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ArmA2: Operation Arrowhead Impressions - ALL OA Impressions/Videos/Screenies Here

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I'm almost finished with my first and last mission for ArmA 2: OA.

I started making it in 2013, if I remember correctly. So it's about time!

It features custom voice acting, sounds and music and a lot of scripts to make it as atmospheric and immersive as possible.

I also put a lot of effort in making the AI behave correctly in a nighttime environment.

It's an ACE2 sniper assassination stealth mission with two switchable player units. (sniper/spotter)

But I will add a vanilla version too.


Operation 'Geckohunt'

SEAL Team THREE Sniper Team, call sign 'Eagle', is on its way to 'Feruz Abad', where Colonel Aziz (call sign 'Gecko') of the Army of Takistan is heading to. 'Eagle' must assassinate 'Gecko'.



I made a trailer for the upcoming release this summer.




"Unofficial sources state, that Colonel Muhammad Rahim Aziz, of the socialist military force of takistan, was assassinated by US special forces. According to our informants, a covert operation took place, in the takistan heartland, close to 'Feruz Abad'. Without any collateral damage, an unnamed two man squad infiltrated the area, to eliminate the head of the authoritarian regime of takistan."



I hope you enjoy.





Edit: The quality of the video suffered quiet a bit from the upload. I'll try to fix it with a reupload but I don't know what I can do about it. I always get these pixelated parts with fast moving pictures and youtube makes it a whole lot worse.

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Friends from BIS, and micro freezes in video game are not confused? It's not because of Fraps or bandicam, it's in the game itself.

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Just a couple of smart ai made firefights. No wp's given or anything else other than they have rotation to keep them aware of their surroundings.

I don't get involved, I just watch. Same test day-time & night-time.



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