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  1. Love this mod. I'm in the process of including this on our servers and the addition to A3L is a welcome one. The only thing holding us back is the steam push. We're trying to remove reliance on A3L and future-proof our three servers further. Is there any chance at all this'll be getting pushed to steam or is it no dice? Thanks for all the hard work and great additions to A3. Dag - totalpunishmentgaming.com
  2. Mine seemed to stop when I reinstalled A3 and went through and resetup my server + all the .dll files associated (which were being blocked by Server 2012 by default, of course.) Nada since with the newest perf branch. I was running the same perf branch and dumping out every few hours before I did this, so I am thinking that the access violation I was getting was not due to A3 itself.
  3. More logs sent. Are folks still getting access violation crashes?
  4. Crash on latest perf build at high player count. logs and dump sent to Dwarden
  5. Crashing hard on newest hotfix. I gutted our zombie mod as it seemed to make things a ton worse-- (We had readded it.) With that having been gone we were not crashing, but now with the latest hotfix it seems it doesn't really matter and we are going down every few hours under load (64-70) PMed dumps and .rpt
  6. Crashed on newest perf branch. Logs sent to Dwarden
  7. Trying to get this working in Exile and it is causing loot to stop spawning around players, oddly enough. Not sure why this would be. This doesn't touch anything like that, correct? Getting a fair amount of: 19:51:15 "3197 ZBE_Cache (Error: No vehicle) --- Groups: 98 # All/Cached Units: 126/32 # All/Cached Vehicles: 419/342 # FPS: 8 # ObjectDrawDistance: 0" Not sure what the error: no vehicle bit is meant to reference. Tons of vehicles.
  8. I meant the different versions on the front page. Gotcha, I was just curious as I run a fair amount of server mods and was wondering if it makes sense to do it there, or do it on the mission.
  9. By empty vehicles it means vehicles with no players or AI, correct? It does not count vehicles with loot inside? As well, I see old notes about the server-side one not doing vehicle cacheing, is this still the case? Should I implement this missionside instead? My AI being spawned in and the like are all done through serverside mods, nothing mission related.
  10. Anyone using this in coordination with large, full servers that utilize extDB saving? Curious on adding this to my always full exile server and I'm wondering what it'll bust, if anything. Will this touch buildables in these sorts of mods as well?
  11. Server was up for four hours before crash, 64/64, it crashes right after reboot. Logs pm'd to Dwarden
  12. Sending to you now. Getting crashes with the latest perf branch as well, out of memory, etc.
  13. Do people have to download your map to run it or does just the server and so long as folks have CUP or allinarma they can connect? How's that work?
  14. dagg929

    TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms

    Interested as well. Right now if you wear anything TRYK you are basically insta-killed in combat when you take a gunshot.