mil_dot"; _marker setMarkerColor "ColorBLUE"; //_marker setMarkerText str _forEachIndex; } forEach (_this select 1); //player sideChat "PathCalculated Done: "+str(count (_this select 1)); }]; _agent1 setDestination [getMarkerPos "endMark", "LEADER PLANNED", true];
  12. Sertica

    BMR Insurgency

    My group key is backslash. The binds on those keys are specific to this mission. Default game keys are very poor. I use TGFH to move in all games. It gives access to many more keys without displacing your hand. It is a common layout for competitive gamers. So using hardcoded key binds, particularly in the middle of the keyboard, is basically screening out anyone that wants to be efficient. Mission menus should be in scrollwheel or escape list.
  13. Objects with more rectangular form instead of curved will run faster because they have less vertexes.
  14. Wonder how bots handle underground path finding.
  15. I think it is intentional to an extent because they are too stupid to navigate properly, like when you order them into a vehicle they pass through everything during the embark procedure.
  16. Sertica

    Make all DLC Maps Free

    I read about DayZ and it seems like a bad game idea fundamentally, but also has many negative reviews about being buggy and broken mess.
  17. Sertica

    BMR Insurgency

    Mission is unplayable for anyone with key binds to H or U.
  18. Sertica

    Aircraft Issues

    Greyhawk: Is this thing supposed to have no wheel brakes? The hand brake key does nothing, making landing on small runways impossible. Flaps: They have no discernable drag effect. Even with landing flaps I find no speed loss. All they seem to do is decrease stall speed for free.
  19. There was a thread from 2013 about this that seems obsolete now. It said to add tags. There is no apparent way to do so. It said you need to promote a task to get votes for it to be acknowledged. I see no vote option on tasks. How do you get a task get to the point of being seen by devs in 2020?
  20. I also tried: this attachTo[vC_Van_01_transport_F,(this worldToModel (getPosASL vC_Van_01_transport_F))]. That places the objects in a completely wrong place. So the question is what format is a position to get a relative position? There are several commands that take ambiguous position format.
  21. Sertica

    UAV Issues

    One remaining problem: engine sounds don't play during animation. I have code like this: greyhawk engineOn true; [greyhawk,play_ArriveToService2] spawn BIS_fnc_Unitplay; greyhawk engineOn true; [greyhawk,play_Service2ToDepart] spawn BIS_fnc_Unitplay; But after the engine turns off automatically at the landing stop point I don't hear it again until it gets back to the takeoff stage. There's also a strange contradiction where the air brakes are deployed on the Wipeout from external view but tucked from cockpit view.
  22. I'm trying to get a Greyhawk to do surveillance all over Altis, but there are some issues: 1. It does not obey waypoints. On the ground it ignores all waypoints on the service roads and tries to drive straight toward the runway, ramming anything in the way. Then it ignores the loiter wp altitude and flies at 100m instead. It is supposed to land and take off periodically to refuel in my mission. 2. I do not see a way to make the camera point down. Ideally it should be combing the land grid looking along the y axis. 3. I do not see a way to get the waypoints of an object in sqf.
  23. Sertica

    UAV Issues

    UnitPlay allows creating airport taxi paths, but there is a serious bug where the vehicle simulation completely freezes after record ends and the engine sound repeats in your ears permanently until the mission instance is aborted. This makes recording segments with it highly inconvenient. For each segment you need to copy the coordinates from the last frame of the previous record and set that as the position of the vehicle in the editor, then restart mission and resume from there. Thus computerized airport traffic control is possible.
  24. Sertica

    Huron Not Really VTOL?

    Using the AFM I find it near impossible land or drop containers in tight spots because any descent rate greater than about 2m/s will induce VRS. The odds of pulling off a spot landing without going over that for an instant are very slim, especially with the horrid keyboard throttle control. All other helis allow ~5m/s. I have yet to find an example of anyone else being able to do it. So dropping containers only works if I drag-slam them horizontally.