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  1. Hello All, I've been getting into making addons, specifically vehicle textures, and have had some success. Despite this, there are a few things I am having trouble with and cannot seem to find any information to help with online, so I wanted to create a topic to find some additional information about the process beyond Amit's simple re-texturing guide, so here are my questions: 1. Is there any config template for simply adding a texture to a vanilla vehicle's virtual garage (VG) without creating an entirely new vehicle class? I am a novice with scripting and writing configs, so I am not great at figuring out how to implement code. I have searched through the config files of vehicles with multiple texture options and have found the classes for each texture option, but I don't know how you would implement it without creating an entirely new vehicle and adding your texture to that list (defeating the purpose of dealing with VG in the first place). 2. How do you go about adding re-textures for parts of a vehicle that are either modifications via VG or just not listed in the initial three hidden selection paths? For example, I am making a winter re-texture of the MBT-Kuma (I know some exist, but I had an idea for my personal scheme), and I would like to include a re-textured winter-style camo net with it. I am also doing things with the slammer and would imagine the process would be similar for the optional turret backpacks. Also, I have a re-textured marshall that has been added as a different vehicle, but the camo net reverts the texture back to vanilla. 3. Finally, is there a hidden selection path for the tracks of a vehicle? On the Kuma, I have also created a new track texture, but cannot find a way to even test it via setObjectTexture. I know this is a lot, but even help on one issue would be awesome! Thanks!
  2. Scoebuddy

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    As for content, I would really like to see a bunch of attachments, like water transport and snorkels for amphibious assaults and those things they throw on the from of Abrams to clear mines (sorry I don't know what they are called, ha). Also, having the ability to have an infantry squad hop on and ride on the tank would be super cool too.
  3. Scoebuddy

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    Does anyone else want to see a better camo system for armor? Many tanks use foliage to disguise themselves. It would be awesome to see variants like this, but more covered: While on the subject of stealth, it would be cool to have a mechanic that relates vehicle spotting by AI vehicles to overall thermal signature. I thought this was already in the game and tried to make a mission where you ambush enemy tanks kind of like the tiger scene in "Fury", but even if you start in the ambush position and have no heat generated, the enemy can spot you from 2-3 km away. It's just ridiculous.
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    Development Blog & Reveals

    Yeah, I'd be more than happy with anything that brings water inland to create more options. I just feel that naval assets and diving are really limited, with the latter just being a flavor of infiltration more than a game-changing mobility choice in specific scenarios. mangroves would be awesome and I personally wouldn't mind rivers that do not flow so long as they're a part of the terrain. Moreover, they would present unique tactical situations where utilizing a mobility element for flanking purposes would not be an option.
  5. Scoebuddy

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I really hope Tanoa has rivers. I feel like that is what prevented scuba to be significant on altis and stratis. It would permit more dynamic missions where a team can swim behind enemy lines. As well as make assault boat employment much more dynamic. Think of haw sweet it would be to replicate that famous scene from "Act of Valor" Please make the relationship between land and sea more interesting!!!