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  1. peegee

    Drop Mag WIP

    Heh, this reminds me of testing Enfusion lately. If you do something interruptive during mid reload you screw it up and have to search that dropped mag from the ground
  2. peegee

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    It's likely that it is Namalsk. It's confirmed now, you just missed it ;) The summer areas I don't know. Could be Namalsk, new terrain or Chernarus + with a lot of changes. There seems to be a large mountain in the backdrop. That doesn't exist in current Chernarus +
  3. peegee

    Firing from vehicles using launchers?

    This thread is ancient. Isn't this already possible? Try getting your butt on with an launcher on to the gunner seat of Qlin or Prowler and equip launcher. Also if you stand up to face forward (TURN OUT) on offroad's bed you can use launchers. So it can fit 2 launchers. The MB 4WD can fit 3 guys with launchers
  4. Regular 40mm seems okay'ish to me. But GMG's 40mm grenades are lackluster. It's like you have to hit infantry directly with them.
  5. peegee

    Logitech G13 / G700 Profile Arma3

    Can you elaborate the "zoom bug"? There might be some workaround if you dive deeper into customizing controls.
  6. peegee

    Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Just a side note, you can already do that. Go to controls -> view. There is controls for move head forward, back, up etc. I suggest binding them to a desired key(s) + mouse movement.
  7. peegee

    Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Gorgon gunner could use the same type of MFD as Marid gunner. That is the gunner and compass MFD, since the gunner in Gorgon doesn't have any view outside without the old 2D optic. Unless gunner has to look at commanders MFD.
  8. peegee


    Try deploying your weapon first, then lean to see how it looks and feels. It's better that the camera doesn't do that.
  9. Curious if anyone has found the init for Gendarmerie officer uniform? I'd love to use the texture on guerrilla apparel that has gloves.
  10. peegee

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Did you try tinkering with gamma, brightness, saturation...? Even from your GPU's display settings; color temp, hue and all that. I've managed to set it to much more pleasing image than what it originally was. At least I think I got it closer to original A3 and A2.
  11. peegee

    Changes in holster weapon .

    Side note, you don't need to go prone to do this trick. Just press "toggle raise weapon" or whatever it is called in A3. E: With the launcher in your hands first, ofc!
  12. You can already set your speeds as toggle. I use combat pace/jog as toggle. I walk by holding spacebar, sprint with SHIFT and temporarily use compat pace/jog with CTRL when I'm already moving. In controls the "temporary" controls are hold keys. For example; "optics" is toggle aim, "optics temporary" is hold key to aim, which is really efficient.
  13. Ah the Zafir optics issue. This has hurt my soul since the whole weapon was introduced.