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  1. Coding42


    I might change the license to gpl to make this happen: https://gyazo.com/823e613db136ba67c721b47b8fb1687d
  2. Coding42


    hotfix (i was too dumb to check the code after cleaning up...) added option to lock the src when using the simulated mortar
  3. Coding42


    small update: added dispersion changed speed buttons to one listbox
  4. Nice to see, people know me 😄 Here is kind of a new version:
  5. Coding42


    updated videos and images will follow
  6. Coding42


    Quick preview: https://gyazo.com/f8788cbbf9e2b67565f85c43f22862c3 I completely have redone the GUI I will upload it when I am sure all works as it should. (Maybe tomorrow)
  7. Is it possible to use your Artillery UI (Gunnerview) without installing a mod, just by calling a scriptcommand and adding stuff to the description?
  8. Coding42

    Report Selling

    I do not know if I am oversensitive but there is a guy selling a guieditor which seems to be made ingame... As far as I understand the tools licence this is forbidden: Here is the link.
  9. Coding42


    And the update is uploaded...
  10. Coding42


    It works with each weaponsystem as long as you know its projectilespeed, it has no drag-/windeffects and the mortar shows you azimuth/elevation in MIL in worldcoordinates (not relative to the vehicle, shich makes absolutly no sense for artillery).
  11. Coding42


    Your are welcome I will post a small update tomorrow as well as a video of the useage.
  12. Coding42


    @Belbo Nice, that people remember me! I had a long break from Arma and now I am back. @Moderator This is a script and not an Addon. I hope it is ok to post it here because the Threads in "ARMA 3 - MISSION EDITING & SCRIPTING" were more technically and less a completed project.
  13. What is CODI_MORTAR? CODI_MORTAR adds an Artillery Computer that calculates firesolutions using mortar coordinates, target coordinates and adjustments. Youtube Should I try CODI_MORTAR? If you like the basic Artillery Computer provided by Arma 3 then you might not want to try this. If you like realism and like to give indirect firesupport without line of sight then you might try this. Is it complex? It is as easy as it could be made. But there is no MapClickShit. How do I use it? There are 2 modes of operation. One for GRID mode where target location is known and a POLAR mode where a forward observer tells you his position and you adjust the target from his position. In each mode the mortar position need to be entered or you click on the first "me" button to automatically fill in the correct values of the current position of the player. GRID: By opening the map and interpolating the position of the enemy to ~10 m you enter its coordinates and aproximate height in meters into the computer. The computer calculates the firesolution which can be used in the mortar to shoot at the target. Adjust your mortar and fire. POLAR: By opening the map and interpolating the position of the forward oberserver to ~10 m you enter its coordinates and aproximate height in meters into the computer. The forward observer needs you to give the azimut to the target in degree as well as the elevation to the target also in degree and the distance to the target in meters. You need to enter all those values into the computer. If you dont, you will shoot at your forward observers position! The computer calculates the firesolution which can be used in the mortar to shoot at the target. Adjust your mortar and fire. Yeah you got me, the mortar aims 1 MIL beside and 1 MIL to low (It is the same image as in the GRID mode) If you missed your target due to wrong aiming or positions and the forward observer saw the impact he can give you an adjustment like "45° 100m". If you enter those values you might hit your target on the second attempt. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PRESS THE "Adjust DST" BUTTON!!! If your Observer has multiple corrections you can click the button to change your DST values so you can use the adjustment again relative to the last adjustment if wanted. If you are fast enough you can remember Time On Target (TOT) after shooting with charge 2 then recalculate with charge 1 (will be faster due to lower angle) and time the shots using TOT to have simultaneous impacts. The computer ignores wind. AFAIK ACE also ignores wind for large calibers. What Speed do I need to enter? Depends. Default Mortar shoots with charge 0: 70 m/s, charge 1: 140 m/s and charge 2: 200 m/s Am I high? Normally you can hit a target with 2 different angles: a low one and a high angle. Mortars have a very high minimum angle so you will probably never need the low firesolution but just in case... How to setup a mission using the script? Copy the "CODI" folder into your mission. init.sqf: [] call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "CODI\MORTAR\preInit.sqf"; enableEngineArtillery false; if (hasInterface) then { waitUntil{!isNull player}; private _mortar = ["Open MortarComputer", "Open MortarComputer", "", {createDialog "CODI_Mortar_GUI";}, {true}, {}, [], "", 10] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_createAction; [player, 1, ["ACE_SelfActions"], _mortar] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_addActionToObject; }; description.ext: #include "CODI\MORTAR\dialogs.hpp" What weapons are supported? All that you enter in the CODI\MORTAR\preInit.sqf in the variable CODI_Mortar_weapons Keep in mind you need to enter the WEAPONclass not the VEHICLEclass! I Like Artysupport but no one likes to play Arty... Change CODI\MORTAR\preInit.sqf CODI_Mortar_fireEnabled to true. Then you can click FIRE as often and fast as you like and a shell will be created at the specified artillery coordinates. Download: Dropbox Required Addons: ACE License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/.
  14. Coding42

    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    In the Comanche gunner has its weapon displayed in the right upper corner. in the MELB AH6M-H the gunner has no idea what weapon is active unless the pilot tells him. Can you please change this?