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  1. Hi, I'm having an issue on my server where after around 2 hours at 100/100, the server totally de-syncs, and will kick 80% of the players with the "Battleye Client Not Responding", and nobody can rejoin until the server is restarted. Up until that point, the server FPS is fine, there is some de-sync but nothing major. When this happened, the RPT is spammed with. Server: Network message 3bebaab is pending So im guessing this is an issue with the amount of traffic, but what I'm wondering is what I should be looking for to determine what is causing this issue, or how it could be resolved. Server is running EXTDB2. Thanks.
  2. I've had some issues before with battleye/RCon before which are usually resolved by an incorrect filepath or something, but I really have no idea with this. Basically I cannot connect to my server with BEC or any Rcon tool, and I have absolutely no idea why. My server is running, and Battleye is initialized, and the beserver.cfg file which contains my Rcon password changes to beserver_active_whatever, so Im assuming that config file is being used correctly. Here is a screenshot - https://i.gyazo.com/a3e6a018be53cb99ed16a6b2dbd7050a.png However, if I try to connect to with the password in the beserver.cfg, It wont connect. I have tried BEC and several Rcon tools, and none work. I have also tried using the Battleye folder in the main directory, and have the same issue. I'm currently on devbranch, but get the same problem on stable. Any suggestions would be appreciated, cheers.
  3. lxets

    Changing array

    Tested these out and found the 2nd one is fastest, thanks for the solutions.
  4. Hi, basically im trying to convert an array, the best I can explain this is probably through an example, so _oldArray = [1,1,1,1,2,3,3,3,4,4,5]; _newArray = [[1,4],[2,1],[3,3],[4,2],[5,1]]; I have got this working, but there are some issues which is why im trying to understand the best way to do this. Here is the code I have { _number = _x; _count = {_x == _number} count _oldArray; _oldArray = _oldArray - [_number]; _newArray pushBack [_x,_count]; } forEach _oldArray; Using the code above I will get: [[1,4],[1,0],[1,0],[1,0],[2,1],[3,3],[3,0],[3,0],[4,2],[4,0],[5,1]] which is not ideal. I can get around this by doing the following. From: _newArray pushBack [_x,_count]; To: if (_count > 0) then { _newArray pushBack [_x,_count]; }; That will give me [[1,4],[2,1],[3,3],[4,2],[5,1]] which is the result I wanted, but I don't think the method is ideal. Im probably really over complicating this, but Im not sure what the ideal way to do it is.
  5. lxets

