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  1. So will it be going up on steam?
  2. So you guys enjoying your party? ment for Eggbeast and Savage.
  3. Alright thanks eggbeast also i have more to report: If i jump in statics it drains there ammo just like any vics.Also vics ,means vehicles. Again i have to say the mods awesome even with the random ass bugs from out of no were. So far i think my favorite thing is the night vision scope on the m3 carbine. do you guys know any work arounds atm? ive tried downloading time and time again and i tried all downloads to. @ unsung community - No comments here please, they will be deleted. - This will be the download page for unsung echo, in August 2017 If someone downloads the unsung demo thing made to capture the false unsung will it turn into unsung echo when you release it on there or wil people have a serperate page?
  4. I think that fact your running on 64 bit might be whats crashing you.
  5. If you dont mind me asking what version are you using of arma 3. 32 or 64?
  6. Well after exstesive testing i have found that all downloads ive tested get this problem. multiple other people get it to. Another thing ive see is nades falling at ones feet when thrown and agian wonky flying were i was ejected from the heli when it was flying and at the same time it ran out of fule. Is there anything you guys can do to help fix these problems i have had since the bravo version of unsung? Dose any of this mean anything? 2:37:59 Mission tempMissionMP.DaKrong: Missing 'description.ext::Header' 2:38:05 Starting mission: 2:38:05 Mission file: tempMissionMP 2:38:05 Mission world: DaKrong 2:38:05 Mission directory: C:\Users\chus\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\Rct%2e%20C%2e%20Compton\missions\tempMissionMP.DaKrong\ 2:38:06 SetFace error: class CfgFaces.Man_A3.LIB_bykov_IF not found 2:38:06 Error: Error during SetFace - class CfgFaces.Man_A3.LIB_bykov_IF not found 2:38:06 GlassType: unknown type: G_LIB_Dienst_Brille2 2:38:06 SetFace error: class CfgFaces.Man_A3.LIB_bykov_IF not found 2:38:06 Error: Error during SetFace - class CfgFaces.Man_A3.LIB_bykov_IF not found 2:38:06 SetFace error: class CfgFaces.Man_A3.LIB_bykov_IF not found 2:38:06 Error: Error during SetFace - class CfgFaces.Man_A3.LIB_bykov_IF not found 2:38:07 c:\w\stable\futura\lib\network\networkserver.cpp NetworkServer::OnClientStateChanged:NOT IMPLEMENTED - briefing! 2:38:11 Mission id: 2a89c4ba1bc7da7be467a6d588af053f3097ca25 2:54:47 Mission tempMissionMP.Altis: Missing 'description.ext::Header' 2:54:52 Starting mission: 2:54:52 Mission file: tempMissionMP 2:54:52 Mission world: Altis 2:54:52 Mission directory: C:\Users\chus\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\PV2%20%20C%2e%20Compton\missions\tempMissionMP.Altis\ 2:54:54 safety - unknown animation source revolve 2:54:54 c:\w\stable\futura\lib\network\networkserver.cpp NetworkServer::OnClientStateChanged:NOT IMPLEMENTED - briefing! 2:55:18 Mission id: 04b9f8116fd5652a91b35f8de1c37f9a0bcbc44b 2:56:43 EPE manager release (0|7|0) 2:56:45 safety - unknown animation source revolve What i have gathered is these glitches happen on any server the one infected joins. This is seen when the person with what ever the hell this is (in my case me) enters a vehicle on a multiplayer match. Me enterering sets a weired timer that at its end throws the passenger whos infected ou t of the vehicle while also draining all fuel from the vehicle hes in. This is also seen with the ammo in the vehicle. As you see in my video i posted a day ago this is very weird. Now im not the only one whos been hit with this. Wolf of the MacVSogg unit had this to. The way he solved it was by buying a new arma 3 on another steam account. Now as i stayeted a theriory went around saying it was eggbeasts revenge on anyone he did not like. Well i can say for sure this is false because its been effecting people he never has meant. To sum up what that says: Somethings wrong with the mod. I play on a windows 8 computer with a i5 core. ive tested this on arma 3 64x and 32x and i have found the same results. Now it seems to have started after bravo for me but it had hit wolf way before that in alpha. What bothers me is no one seems to understand why this happenes or comments. Is there any way to fix this? Also eggbeast i hope you can help me and the others because this buggers all chance of us joining a unsung unit. As i remeber you sayed you would look into it and i also was wondering if you aid any head way on this?
