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  1. sniperb

    GF Headshot + Killfeed Script

    @GEORGE FLOROS GR I would love to use this on my server as I think it is exactly what I've been looking for. I just have one question. what part of the script works with Ravage mod? When a player gets killed by a Zombie will it display a global message on the server?
  2. sniperb


    Thank you for the reply, I just tested that but I just cant seem to get it working the way I want it too. Any chance I could send you a pm with the script I have? Two pair of eyes are better than one & all that. 😋 Will pay for help if needed
  3. sniperb


    Hey everyone, I am using a kill messages script made by one of the guys over at the old exile forums that was edited to work with ryan zombies mod and want to slightly edit it to work with Ravage. My server is also running Exile and I am trying to get a kill message to show when a zombie kills a player but I cant seem to get it working. Does anyone have death messages working with ravage? What classname would I use for the zombie (I've tried 'zombie'🤓)as it is technically a CIV? Thanks in advance B
  4. sniperb

    GF Kill info Script

    Any way to have this show Zombie kills from ravage ?
  5. Hey Finally got it to run on my server, one issue I am having though is consuming any of the items. If I get hit I am infected but I cant cure it 😳
  6. Thanks for the help 😃 I would do the same but I'm renting from a host at the moment. Will be moving my server over to my own system soon mainly for convenience.
  7. Hey, Has anyone gotten this mod to work on a mp server yet? Every time I try to load the sever up with this it says that my server doesn't require any mods in the launcher, If i take it out my other mods show straight away. 😫
  8. My server is running np. I meant would i have to add it into here : was i meant to copy an addon into my mission folder?
  9. I had the server key in so im not sure what else i can do to get it to work 😭😭
  10. @Vandeanson Hey, I cant get this to work on my server, when i try to load into the server with this active it shows this mod in the "mod not allowed on this server" section of the Arma 3 launcher. Any ideas what i might be missing ? 🙂 Thanks B
  11. Hey, Do i need to add something to my mission.sqm? In Arma3 launcher your mod is showing in the "mods not allowed in server" section Thanks
  12. @Vandeanson Finally got maca to add this awesome mod to A3launcher 😃 Thanks again for all your awesome work!