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  1. david-grylls

    [MP15] nEXaus's Malden Sandbox

    Hi Normal Norm! Thanks for the feedback! You've actually highlighted a key point that I'm going to resolve next update! This is high on my priority list and will be implemented either within the next few days (with more additional outposts and bases to assault) or added in an upcoming overhaul of the map which will improve GUI's, HUD's, AI Difficulty and various other things. I was aware of the parachute issue (hence the arsenal beside the helicopter). I'm in the middle of fixing this as I'm trying to resolve a way for players to use a HELO Insertion and have the parachute equipped but also somehow allow for a backpack to be equipped simultaneously. Also, I'll drop the insertion height to 1000m and additionally allow for vehicular HELO Insertions with smaller, lighter armoured combat vehicles such as Hunters and Prowlers. Thanks you for your feedback! It is very much valued and taken into consideration when developing/improving/updating maps! - nEXaus (DavidmyGrylls)
  2. david-grylls

    [MP15] nEXaus's Malden Sandbox

    A mirror of the mission is now available from Armaholic here.
  3. nEXaus's Malden Sandbox Overview nEXaus's Malden Sandbox is a simple yet fun way to explore Bohemia Interactive's newest map; Malden 2035. Explore the map how you want, when you want. This Sandbox edition of Malden by nEXaus features several enemy outposts and a major stronghold. About Malden 2035 The map Malden, originally featured in the original ArmA series is set in the Mediterranean region. The map includes two airports, one on mainland and one north of the island, several major towns and a military base off the eastern coast of the island. Please note that comments & questions left on this thread may not be responded to frequently. If you are seeking a quick response, please comment via the Steam Workshop page. I do not frequently check, nor update this thread. Features: Virtual Arsenal Virtual Vehicle Spawner VAS Script AI Recruitment ArmA 3 Revive System Fully functioning Strategic Map Admin Controls (ie Zeus & Teleportation) Enemy AO's Shooting Range HELO Jump USS Freedom (ArmA 3 DLC Aircraft Carrier added in Jets DLC) To Do: Teleportation for all players on the server (Currently only available to server host / Zeus) Additional enemy outposts and the addition of a second, easier enemy stronghold Teleportation to USS Freedom Greater variety of settings & options. Multiplayer optimization Download from the Steam Workshop here. Download from Armaholic here. (Please note that re-uploads of this mission is a violation of Steam T&C and Steam Online Conduct Rules. Re-uploads will be reported) I hope you enjoy this Sandbox mission. I'm a fairly amateur ArmA 3 Mission Developer so please excuse errors and issues with the map and feel free to leave feedback here or on the Steam Workshop page! Thanks! - nEXaus / DavidmyGrylls
  4. david-grylls

    Continuous Actions Feature?