  7. Well i tryed the arma 3 launcher that the team suggested and i got the same results. right now im going to try play with six
  8. Has anyone else been having problems with the downloads from the torrent? As you can see in the video i posted previously i have and i was using the helis and then that happens. same happens in planes, but you get flung out without a para schute after fule gose dry
  9. Wait i had that problem to i also have a video of some more problems here Its weired and only happens on multiplayer. First the ammo gos and it takes your gun and weapons. then it runs out of fule. this is on 32 bit and i have had the problem with multiple others from units. Now a rumor went around that it was eggbeast way of trying to get at people he didint like but i think thats false.
  10. Isint there also the chinease ak named that? Also i rember the arma 2 unsung servers were you would spawn in and the base would be under attack.
  11. So is there a way to join the team as a person who would be able to help testing of the mod?
  12. Hay eggbeast so any idea yet why what i posted in the video is happening to me?
  13. So do you guys plan to realease the same way you did rhs? and when i say that i mean will you have agerman mod an amrican mod then later down the road maby other factions?
  14. Why did you guys go with that style of coat? Is the coats belt supposed to be silver? Also Why didint you go with the actual coat they used?: M43 Greatcoat has a longer coat the ones in the model looks like an M40 and the color is also supposed to be grey ish. Not trying to be an ass or anything but the coat is very inacurate.. See how much darker it is? Also the only place they used this color of coat was in very freezing your ass off climates like Stalingrad. it might server you guys better to maby try to make it close in color to the image.
  15. Thanks guys i hope you guys can help solve this.
  16. Really though nice job on the unis but dose anyone else get that were you fly around then all of the sudden poof your fuel runs dry without warning? Well i found its only on mp. What weired is every vehicle i enter and i alone emptys of ammo then at some point fuel. its randome and i have the version from the torrent.
  17. The thing i was all mad about was over the weapon thing and such im over it now. Now back to the biggest pain ive ever faced. What in the sam hell is causing what is happening in the video?
  18. Well ask savage requsted i got a video of the problems. These are the same problems that have plagued me and other units out of no were. Yes i know egg beast wont help but the unsung team has good modders who must be willing to help find the solution. Also wolf and are unit has patched things up with ome of the team leading me to say sorry egg beast. Eggbeast i know we have had bad blood and i understand that in your eyes im a troll. Savage and many others can vouch im a hot head such as bigstone and savage. Agian i am sorry for anything that has seemed either trolly or what ever has seemed stupider than hell. Also im not the most well versed in typing and i dont check the typing when its done. Also i want to make the point that i have never tryed to troll, The main thing is i have as i sayed a very bad way with typing and such. So heres the videos:
  19. i suggest reducing recoil or at least making a comparability with lowered recoil. and yes we know its for balance but it trully sucks.
  20. Ok eggbeast you need to stop im no troll. if anything you are just trying to start old shit all over agian now savage if you think it will help ill make a video but i want to know if anything will come of it if eggbeast refuses to help.
  21. i got a gforce cool also no its happened any server even on yours as i said egg saw it first hand but as you see hes refusing to do anything due to the past of witch is sad. and i meant me i was talking to wolf at the time i can record i stream via steam also he said you guys were going to sue him for using the unsung name in a review prasing the mod? never really made sense. but whats the use if the guy who you said could help me refuses to help me? thats a catch 22 also all those afflicted are those eggbeast has gotton banned or wants banned ? its a weired pattern isnt it? also the only way wolf fixed it was by buying an entire new arma 3
  22. Might i ask why am i a survivor if i was like the trolls you class me as? you always keep fighting me on anything i say or post on here and this all even started because i suggested a weapon then you started to attack me while savage sayed what he thought and was kurt and non dickish about it. also you calling me a kid sure say that my grammar sucks and so dose yours but i dont go throwing insults at the people who ask for help so i dont know what your problem is and I will never know. so please leave the insults out and dont post something if you want to bait me into fighting over this all is said. and the whole baiting thing was me just letting wolf a friend and unit leader post since you banned him. also since you refuse to help me i guess ill have to ask my friend bigstone1232000 to help me. now back to what the civil conversation was on about. savage i cant figure out how to make a video on steam and ideas? it is weired and it effects an entire server if a person with this joins. i can get my friend to help maby if i remeber right he used to head unsung dev.