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  1. Aiming deadzone is still broken in latest dev build, any idea when or if this will be fixed ?
  2. Yeah it will work in a trigger, its the way I would do it if I wanted to switch to a different character automatically
  3. selectplayer <Name of unit you want to switch to>. Example : selectplayer SoldierOne;
  4. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setAnimSpeedCoef This should work for you, just play around with the values
  5. Aiming deadzone is broken in latest dev version, zooming while using aiming deadzone causes camera to auto center.
  6. Can confirm, using the filter for asset browser In custom compositions does not work.
  7. -LUGER-

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    Any chance a dev could throw up the texture paths for some of these objects used in the campaign?, or perhaps have them place-able assets in the editor? Thank you in advance :)
  8. Quick question, you know when you are prone by a rock and your character points his upper body towards the sky, is that a bug or not? Cause it's present in the latest dev build and it's really annoying. Anyone else experiencing this ? http://imgur.com/a/iviFp
  9. In 3den editor using the filter on custom compositions doesn't work no more in the latest Dev build, can anyone else confirm this?
  10. Aiming Deadzone is still broken in latest Dev Build
  11. I made a video of it a while back. Would love to see this fixed :)
  12. Aiming dead zone still broken in latest Dev Branch
  13. -LUGER-

    Aiming Deadzone Bug

    Here's my ticket which got assigned by a dev https://feedback.bistudio.com/T85764this was a very long time ago (beginning of the year). Hope this get fixed .
  14. anyone have an example mission of this script ?
  15. -LUGER-

    Apex Weapon Feedback

    MRCO + MX 3GL has bug when looking threw sight. http://imgur.com/YQ3Bypm