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  1. gaspasar

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    The IDAP helicopter (C_IDAP_Heli_Transport_02_F) has flares. is this intended? I mean its a civil helicopter. Would it be possible to get a real civil version of it, without the IDAP logo? Some texture just without the logo.
  2. I have Problems with the Hellfire version of the MELB (MELB_AH6M_H). Playing with ACE it seems locking on the laser is broken. :( Vanilla is running fine. It is a problem with the ACE laser system. i just want to make shure that the problem is not on my end. Does anybody else having this problem? runing melb with CBA (3.2.1) and ACE (3.9.0)
  3. question, are the Cup vehicles ACE repair/refuel/ammo compatible? tested with ACE 3.7 and the ACE 1.7 Compat EDIT: CBA 3.1 used all the Cup repair/ammo/refuel vehicles behave like vanilla vehicles. not like the ACE HEMTT repair/refuel/ammo. is this intended? it whould be nice to have them behave like the vanilla vehicles in ACE.
  4. I tried for 15mins to get an account for the feedback tracker but it didnt work. i dont got mail so far. So i post here instead: The CTRG Medic doesnt seem to be a medic. B_CTRG_Soldier_Medic_tna_F He cannot heal if hitpoints are over 75%. Is this supposed to be like that? tested on stable 1.62
  5. gaspasar

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    there is a parameter to set on revive disabled. after u choose the misssion in the lobby u can click on parameters and set revive to disable. if u want it default this way u have to look in the mission there are two places where its stored: scripts/shared/fetch_params.sqf ui/mission_params.hpp i am not shure which one is important i allways change both. working on serverside
  6. gaspasar

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    your version seems to need CBA. just forget to remove it, or is it really necessary?
  7. gaspasar

    Targeting improvements

    @oukej is it possible to see, in normal pilot view, where the targeting pod ist looking at? If i found a target with the targeting pod and switch back, I have problems finding the target again. Maybe ist possible to see a marker, where the targeting pod is pointing at. At least when ist locked to the ground. Like the cross from lasermarkers, you see on the ground when laserdesignators are on. then you could allign the CCIP piper over the targetingpod marker and drop the bomb easier :) or give the targeting pod a real laserdesignator, like the A10 in real has.
  8. how is the Vehicle in Vehicle load in working? can somebody give me a hint?
  9. Improvement for Targeting Pod: when i lock the Targeting pod somewhere on the ground i would like to see a marker in the normal View. For Example: You spot an enemy Target with the targeting pod. Leaving it on the Enemy, switching back to the normal view and still see a small cross on the ground where the targeting pod is looking at. So you can bring the CCIP Piper over the Targeting pod marker and bomb the enemy postion. Its a small improvement but i think it brings a lot of oportunities. Especially on tanoa its hard to find the position of enemys again when leaving targeting pod view.
  10. gaspasar

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Hallo zbug and all others. I try to find the script which empty all spawning vehicles. I added custom ammunition supply crates, that you can build. But they are all empty. Can anybody give me a hint where to find it in the missionfile? Thank you.
  11. gaspasar

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Thx for the answer. two more questions: Do think of integrating the CUP Vehicle LHD? Its almost the same as the ATLAS LHD. Cup integrated the mod into there package and develop it further. The Atlas mod is not continued. It would be really nice if the mission could, look if ATLAS or CUP is running and use the one activated. Where is the Position of the Huron stored in the mission? I want to change the position on the Carrier to get a free runway, but this is the only thing i couldnt find. ( all others i can move in the editor)
  12. gaspasar

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Hallo zbug, i want to blacklist some items from the Arsenal, but i can´t get your list working. If i Add some items they are still in the Arsenal. We play with TFAR and i want to disable all Radios except one. So you cant choose the wrong ones. I also want to disable the wrong UAV terminals. There is only one that works. I add: "tf_anprc148jem", "tf_anprc152", "tf_anprc154", "tf_fadak", "tf_microdagr", "tf_pnr1000a", "tf_rf7800str", "tf_mr3000", "tf_mr3000_multicam", "tf_mr3000_rhs", "tf_mr6000l", "tf_anprc155", "tf_anprc155_coyote", "tf_anarc164", "tf_rt1523g", "tf_rt1523g_big", "tf_rt1523g_black", "tf_rt1523g_fabric", "tf_rt1523g_green", "tf_rt1523g_rhs", "tf_rt1523g_sage", "tf_anarc210", "O_UavTerminal", "I_UavTerminal" to your list in the classnames.sqf but it didnt work. Any suggestions what i did wrong?
  13. gaspasar

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    hey crowmedic, we included the cup vehicles and it is working quite well, so its not a problem with these. Check if u messed up the classnames.sqf if u forget some values the game is not initializing correctly. The only thing what is making problems for me is the LHD Carrier, i want it to be replaced by the one of Cup. So i dont have to use the ATLAS mod any further. I got it running on my pc, but not on our server :( anyone tried it so far?
  14. gaspasar

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    thx for the answer. Right now i am working on replacing it. it is the same model, i could replace everything with the cup names and could get it running on my local machine with CUP. At the moment i doesnt work on our server, but i think its a linux based problem with upper case letters. Working on it. Maybe u could make a check wheter ATLAS or CUP is present. Many Clans have CUP already in there Repository so they could spare one mod. Thank u very much for this great mission, it is so user friendly customizable. :) everything is really good documented. I dont have any clue about scripting in Arma but i could change everything i wanted so far. Thanks.
  15. gaspasar

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Did someone made a CUP Version of this already? We are playing with the CUP mods and i try to get this mission working with it. As far as I understand the WASP carrier is the same as the one CUP uses. So it would be cool, if i could use this one and dont have to download the atlas mod. Anybody ideas how to change it? (Sry for my bad english, not my first language)