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  1. I found the problem I had with the disappearing chopper/crew. I have a debug trigger because UPSMON sometimes bugged out and just sent the chopper in a random direction getting stuck(pretty rare after my fixes) to delete the chopper and his crew: !(chopper in thislist) -> whole AO { deleteVehicle _x } forEach (crew chopper ); deleteVehicle chopper; So this triggers if the choppers damage is 1. Gonna try to find a workaround or just delete the debug triggers. I added && alive chopper and it stopped doing it now.
  2. Alright, I changed it. Here is an update:
  3. Mhh .. what I forgot to mention is that the helicopter vanished too. So basically I could change this line: if (_deadguy isKindOf "LandVehicle" OR _deadguy isKindOf "Air") exitWith {}; to this: if (vehicle _deadguy isKindOf "Air" OR _deadguy isKindOf "LandVehicle" OR _deadguy isKindOf "Air") exitWith {}; Is '_deadguy isKindOf "Air"' still needed in this case?
  4. Soo I had this happening: I blew up a chopper with reinforcements since I gotta test all sorts of stuff. Most of the corpses dissapeared into thin air and still a bunch of flies and crows spawned at the same spot and the findBody script was running for everyone. Dunno if explosions gets rid of corpses or if they just spawned under the ground or something. I checked if I get the hidebody action for any invisible guys but I did not. I waited for them to get deleted so that the flies/crows get deleted too but none of it happened! Whats interesting too is that the debug lines return the same corpse 2 times in the same second, which should mean that the script is running for the same guy twice? //EDIT: After reverting the game it actually realized all of them were gone and deleted all the vultures and stopped running the script. The script running for the same guy twice is actually happening more often, I had the suspicion for a bit longer but now I'm pretty sure. Just now I had a test were a single dead guy got detected 2 times by the same unit a few seconds apart. The time difference could be the random sleeps, dunno.
  5. Mhh sounds strange. I've had really strange things happening with other stuff too, like magic lightsources suddenly appearing at the same spot without any reason. Reloading the game fixed that for me at least. Sometimes arma feels a bit haunted. 😀 I think the AI sometimes went into houses too on my end, but very rarely and most of the time AI which was placed in the house, left it and then entered it again.
  6. That would be fine, the units coming to the houses are reinforcements most of the time anyway, which only come after first contact. The random chance would make it a bit more balanced. Damn I thought I fixed that. Sometimes I fix files in old mission versions by accident. That's a pain! Updated version:
  7. Well let's just ignore houses then. 😀 I'm pretty happy about how it works now anyway. Thanks again for all your help, really improved that part of my mission by a huge deal.
  8. I changed the on act. of the trigger: {_x addEventHandler ["killed",{_this execVM "scripts\alarm\FindBody.sqf";}]} forEach EHlist; {{_x addEventHandler ["killed",{_this execVM "scripts\alarm\FindBody.sqf";}]} forEach (crew _x);} forEach EHlist; It works now. And nearestobjects finds the dead guys inside vehicles just fine, the AI can see them too. I think it's almost perfect. The last thing, which I don't know if it's possible, is if the AI can enter/search houses to find dead guys. The doMove line doesn't work with houses. The Ai stays in front of the houses and looks in the direction of the dead guys inside but can't see them, which is fine. But the _finders won't enter the house. (I have created houses in the AO, dunno if that makes a difference, didn't test it with not spawned houses.)
  9. I had a small issue. The script was adding the vultures to a static weapon and deleting it after that. I added this at the beginning: if (_deadguy isKindOf "StaticWeapon") exitWith {}; //EDIT: Need to fix a bit more than that, it's adding to cars too, I guess all vehicles. if (_deadguy isKindOf "LandVehicle" OR _deadguy isKindOf "Air") exitWith {}; This should do the trick. Another thing I've noticed is, units who die/spawn inside vehicles are not triggering the script. Changed the trigger On Act.: {_x addEventHandler ["killed",{_this execVM "scripts\alarm\FindBody.sqf";}]} forEach EHlist; {{_x addEventHandler ["killed",{_this execVM "scripts\alarm\FindBody.sqf";}]} forEach (crew _x);} forEach EHlist; Now it works. Is that ok or is it a bad way of doing it?
  10. Yes I checked it, dogs are not in _finders anymore but do appear as _deadguy and the script does everything it's supposed to do. {// foreach nearobjects if (alive _x and canstand _x and !(_x isKindOf "ANIMAL")) then {_finders set [count _finders,_x]};// build array of alive units excluding busy unit } foreach ( nearestObjects [_deadguypos, ["Man"], 100]-[eagle1,eagle2,_agnt,sleeper_1]);// look through units and remove unwanted elements Here is the script up to date: Haven't gotten the undefined error for a while, maybe it was connected to the animal agents?
  11. Could be but I'm using a few civs grouped with militia as OPFOR, I think the class still returns civ. Is !(_x isKindOf "ANIMAL") for nearestObjects not a good way to do it? It got rid of them in my tests. With typeof it would be all those I think: if (typeof _deadguy in ["Cow01","Cow02","Cow03","Cow04","Goat","Hen","Cock","Pastor","Rabbit","Sheep","WildBoar"]) exitwith {hint "dead animals"};
  12. Can I put !isNull in the spawn like this: _deadguy spawn { sleep 120; if (!isnull _deadguy) then { _Body_Vultures = [_this] execVM "scripts\crows\BodyVultures.sqf";};sleep 400;hidebody _this;sleep 4;deletevehicle _this };// default effect Because I always get <NULL> from the deadguy/victim in BodyVultures.sqf after I hid/deleted the deadguy from this debug line: player globalChat format ["BodyVultures.sqf - victim:%1 - spawning vultures", _victim]; One other thing, I think I figured out who the agents who are displayed are, definitely not flies/crows as far as I can see. Because i get the agents before crows/flies are spawned. I've been chasing a bunny away from the dead guys in one situation where I reverted a few times and the agent disappeared. Sneaky bunnies! I do use the ambient animals module. //EDIT: Now it was 2 sheeps, which I killed and the two agents were gone. ANIMAL seem to be a subcategory of MAN: AllVehicles->Land->Man->Animal->CAAnimalBase->Cow/Hen/Sheep/Rabbit etc. I think I removed them for good😀: {// foreach nearobjects if (alive _x and canstand _x and !(_x isKindOf "ANIMAL")) then {_finders set [count _finders,_x]};// build array of alive units excluding busy unit } foreach ( nearestObjects [_deadguypos, ["Man"], 100]-[eagle1,eagle2,_agnt,sleeper_1]);// look through units and remove unwanted elements The dog is removed from _finders too. Is and (typeof _x != "pastor") obsolete now?
  13. It's just a trigger. OPFOR present (all untis are inside trigger area) this EHlist = thislist;{_x addEventHandler ["killed",{_this execVM "scripts\alarm\FindBody.sqf";}]} forEach EHlist;