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Player looking for squad (not for squads to post looking for players!)

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Username: sparrow560

Role: whatever needed

Timezone: GMT +2 (Jerusalem)

Experience: Been playing a lot since ARMA II came out, never in an organised group though

Availability: I can play usually in weekly (or bi-weekly) events and weekends, from 3pm GMT and on.

Basically, I've been watching ShackTac's youtube vids for too long, I want to take part in something similar to what they do. I have always yearned for a realistic and immersive experience in ARMA.

In short, a mil sim group. ACRE and ACE and shizzle.

I'm a serious player, can follow orders and whatnot, and be supportive of my team.

I can be reached through my Email at sparrow560@gmail.com or on Steam, username laraspaz

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Name: Jake Miller

Age: 13, but mature for my age

Steam name(Please contact me by steam): jake.bean

About me:

I have been playing ArmA:2 for about 9 months now, and I practice flying helicopters with various emergency scenarios about 2-3 times per week, and can not only fly very well, but can also survive in almost any emergency situation 9 times out of 10. Including Engine failures, Anti-torque failures and any other emergency situation, with all of my crew surviving and never bailing out of the vehicle. . I am especially interested in flying the AH-64 Apache helicopter as either a gunner or a pilot, however I can and will fly any chopper needed. I have been in a unit before. My infantry skills are adequate, but not amazing. Message me on steam and I assure you I will be a great addition to your unit.

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I am looking for a good group of fun and mature people to play Arma 3/Arma 2 with.

I am looking for more cooperative gameplay, but that can include cooperative PvP engagements and missions. I would prefer a private server that keeps the trolls out, but a public server with good moderation isn't out of the question.

I would prefer a more established group that plays on regular days of the week. I work full time so I would be available after 6:00 PM (PST GMT-8) Monday-Friday, after 5:00 PM Saturday, and Sunday anytime.

West Coast Looking for Squad/Clan

I prefer large scale engagements, so I would like to play with a group that has a lot of attendance, small 5-10 player gameplay just isn't for me.

I have a high level of skill in infantry, I have played a large amount of Arma 2 ACE/ACRE mod gameplay as everything from rifleman to marksman to light and heavy mg and some medic experience. I have a small amount of vehicle experience, but almost no piloting experience (although I'm not afraid to learn if that is what you need). I do have a joystick setup so that would not be an issue.

To summarize, I am looking for a group that:

Is mature.

Plays consistently.

Plays after 5:00 and 6:00 PM PST (GMT-8)

Has a medium to large number of members.

Is fun but serious.

Thank you for your consideration.

My new rig runs Arma 3 with no issues, if that is of any concern.

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Hi guys (& gals),

Hoping this doesn't come across as an intro thread (against the rules i know), but i'm brand new to arma, and indeed PC gaming as whole, and am looking for a decent bunch of peeps who don't mind babysitting a newbie to play with. Have played the odd mission solo but honestly just couldn't get into it and have also tried a few online servers but the ones i got onto were full of *************** so i gave up. I'm ex-military and am looking for a good craic aswell as immersing myself into the game so please reply/message if you can help :)

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Hi all, I'm new to bi forums and I'm comming across from Armaholic to increase my chances in finding a squad. I've played Arma 2 for nearly 3 years now and I've mostly played in public online matches ranging from domination to small team co-op missions back over to large scale TvT missions in Fallujah using ace and acre. I got heavily involved with PR: ARMA 2 when that came out and I fell in love with the TvT aspect even more, but sadly the mod didn't last long and people left. (They're now waiting for the Arma 3 version of PR) So I naturally kept playing the public matches and PR; BF2.

I'm back now to Arma 2 and I'm looking for the first time to get into a TvT based large scale squad/unit. One that partcipates against other units and in tourments on a regular basis. In game training nights would be appricated to polish up on my Arma 2 weapon skills. I've got a breif description below now that I've got my introduction out of the way :)

Age: 22

In-Game name: Tilyard

Location: UK, Bedfordshire.

