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  1. I've been messing around in the editor designing some multiplayer missions because most of the popular stuff doesn't really appeal to me. I was a fan of the multiplayer mode of Homefront way back when, and it had an interesting system for one of its game modes. Once either side has held the majority of capture points for a period of time (you can see on the bottom left of the video, the meters fill up depending on who holds the most), the capture points change location based on who won the round (so one team will be moving up, and the other will be moving away). I've tried to find a decent video that shows what I'm on about, and if you excuse the commentary, you can just about see this in action here. Homefront multiplayer video Naturally, the Sector Control gamemode is the most fitting, so that's what I've been playing around with. I basically want to mock up something similar to the gamemode, where once a location has been under a teams control for a length of time, they would 'have control' of that area, and have a new objective of moving towards new capture points, whilst the opposing team would be moving back, essentially creating a big tug of war, with whichever side having the most points in a length on time (eg, 1 hour) wins. However, I can't find anything related to what I'm trying to do online. Does anybody know how you would go about creating moving sectors? Cheers
  2. Cheers man, I've literally been at this for hours and it's solved by something so simple XD. I admit, I thought it didn't work and came to post my frustration, but there was an issue with a couple of the settings within the second objective's modules. Thanks again.
  3. I'm trying to create a mission on the Takistan map. I must've been at this for at least 2-3 hours overall, since I've watched multiple YouTube vidoes of the editor for placing the Tasks modules, and I just can't understand what I'm doing wrong. I'm creating a mission on Takistan where you spawn with your team a short ways from a location you're supposed to move to, and then once there, get an objective to go to another location. Right now, this is the set up: Player <sync> Create Task <sync> Set Task State (succeeded) <sync> Trigger <sync> Set Task State (created) <sync> Create Task <sync> Trigger. This is the set up as per one of the YouTube tutorials that I watched, and I watched him have it working on his screen the same as I intend, the second only appearing when you reach the first one. The only difference between mine and his, is that his second Create Task in synced to the Player as well, but when I do that, I can see the task at the start of the mission - which I don't want - I only want another objective to be visible in the map/journal when the last one has been completed. Now, this does work up to the first Trigger, when it pops up that the objective is completed. But I can't figure out how to add a second objective without it appearing at the start of the mission. The ironic thing, is I actually had this working in a previous mission I was tinkering around with on Altis, where the setup was just; Create Task <sync> Set Task State (succeeded) <sync> Trigger <sync> Create Task <sync> Set Task State <sync> Trigger And it was perfectly working exactly how I wanted it: move to the first trigger, the objective is completed and a new objective is set. For some reason, however, copying that system into this just isn't working, and leaves me not being able to complete the first objective once arriving and definitely being inside the trigger area. I just don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I hate to post such a trivial issue, but can someone shed some light on what's happening to me, and how to fix this? Referencing my own work, and tutorials, this in theory should be working but it's just not, and I just don't get it.
  4. After dicking around with a friend in Zeus, each spawning our own men and sending them off to do battle against each other, it seemed to me like it would be possble to essentially create an RTS within Arma 3. So I'm tinkering around in the Editor trying my hand at creating a bit of a singleplayer mission, where you're playing solely as Zeus. From a few tutorials and just poking things with a stick, I'm slowly figuring things out. I've currently got it set up so you start at an outpost, and are able to spawn things inside the editing area, which is good. Also, the resources is working, and spawning men reduces your resources etc. However, I'm trying to add another editing zone that you would essentially 'capture' from the enemy that would already be placed there in the editor, so once they're all dead, you have another zone you can spawn things in. Like an FOB. But I can't figure out how to set this up. I've been trying to figure this out, and I can't find anything about it. YouTube searching only brought up how to create an editing area, which I already have, but don't go on to making more. I've played around, adding lots of different things, syncing them in various styles, and I haven't been able to wing it thus far. I eventually stumbled across Sector Control, which is sort of half of what I'm after (capturing areas), but leaving it at that. However, that seems more focused of multiplayer, which isn't what I'm aiming for. What can I do to set this up and get t working? Cheers
  5. I totally get you on the char dev and mission design. ME is a great example - a lot of info can be glossed over if you just blitz play the main story, but you can really build a proper picture about the other members of the crew just through chatting with them in the downtime bits between missions. I did like that how behind the scenes, you could see there was a lot actually happening. Great example!
  6. @bad benson Yeah, I got that atmosphere from your first post that it was 'just something to think about...' but I felt that perhaps the lack of details I'd said of what's actually going on here it made me feel like I should make a bit more clear what is actually happening, hopefully I did make it clear XD This is where I say it's kinda a 'community' effort though - like, what you said is something the team can discuss further in detail and look at incorporating what was said. So in a way, it would be made by the team, but almost crafted by the community. Otherwise, a 'drop in/drop out' team would probably lead to the campaign being shelved for one reason or another. @Indeed Pete, virtually the same thoughts, however, as yours is very detailed and a little more rhetorical side I will just bear it in mind ;) I hear you on the organisation aspect - I'm currently drafting up a GDD which will have extra details such as when x mission should be created by, so it's easy to keep track of the project as a whole, and for something of a more cinematic scope such as this it may indeed take a significant amount of time, but that will be dependant on the level of skill of each member of the core team. Also, good shout for Tanoa. Completely forgot about it.
