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    arma 3 on game on linux

    Hm, interestating idea. More servers running with Linux client setup could lead to the more interest of players.
  2. Hey guys, regarding the pervious issue, seems that this is the solution: https://github.com/dgibbs64/linuxgsm/issues/488 I will report the result asap. sapphire EDIT: this fix really worked for me! :)
  3. Maybe you have the same -mod launch parameter problem as we had, try to check this post: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/185170-multiple-addons-on-custom-linux-server/?p=2920947
  4. sapphire

    Multiple addons on custom linux server

    Hey Pouflex, I think we had to sort it out too. Problem is that launch paramenters can´t be read by linux dedicated server in multiple mods @ in the same -mod parameter. Try to separate all mods to separated launch parameters like: -mod=@CBA_A3; -mod=@ares; -mod=@RHSUSAF; -mod=@RHSASFR; It helped us on CentOS 7 Arma 3 Linux dedicated server with @Exile and @allinarmamappack Let me know if it works.. Cheers. sapphire
  5. Hey guys, We have Arma 3 Linux dedicated server on: Distro: CentOS Linux release 7.1.1503 (Core) Arch: x86_64 Kernel: 3.10.0-229.14.1.el7.x86_64 We use LGSM http://gameservermanagers.com/lgsm/arma3server/ and after the latest SteamCMD update we can't launch server binaries because of some crashes. There is Exile mod and allinarmaterrainpack mod with Chernarus map added. Some debug info is here: Update ./arma3/arma3server update [ OK ] Update arma3-server: Checking for update: Server logs: No update reques[ OK ] Update arma3-server: Checking for update: SteamCMD No update available: Current version: 795382 Available version: 795382 https://steamdb.info/app/233780/ [ OK ] Update arma3-server: No update available Launch in debug $ gdb arma3/serverfiles/arma3server arma3/serverfiles/core.5234 GNU gdb (GDB) Server worked fine on 1.50 before the update to the 1.52 patch. Does anyone know what can cause this issue or how to solve? Thanks sapphire