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  1. Awesome tool! I want to +1 the feature request to have the ability to export bat files of server configurations (would be really helpful for loading up ~20 mods for a headless client), and also ask that you make it so that when the little modal dialog comes up asking for your Steam Guard code that pressing Enter will submit the code rather than having to use the mouse the click the button (it's a small thing, but would really help the usability).
  2. ravenleg

    Spyder Addons

    This question is more about modules in general, but is there a way to programmatically/dynamically synchronize a module to a game object (as opposed to doing it manually in the editor using Connect > Sync To)? For instance, if I wanted to attach an editor-placed Loadout Manager to a vehicle that was spawned in midway through a game by a script.
  3. See the linked post below for instructions on using a fixed/currently working version of this script:
  4. I'm trying to take some screenshots with the screenshot script command and they all come out looking overexposed/blown-out or just have really low contrast compared to what I actually see on my screen. For example, the two images on the left are screenshots taken with Steam and show what I actually see, and the two on the right are the product of the screenshot command. Is there some in-game camera setting I need to adjust or something?
  5. I've found that the above method typically works, but isn't 100% reliable for reasons I don't understand. I'm also trying to figure out the best way to access compatible accessories (muzzle attachments, optics, pointers, bipods) and the cleanest complete way is using a built-in function (bis_fnc_compatibleItems) that came with the Arsenal (and is in: Arma 3\Addons\functions_f_bootcamp.pbo\Inventory\fn_compatibleItems.sqf). It's annoying because it isn't documented anywhere. I only found about it by reading through the BIS_fnc_arsenal code in the same directory to see how the Arsenal itself computes compatible accessories. You can use it like this though (where it takes a class name string as an argument and returns an array of strings): _className = 'LMG_Mk200_F'; // You can put any weapon class name here _compatibleItems = _className call bis_fnc_compatibleItems; { _scope = str getNumber (configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _x >> 'scope'); _itemType = str (_x call bis_fnc_itemType); _itemName = _x; conWhite(_scope + " " + _itemType + " " + _itemName); // Log out to text file } forEach _compatibleItems; and, if you're running CUP and RHS, that will return this laundry list (for the LMG_Mk200_F in this case): I included in the printout each item's scope, because only items with scope = 2 will actually be usable in the game. Also, the function bis_fnc_itemType is useful for categorizing what gets returned (since it returns all compatible items, not just a particular type).
  6. ravenleg


    I know this was from a while ago (was reading back through the thread tonight), but if you're still having trouble with accurately counting vehicle passenger seats, this post I wrote a while back might help (BIS broke many of their vehicle slot query functions after introducing firing from vehicles in v1.34): https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/189522-how-to-find-vehicle-cargopassengerffv-seat-capacity/?p=3002293 And thanks so much for all your hard work in continuing to carry on the development of a fantastic and necessary mod!
  7. Would you make another video tutorial covering some of these new features? They sound really cool, but I can't quite understand what they do (or how to use them) just from the text. Thanks again for such a great mod!!
  8. All Eden does is give you a way to edit parameters of the description.ext file without (necessarily*) having to manually create one. But you still have to configure it from within Eden. Said differently, it doesn't do anything for you, it just makes doing the same thing easier. *However, there are still many aspects of the description.ext file which cannot yet be edited from within Eden and still require manually writing those aspects into the file. And if you have something defined both in Eden and manually in the file, what's in the file takes precedence.
  9. If I remember right, the Ares mod has Zeus modules which you can use to execute code on units while the game is running.
  10. It's likely because the Zeus "player" module is seen as its own side, so it's not going to be able to use the BLUFOR markers. I know this photo is in Cyrillic, but see how Zeus player(s) show up as their own side in the MP lobby? If your player shows up like that, then they're not going to respawn on BLUFOR markers (in the same way that OPFOR, Independent, or Civilian units can't use those same BLUFOR respawn markers either). But if all your doing is syncing the Game Master module to a BLUFOR unit, then you shouldn't have a problem. But if you want to keep the player as strictly a Zeus player only, then you might need a separate respawn marker for the "LOGIC" side (at least I'm guessing by this that that's what Zeus players will appear under). To be sure though, once you're in the game as your Zeus player, type this in the debug console and that's the side you'll need to add a respawn marker for. hint format ["%1", side player] To my knowledge though, there's no way to require certain players to initially have to use the respawn menu and others not.
  11. ravenleg

