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  1. Diesel160

    Apex Framework

    issue with Rhino not being able to lock onto any laser for agtm use, is this a deliverate setting or a bug?
  2. Diesel160

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    ah sorry, can delete the post if you like, have contacted Fuller
  3. mods my friend, mods https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=882138618 and if you want an LHD to go with it then it is in amongst the CUP Vehicles mods
  4. on this, I'm not sure how tanks currently operate, though I know with the Abrams when running on diesel you need to accelerate before rotating the vehicle, so in a controls term for the game, perhaps having an analogue acceleration would be fitting. an idea would be having. like you say with the advanced helicopters, separate rpm control to collective though in this case power to the tracks via another set of variable controllers. the stalling feature would be great, though perhaps instead of damage it would just increase the startup time for that instance. it's very rare that you would actually damage anything by stalling it, rather you might flood the engine making it difficult to start the next time
  5. with the release of Tanks DLC (well-done team!) id like to put a seemingly simple yet amazing idea to you "advanced" tracked vehicle controls. your tracked vehicles look amazing and add so much more immersion but there's just one thing that's bugging me.. can we get some kind of controls for left, right track EG. have 2 joy sticks set up in a way that each controls the forward/ reverse movement for each track, perhaps even suspension adjustments as well?
  6. does anyone have texture templates for all vehicles currently available? or even know of a really good guide on making them?
  7. Diesel160

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    do you have an up to date changelog anywhere? cant seem to find anything to reference for the powers that be :'D
  8. is there any defining factor as to where the P drive is installed. for me its piggybacked onto my C drive, a measly 120gb ssd, id rather it was on one of my larger mechanical drives but for the life of me i cant get it to install where i want it
  9. Diesel160

    questions about P drive

    "facepalm" I did it for the Arma 3 directory, not the P drive..... lol
  10. Diesel160

    questions about P drive

    Thats what I had thought too but is still leaching off my C drive, might relocate Arma 3 and see if that helps
  11. holy shit this is amazing, from a milsim/realism standpoint this is exactly what the community needs, however. just tested this out and will test again later, the load time, especially for Altis, is likely to kill it for us along with the map becoming unresponsive, to elaborate some more. the map continues to update units moving around but you cant add anything to it, markers/ lines or select anything for that matter.
  12. Diesel160

    AC130 Gunship

    that one's broke af, haha instant crashes arma when placed in the editor, virtual arsenal, as for permissions it seems that these guys have all gone awol so legally and morally a lost cause
  13. Diesel160

    AC130 Gunship

    appoligies for necro (not really) im wondering if it is at all possible to have this updated or get the source files for this to update it. theres a major lack for this kind of thing in arma 3 without having to download 10+ Gb of shit you'll never use. current issues regarding this mod and arma 3. gun sounds+ round impact sounds, gunner sights, pilot seating location, engine sounds. possibly more as i did a quick test to see if it even worked at all
  14. Good morning (local) team. regarding Tfar and RHS armoured vehicles, we have a constant issue with commanders/gunners in the m113 and commander in m1 abram variants not being able to communicate with guys on the ground outside the vech. ive been in contact with RHS and they believe it is more of a tfar & game issue as according to game logic even when turned out in these seats you are still inside the vehicle mods we use. RHS,Tfar,Ace and cba. Tfar ver. 0.9.8