    Thanks Larrow! Greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello fellow Arma Editors! Recently whilst playing through the latest APEX DLC Campaigns and Showcases I've noticed a feature that I'd like to personally use in my own missions however after searching for many hours on end I've come up empty handed. The only reference I've ever found was on the ArmA 3 Wiki page for the latest Revive addition to the editor where they picture the feature and reference it as the 'continuous action' underneath the sub-heading Interaction. If anyone knows where more documentation or has a wealth of knowledge they would like to share then please drop a reply as it would be greatly appreciated! Pictured; Examples of the ​Continuous Actions feature in the Showcase, 'END GAME'
  6. Ahh thank you for breaking this down and giving a clear well defined example. Considering it's Christmas I've had a very busy day but I'll be sure to download your example mission and also try out what you said sometime tomorrow. Thanks very much regardless larrow! EDIT: Ah looking at the mission example I have a very good understanding now! Thank you very much Larrow for your help! Much appreciated! -David-Grylls
  7. G'day forum people! Currently I am developing a mission that is quiet extensive and long (campaign style missions). Now I have already started my mission and it has A LOT of objects and as a result it can become quiet laggy and sometimes the objects just dont need to be there. However I found Bohemia found a way around this however the way they did it is in no way documented on any website on the internet. It's called BIS_fnc_saveScene and I know it exists cause it is in the functions viewer under missionConfigFile. Whenever I search this it redirects me to pages on BIS_fnc_MP. Warning, I may spoil a part of the Boot-camp Mission 'Damage Control' here. I'm assuming this. BIS_fnc_saveScene calls on a predefined script that is similar to a mission.sqm file to place objects and entities within the world. I know this because a 'hospital.sqf' (setup\comps\hospital.sqf) file exists and it contains what looks like a script to spawn objects at the hospital. So how does one use this BIS_fnc_saveScene and on top of that set it up? I have no idea how it works and the fact the wiki doesn't even document concerns me. I could well be completely wrong and it's something else. Thanks in advance, David-Grylls
  8. Worked perfectly. I see where I was going wrong now and how I could have just attached it to Heli1 instead. Thank you very much ted_hou!
  9. G'day my ArmA Friends! I'm developing a mission that see's you at one point escort a HELO to an insertion point. I'm trying to attach the Task Destination/Waypoint to the marker. I originally was using the old ArmA 2 createSimpleTask code which actually did work and attached my waypoint to the marker as the HELO flew around. However when I ran the the createSimpleTask script it would not show the popup box saying mission assigned. I later found that ArmA 3 added the BIS_fnc_taskCreate which is easier to use and does show the popup however I'm struggling to find a way to attach it to my HELO. I am aware there is a BIS_fnc_taskSetDestination but no documentation that helps me exists. I'm going to attach the createSimpleTask code that actually worked alongside the BIS_fnc_taskCreate code that I'm trying to update to. What I WAS using: init.sqf that Attaches my Mark_Medi marker to the HELO: createSimpleTask script: So that code above worked when I fired a Trigger that executed the script. However using that code means it won't show the popup. Here is what I 'upgraded'. What I tried updating to: Now because the HELO is moving I did also try putting BIS_fnc_taskSetDestination into a loop but still nothing seems to work. I'm sure there is an answer to this and I'm making things 50x harder but hey I'm learning. Cheers for the help in advance, David-Grylls
  10. david-grylls

    [MP2] Night Shift

    [MP2] Night Shift 2 NATO Recon Units have been inserted into CSAT Territory to commence operations under the cover of darkness. I won't say too much for so I don't spoil the mission =D ------------------------- Depending on the pathways and type of player you are, this mission could take you anywhere between 30min and 2 hours. I designed this mission with two intents, 1, to prove to myself I could finally push out a mission and 2, to bring the community a fun COOP map. Recently COOP maps have been in the dark and I'd like to see that change. Yes, this can be played in single-player but is much harder mind you. Download Download the mission off the Steam Workshop here! Download the mission off Armaholic here! (.pbo) Farooq's Revive Shoutout to farooqaaa and his Script Farooq's Revive Hope you guys enjoy this mission! David-Grylls
  11. Ah, thank you for your clarification but as I said in my last post, I found the issue. Thanks for your generous help anyway!
  12. It's a Blufor plane in the area so I'm assuming the trigger would fire when the Blufor plane enters. Edit: Found the issue, turns out the plane was passing through the trigger too fast as my trigger was too small (150x1000) It was passing through the trigger too quickly. I have extended the trigger size and all seems to work fine. Thanks for your help regardless grumpy old man. Much appreciated. Cheers, D.G
  13. Activated by Blufor is just the option in the drop down box in 'ACTIVATION' and Detected by Blufor shouldn't effect the outcome regardless as I have tried with it not altered. Also your suggestion of adding the 'this AND planeBLUFOR in thislist' did work for a ground unit however not with the plane.
  14. Already done this, I've spent 2 hours searching google endlessly for a result. I named my plane 'planeBLUFOR' and added to the trigger 'planeBLUFOR setDamage 1;' I'm a half decent scripter for ArmA with over 150+ hours in helping people make missions. I've never had this issue before as it seems to work perfectly fine with ground units.
  15. Hi Forum People! Recently I have been trying to destroy a flying plane (driven by AI) using a trigger. The aim is to have the AI driven plane enter a trigger and become disabled or destroyed however not removed from the map. I have tried multiple commands, none of which are working. Here is what my code in the trigger looks like right now; On Act: this setDamage 1; However when I try to use this in a trigger (Set to activation BLUFOR and triggered by Detection of Blufor), the plane continues to fly through ignoring the trigger. I have also attempted to empty the fuel of the jet but that too fails to work. Does anyone know how to disable or destroy a jet mid-air? Thanks guys! - D.G