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  1. Snakeyes1

    Zeus Game Master Rights /How?

    This should be a secured option for servers. Otherwise when server admins are not present on a public server, a hacker or nefarious player can join as Zeus and ruin the game for legit players.
  2. Greetings, I want to run some missions on my server with a Zeus slot available in the server lobby. What is the best solution so that only server admins can select this slot and join the game as Zeus? There must be a way to control access.
  3. I was using 2306 for the RConPort. I'll try 2301. Thanks.
  4. Greetings, I'm curious about how the ranking system works in Unsung. Do you accumulate points towards rank based on the player's score? Is it persistent through server restarts or does the player start all over again as a private? Thank you
  5. Snakeyes1


    @tourist Your post is enlightening. I have some options then. I don't mind the downloads and I have used ALiVE in the past. I'm definitely interested in putting up a dedicated server for the Ravage Mod. For me. I want an ongoing game where players can join anytime and their character is persistent. Thanks for the information. It is very helpful.
  6. Snakeyes1


    @kodabar, Thanks for the reply. I looked for a while yesterday, but I didn't find anything. It seems that the multiplayer missions are more suited for hosting from a PC and have a few friends join for a an afternoon/evening of fun. Although the missions will run on a dedicated server, (I'm running one at the moment) they don't seem suited for persistent game play. What I mean by that is you play for a few hours and make some progress and then log off. A day or two later you log back in to resume where you left off. Whenever I log back in I am looking at the respawn interface. The game save mechanic works well if you are playing on a PC. You can save and resume game play later. Running the same mission on a server, there is no way that I can see to save your progress. BTW, in my quest yesterday I watched you play some Ravage missions on YouTube. Good stuff.
  7. Snakeyes1


    Is there a mission repository for the Ravage mod other than the Steam Workshop? I'm looking for a multiplayer mission that is persistent for my server. Otherwise players lose all their progress when they log out.
  8. Snakeyes1


    Thanks. I read through it this morning. It answered all of my questions.
  9. Snakeyes1


    Greetings, I played the Ravage mod for the first time this afternoon. Honestly, it blew me away. I was thinking the other day how much fun our clan used to have with the ARMA-2 DayZ Mod. If only somebody could do an update on that I would be happy. Guess what? It's here! I'm playing a multiplayer mission, "[SP/COOP 1-8] The Days After Zero." I spawned in NW of Kamenka into a small military compound. Between the Bandits and the Zeds I had to fight like hell to get out of there alive. If I wasn't on holiday, I would call in sick tomorrow! Bloody brilliant job on this haleks and team! I'm new to this mod so how is the survival aspect? Can I cook food and purify water? Can I repair vehicles? How about storage, can I use a tent? Thank you! Back to the apocalypse...
  10. Please recommend a good mission to play on a winter map. I prefer mp/cooperative and player # does not matter. Thanks for any help.
  11. I restarted my server and client and now I have the option on the scroll wheel to interact with the civilians (?). Perhaps either the server or client was in an odd state? Not going to add this to the feedback tracker.
  12. I just noticed that I cannot interact with civilians since the update. There is no action on the scroll wheel now. I tried a few different civilians, but no luck. I'll add it to the feedback tracker. edit- They are the civilians with the question mark over their head.
  13. I played with the update for awhile this morning. It looks polished and the issues I saw in the previous version are gone. The respawn and the depots worked well including the MHQ. I could not test revive because I was playing alone. I was on patrol in the APC (Marshall) and I got hit by several MANPADS and machine gun fire. I nearly jumped out of my chair! Top job roy86. Really nice work!
  14. Actually, the missions start appearing fairly quickly when you pick up intel from the deceased OPFOR.
  15. Actually, it is a function of the server software.