  7. Don't worry about wall of text, I ain't fussed :P Time to burn through your points! XD I'll try and answer each of your points at a time, so I make sure I answer all of your questions. I definitely understand what you mean about a structure. As I mentioned earlier, I'm in the middle of drafting up a GDD (game design document) which will serve as the 'bible' for how the campaign should be developed - this will include what each mission contains, the plot at that point, what the atmosphere should be in terms of music etc. What this will mean is that there is a clear structure for what is happening next. The document will live on Google Docs, so everybody on the team will have access to it, can make alterations, add notes etc. In terms of the team, there will need to be a core team, as a project like this won't be possible if everybody just drops in/out. In order to make this a community project in that regard, we have held some polls on the Arma reddit to get opinions, different things have been mentioned which gives us something else to think about, along with planning to host different community discussions, and gather feedback along the way. I definitely see the idea of periodically releasing the campaign in segments. As a team, it is important that we feel we would be able to deliver a good standard throughout the campaign. It would not be good to create a very good beginning to the campaign, and have it slowly and slowly get worse and worse quality - this is the exact thing we would want to avoid. Some example milestones could be as you said, releasing the campaign in chunks to the public, hosting some sort of discussion where the team have a chat with people about different things, like an informal Q and A, and show an unexpected look at some development and get direct feedback, along with releasing test builds and getting feedback on a more generic scale. Whilst I understand that it's nice to have some mystery as to what may happen, a clear structure will definitely be evident to the team to prevent any sidetracking, and keeping development on course. Hmm. I think questions like that will only be able to be answered once properly in development. Of course, there is no objection to different aspects such as new elements, NPC interaction, but what we do want is for it to be a coherent end product. For example, whilst it may be great to have a section dedicated to chatting to different townsfolk and gathering information, if the segment is there just because it's can be doesn't mean it will add to the overall story arch. That said, there's no saying 'no, you can't go around chatting', because a slower paced section of the campaign might be interesting to explore the lives of, for example, refugees who have fled the town you were last fighting in, instead of just saying 'people didn't like the fighting and fled'. So, without trying to sound vague, it will more come down to whether it's appropriate for the campaign once we're in development. We will also look at borrowing scripts that have already been created and incorporating them into the campaign, not only saves us time and i.e. create that mission quicker, but it will also allow us to show off how good other people's work is, further illustrating how this is a community oriented project. I think that just about answers your points :P Hopefully that provides some light on how this will work on the whole. If you have any other questions feel free to ask, early days yet but I'll do what I can. Thanks!
  8. ...in helping out or the idea? Can always use extra people.
  9. No worries! I haven't really used the BI forums all that much honestly, but I thought this would be the best forum to post this in because the User missions section looks more to be the place to discuss ones that have finished development, which didn't really seem appropriate. I hadn't seen anything before like an open collaboration, so I thought it would be cool to start this up - glad to see others are also interested in this idea! Other people have also mentioned for this project to include different elements with the core gameplay, such as the dialogue system you mentioned, although I don't think it's a good idea right now to say what we do and don't want in the campaign, because it's so early on. Once more people are on board, we will discuss further in-depth about incorporating different elements, to see whether or not they fit well. Thanks!
  10. No? It's the game's tagline. You've made me unsure now XD
  11. Hi guys, figured I should make a post here about what me and a few other people are looking to make happen. What we're looking to do is release our own fully featured campaign, essentially 'crafted' by the community. It would of course incorporate a well written narrative, quality voice acting, enjoyable mission design, and the like - much like drafting up our own game. Over on the reddit subreddit, the response for something like this has been very positive, and the response from a couple of follow up polls shows there's definitely interest in something like this. I set up the subreddit /r/thisiswar as a kinda 'main hub' for the project, but figured there should be an ongoing discussion thread here too. Up to now, however, the main problem has been getting the numbers for something that resembles a team. So we're currently calling for anyone else who is willing to lend a hand in development - this means we're after the: - programmers - writers - level designers - artists/modelers - writers - voice actors - overall organisation etc. Leave any of your thoughts here, or somewhere over at /r/thisiswar, if you'd like to mention anything. I'm in the middle of drafting up a Game Design Document (GDD), which will serve as the team's living document and reference material, including a breakdown of each mission, what music, deadlines etc. We've also decided to house the project on GitHub, which will allow us to host the main build, manage contributions, release test builds for more feedback, and track bug tickets. To help, simply leave a comment here with your GitHub name and how you can help, or PM me, or contact me on reddit. I'd love to do this, and a few other people would also like to help, but for what we have in mind, it'llbe easier to make this a community collaboration. And I'm sure you'd love to play the final product. C'mon guys, let's make it happen. Vansen
  12. That sounds awesome. Looking forward to what this has to offer.
  13. I've actually been looking for something just like this. Looks like I'm keeping my eye on this one.
  14. Wow, this looks good. Cool stuff