    Dash - SQF Editor

    Has anything more ever happened with this? There are so many amazing features advertised on the site for the 2.0 release. Did any of that ever come to be?
  12. ravenleg

    RESPAWN Modules

    Since you say you're not very familiar with scripting, once you have more than a few lines of code, it's usually much easier to put that code into its own file to make it easier to read (and therefore easier to spot mistakes), especially once you have things like if statements. So you could take your code and using something like Notepad (or Notepad++) make a file called "addVehicleCargo.sqf" that contains: params ["_veh"]; // Since we're calling this code from a script file, we need to pass in the vehicle as an argument (the "_this select 0" part below) _veh lock 0; // And you can put in comments after a double slash to remind you what each line does if (bob == _veh) then { _veh addBackpackCargoGlobal ["B_Respawn_TentDome_F", 1]; _veh addItemCargoGlobal ["itemgps", 1]; // It's good practice to end each line with a semicolon, even if it's the last line }; // So another semicolon here too in case you add something after it later and save that file in your mission's folder (so it appears alongside your mission.sqm file in the same directory). Then instead of calling those lines of code verbatim inside the module's Expression field, you'd put this instead: [_this select 0] execVM 'addVehicleCargo.sqf' and the contents of that file will be executed just like the code you had in that field was previously.
  13. ravenleg

    Make ALL players/objects appear in zeus?

    Download the Ares mod, start your mission, open Zeus, under Modules open the Utils section (will have the Ares logo next to it), select Add Objects to Zeus, drop the module near your player (or whatever other editor-places units you want to Zeus to recognize), set your detection radius, and voilà .
  14. ravenleg

    3den Enhanced

    Brilliant! The only suggestion I'd make is for the case when you have multiple selections. Rather than outputting an array with each unit's class and faction, I'm going to go out on a limb and say the unit class names aren't as important, so don't even worry about logging those. I'd simply loop over every unit in the selection, grab its faction config value, and then use pushBackUnique to build your array. This way, rather than having the two-dimensional array you posted above: [["B_support_AMG_F","B_APC_Tracked_01_AA_F","B_G_Mortar_01_F","B_Boat_Transport_01_F","O_Soldier_A_F","I_Soldier_AAR_F","C_man_polo_3_F","SignAd_Sponsor_ARMEX_F"], ["BLU_F","BLU_F","BLU_G_F","BLU_F","OPF_F","IND_F","CIV_F","Default"]] you'd just have this instead: ["BLU_F","BLU_G_F","OPF_F","IND_F","CIV_F","Default"]
  15. ravenleg

    3den Enhanced

    He's talking about the unit or vehicle's faction, not its side. All you'd need to do is pull the entity's faction config value, it would super simple to implement and very helpful for ALiVE players. davidzi's method works perfectly fine, but here's another way that doesn't require any scripting/naming of variables/debug console: Drop a unit or vehicle into the editor Right click on it -> Click Find in Config Viewer Scroll down to the faction entry, and there you go You can even click on that faction row and hit Ctrl+C to copy the value so you can paste it into an ALiVE module If you want to double check that you have the right faction class name, you can always go into the Config Viewer, double click on CfgFactionClasses in the left-hand nav, and now you'll see every faction currently available. You can then click on one, like rhsgref_faction_cdf_ng_b and you'll see its displayName value on the right (in this case: Chernarus (National Guard)), and that's the text you'll probably see that unit or vehicle listed under in the Eden Asset browser.