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  1. I was wondering if there is a way to create custom loadouts for AI in Eden, group them into squads and then use them in Zeus? I was trying to do this with Copy and Paste in zeus but the AI reverted to their original loadouts.
  2. Founded in February 2015 and shaped by active duty military and veterans alike, the 63rd Infantry Division is a military realism group based in ArmA 3. As the name suggests, we are an infantry based unit, using real world applicable tactics and strategies to complete our custom built co-op operations. While most of the work does happens on the ground, we also run a dual purpose support aviation wing, specializing in both rotary and fixed winged aircraft. ------------------------------- What we do! Our aim is to simulate combat environments in which we can push our members to accomplish tasks and objectives of varying degrees. In addition to the base game, we utilize mods such as ACE, RHS, Task Force Arrowhead Radio along with other mods to further enhance our gameplay experience. We are a very tightly knit community comprised of highly motivated individuals ranging from ages 17 to 55+ years old. Our ranks are comprised of both Civilians, Active Duty Military as well as Veterans. We're not just looking for people to play ArmA with. All of us are very dedicated gamers, playing games in a variety of categories. So what do we have to offer? -3 Major Servers to play on -TeamSpeak Server -A large community comprised of varying gaming interests -Promotion and awards system - We are strict ingame but lax and informal outside of ArmA -Leadership positions for those who earn and desire them -Classes and courses designed by US Army active duty personnel as well as by Veterans Requirements: -18 years old (we make exceptions in some cases) -Must have a working Microphone/Teamspeak -Must be able to participate in our Saturday ops 2-3 times a month (they start at 7 PM EST) -Look, we understand time dedication can't always be what we want it to be, we aren't the Gestapo, so long as you communicate with us, you do what you got to do! What goes on away from your computer comes first! Interested? Why don't you hop on our teamspeak so we can chat with you! Sign Up Here! Ways to Communicate: Teampseak: Website: www.63rdid.com
  3. Mosshadow

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    My unit plays BECTI quite a lot. Its pretty fun but the AI can be aggravatingly slow. Also they keep on spawning a half dozen vehicles without driving off which means eventually one of them spawns inside another and explodes.
  4. Mosshadow

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    1. Yes, 3Den Enhanced will allow you to select camo 2. I think CUP has old Arma 2 stuff like HQs, Medical tents and other military structures you can use.
  5. Mosshadow

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Searching for a mod like MCC, I've heard this mod mentioned on TS but I didn't get the name. -Allows multiple Zeus Operators -Allows you to enter Zeus easily without any of the editor stuff.
  6. Mosshadow

    [Release] GOM - Ambient AA V1.2.1

    It is a half track with a mounted AA gun on the back. Its from IFA3.
  7. Using the editor is there a way to make the Landing ships open their doors?
  8. Mosshadow

    [Release] GOM - Ambient AA V1.2.1

    Hmm Doesn't seem to be working, I got this error instead
  9. Mosshadow

    [Release] GOM - Ambient AA V1.2.1

    Thanks! I'll try it out asap!
  10. Mosshadow

    [Release] GOM - Ambient AA V1.2.1

    I do not believe I am specifying a target right now, I copied the code from the example given and just removed the extra items. EDIT: I tried again this time I did put in coordinates instead of leaving the item blank and it is firing. How do I get it to fire without having Positions?
  11. Mosshadow

    [Release] GOM - Ambient AA V1.2.1

    I was trying to test out the script but it seems that the vehicles and turrets are not firing. The debug mode shows that the script is working but nothing is happening. Is there a long delay before they fire?
  12. Hello, I would just like to report that the current version of GAIA bundled with MCC still has not fixed the Mortar issue. They still do not fire.
  13. I have a question about the D-Day map, how do I get troops to use the bunkers? Its hard to get the germans to actually shoot out of the bunkers on to troops who are landing and placing Pak40s in the artillery bunkers is not very effective.
  14. Mosshadow

    3den Enhanced

    I'm getting an error called include file a3\3den\UI\Macros. What do I need to do to repair this?
  15. Mosshadow

    Best MRAP?

    Is it just me or is the Strider the best MRAP out of the three? Ingame there aren't many details on the amount of armor each of the three MRAPs carry but from the looks of the vehicles the Strider is the best protected and comes with a periscope, higher speed and swimming ability. In addition on gamemodes like wastelands or liberation the Strider is usually priced higher than the other two vehicles. Are there any hidden features, or less obvious protection on the other two MRAPs that makes them equal to the Strider?