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  1. AlbayKilic

    FPS Problem

    I open host new map and fps giving 50-60 fps As the game progresses the FPS is starting to fall. after about 15 minutes fps is 30-20 it wasn't like this before. 8 months before that was good I play 9 hour and still fps 60 did not change.
  2. AlbayKilic

    FPS Problem

    I do auto detect. but same settings.. but still getting the same problem. I do low everyting and same...
  3. AlbayKilic

    FPS Problem

    System I7 6700k 4.00 ghz NVIDIA 960 4GB 24 GB 3000 MHZ RAM Z170A GAMING PRO MOTHERBOARD and in game fps 24-30 ( no mod, normal Servers ''Invade Annex....etc'' servers ) what is that problem other games not doing like that. anyone help?
  4. AlbayKilic

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    nope not work https://units.arma3.com/unit/7th-ohhs-alayi-gorevgucupenta
  5. AlbayKilic

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    BI Forum Team; but my problem is related to the logo. not informations
  6. AlbayKilic

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Hello everyone my problem is https://units.arma3.com/unit/7th-ohhs-alayi-gorevgucupenta Unit logo problem in game not showing logo in arm or player menu .... how to fix.. thank you
  7. Sorry I open topic arma 3 - dlc but other topics is locked... my problem is ; arma 3 unit not showing solider arm or player menu Anyone can help ?