    Revive Feedback

    Looks good. Dragging / carrying injured players would be cool aswell.
  6. Hi, basically im trying to create an effect with the camera and I'm not sure if it's possible. When a player dies a respawn screen will show up which lasts a few minutes, and during this time I want the camera to be forced into first person on the players dead body. The issue is that in my mission the player will respawn a few seconds after dieing, but the respawn screen will still be showing, meaning the first person camera moves from the dead body to the newly respawned player, when I want the camera to remain in the first person view of the dead body. Im not sure how to get around this, I know how to create a camera and focus it on the body, but cant get it correctly in the position of the head which Is why I tried to just make the camera first person. Hopefully you can understand what I mean, can't explain it as well as I would like. Thanks.
  7. //Full button definition, figured I should include this aswell class RscButton { idc = -1; type = 1; style = "2096"; default = 0; shadow = 1; w = 0.183825; h = "( ( ((safezoneW / safezoneH) min 1.2) / 1.2) / 20)"; color[] = {1,1,1,1.0}; colorFocused[] = {1,1,1,1.0}; color2[] = {0.95,0.95,0.95,1}; colorDisabled[] = {1,1,1,0.25}; colorBackground[] = {"(profilenamespace getvariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_R',0.69])","(profilenamespace getvariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_G',0.75])","(profilenamespace getvariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_B',0.5])",1}; colorBackgroundFocused[] = {"(profilenamespace getvariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_R',0.69])","(profilenamespace getvariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_G',0.75])","(profilenamespace getvariable ['GUI_BCG_RGB_B',0.5])",1}; colorBackground2[] = {1,1,1,1}; animTextureDefault = "\A3\ui_f\data\GUI\RscCommon\RscShortcutButton\normal_ca.paa"; animTextureNormal = "\A3\ui_f\data\GUI\RscCommon\RscShortcutButton\normal_ca.paa"; animTextureDisabled = "\A3\ui_f\data\GUI\RscCommon\RscShortcutButton\normal_ca.paa"; animTextureOver = "\A3\ui_f\data\GUI\RscCommon\RscShortcutButton\over_ca.paa"; animTextureFocused = "\A3\ui_f\data\GUI\RscCommon\RscShortcutButton\focus_ca.paa"; animTexturePressed = "\A3\ui_f\data\GUI\RscCommon\RscShortcutButton\down_ca.paa"; periodFocus = 1.2; periodOver = 0.8; class HitZone { left = 0.0; top = 0.0; right = 0.0; bottom = 0.0; }; class ShortcutPos { left = 0; top = "( ( ( ((safezoneW / safezoneH) min 1.2) / 1.2) / 20) - ( ( ( ((safezoneW / safezoneH) min 1.2) / 1.2) / 25) * 1)) / 2"; w = "( ( ( ((safezoneW / safezoneH) min 1.2) / 1.2) / 25) * 1) * (3/4)"; h = "( ( ( ((safezoneW / safezoneH) min 1.2) / 1.2) / 25) * 1)"; }; class TextPos { left = "( ( ( ((safezoneW / safezoneH) min 1.2) / 1.2) / 25) * 1) * (3/4)"; top = "( ( ( ((safezoneW / safezoneH) min 1.2) / 1.2) / 20) - ( ( ( ((safezoneW / safezoneH) min 1.2) / 1.2) / 25) * 1)) / 2"; right = 0.005; bottom = 0.0; }; period = 0.4; font = "PuristaMedium"; size = "( ( ( ((safezoneW / safezoneH) min 1.2) / 1.2) / 25) * 1)"; sizeEx = "( ( ( ((safezoneW / safezoneH) min 1.2) / 1.2) / 25) * 1)"; text = ""; soundEnter[] = {"\A3\ui_f\data\sound\RscButton\soundEnter",0.09,1}; soundPush[] = {"\A3\ui_f\data\sound\RscButton\soundPush",0.09,1}; soundClick[] = {"\A3\ui_f\data\sound\RscButton\soundClick",0.09,1}; soundEscape[] = {"\A3\ui_f\data\sound\RscButton\soundEscape",0.09,1}; action = ""; class Attributes { font = "PuristaMedium"; color = "#E5E5E5"; align = "left"; shadow = "true"; }; class AttributesImage { font = "PuristaMedium"; color = "#E5E5E5"; align = "left"; }; };
  8. Hey, Im creating a menu where I need clickable buttons with a custom icon on them. Im am having an issue with the texture being unable to be loaded, despite the filepath being correct, so i'm assuming i'm doing this the wrong way. Im using an RscButton, in the control definition I have type = 1; style = "2096"; then, in the dialog file with the button I use text = "a3\ui_f\data\gui\Rsc\RscDisplayArsenal\primaryweapon_ca.paa"; this works perfectly, and I can see the Icon on my button. The issue is, when I try to use a custom icon with something like text = "textures\whatevertexture.paa"; I get the error, Cannot load texture (path). This is confusing me as If I change from an RscButton to RscPicture for example, it will work perfectly with the same filepath.
  9. Ah ok, do you know how to go about clearing a control group then, I can't seem to use ctrlDelete on any controls within the control group, even with an IDC. _controls = allControls findDisplay 8000; { if (ctrlIDC _x > 8018) then {ctrlDelete _x}; }forEach _controls; //Also tried _controls = allControls findDisplay 8000; { if (ctrlIDC _x > 8018) then {ctrlDelete ((findDisplay 8000) displayctrl (ctrlIDC _x))}; }forEach _controls; I can use ctrlShow etc to hide the controls in the same way im trying to delete them, so I guess im just using ctrlDelete wrong, but I can't get it to work.
  10. Hey, I have created a controls group with various buttons/images, and I am wondering if its possible to delete everything within a controls group at once, without them having an idc. Thanks.
  11. Ah yea, that worked great, thanks. Always the small things :D
  12. Hi, i'm trying to create a shop menu which uses ctrlCreate to create images, text & buttons. On the buttons, I want to set some data, such as a price for an item and the items class name, and I am trying to use setVariable on the button to set an array of data, and when the button is pressed the eventhandler will run a script which retrieves these variables, for use in another script. Im under the impression that this would work as reading setVariable on the wiki says 'Control setVariable Array (since Arma 3 v1.55.133553)'. _button = _weaponList ctrlCreate ["RscButtonMenu", _IDC , CONTROL(1000,1001)]; _button ctrlSetText "Buy Weapon"; _button setVariable ["data",[_weaponClassname,_weaponCost]]; _button ctrlSetEventHandler ["ButtonClick", "[_this] spawn life_fnc_test;"]; and on the other script _control = _this select 0; _itemData = _control getVariable "data"; however, I am getting the error Error getvariable: Type Array, expected Namespace,Object,Group,Display (dialog),Control,Team member,Task,Location Any help would be appreciated, im not sure if this is the best way to do it, with ctrlCreate, but I want to avoid using list boxes for the moment even though I know that is alot easier.
  13. Dunno why but when I get the out of memory crash now it doesn't generate any files for the crash. V16 https://www.dropbox.com/s/zrhypwuo68vowx7/arma3server_2016-02-06_20-00-06.rpt?dl=0 What I noticed though is we had the exact same error as a different crash previously. The server crashes due to out of memory, and the RPT shows. Error decompressing LZO: a3\structures_f\wrecks\wreck_brdm2_f.p3d From 3248 to 3793 We used to get this crash with the preNLOD error, not out of memory, which is weird.
  14. Been running V16 for about 8 hours with 40-70 players and have had no memory crashes so far.