Microphone: Yes

Teamspeak: Yes

Spoken Language: English

Pay for a server: No. (But I am not sure what this means)

Games: Arma 2, Operation Arrowhead, PMC, BAF, ACR, Combined Ops, Take on helicopters, Take on hinds, TOH Re-Armed

Roles Preferred: I'm heavily into the Machine Gunner role but I can also take on /Rifleman/Sapper, Pilot/Gunner

Mods: Six Updater so all mods at my disposal. I can also manually install any mod myself.

If you have a squad/unit I will fit into, please leave me a message via bistudio or contact me via hotmail on tilyardgames@live.co.uk

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Hey all,

I've been playing Arma 2 OA for about 2 years now on and off. Started with just basic domination, but in the past year i've picked up DayZ and wasteland. Although i enjoy both i really want to play some more realistic missions.

I have no irl military training but am willing to do any training that you offer (callsigns, tactics ect...)

I have used mods within Arma but have yet to use ACRE or ACE so i may need a little help setting up ACRE as i hear it can be a bitch at times.

I'm looking for that proper squad/ team vibe that i know you can get from this game when played with like minded people.

Ranks ect are fine by me as long as its not over the top. I have more spare time nowdays so training nights ect shouldnt be a problem. Although i cannot say for sure how many nights a week i can play. At least 2-3 i would say tho.

  • Name: Anthony (Antny in game)
  • Age: 26
  • Mic: Yes
  • Flight stick: Yes
  • Mods: Any required
  • Location: Derby (UK)

Add me on steam: antnyhague if you think i might work well in your squad.

Other games i play include: Battlefield 3, TF2, Red Orchestra 2 plus many more.



*Edit* I would ideally prefer a UK based clan/squad as it makes it easier with times of missions ect... but wont rule out non european clans if the times you play are ok ect...

Edited by Antny

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In-game Name: Djarid

Age: 42

Location: London (UK)

Mic: yes

TS3: yes

Flight stick: X53 Pro

TrackIR: yes

Military Experience: 12 years in the British Army, but that was a long time ago now ;)

I've dabbled with Arma regularly over the years but have never joined an online squad however I used to play a lot of Ghost Recon 5v5 on various gaming ladders. I'm looking primarily for coop doing campaigns. I have lots of free time to practice and train. I would mainly like to be a flying battle taxi / med-evac as flying helis is my passion and I've just spent several months practicing... my NOE is pretty good and I can hit most LZs. I'm familiarising myself with ACRE by joining ongoing acre missions.

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I would like to join a squad too.

I am 40 years old, i have been playing arma 1 and arma 2 since it was released

I am Dutch, I have been a medic when i was drafted.

mic: yes

Track ir: yes

Flight stick: yes

ace and acre: yes

Arma 2, arma 2 OA and even Take on. Planning to buy arma 3 soon

Edited by Freek73

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Hello, my name is Phoenix.

I have been playing ArmA 2 for 2 years now, on and off, and am looking forward to ArmA 3. I am currently looking for a fun and serious squad in which I can enjoy the game through its multiplayer/co-op aspect, as well as generally get better at it while being part of a community.

About myself:

Age: 23

Location: London, UK

Occupation: Full-time MSc student

Military: No military experience

Multiplayer/Online experience: I have always enjoyed both PvE and PvP aspects of online games, I was a raider/officer in hardcore guilds in WoW for several years, and play MOBAS frequently. I enjoy particularly playing with friends/guild/clan/squad mates rather than being paired up with random strangers on the internet who won't have my back.

Setup: I play using mouse/keyboard (no flight stick), have a working microphone/multi-channel headset, I don't use any freetracking device.

Software: Have TS3, Skype, and use some basic mods like stHUD, JSRS and Blastcore. No ACRE/ACE experience. Of course I don't mind playing/downloading any mods required by the squad.

Preferred roles: I want to get better as a heli pilot (transport), but I am willing to play/specialize in any infantry role, whatever the team needs.



- A community that will help me experience what I love about ArmA: a hardcore, mature, realistic, slow-paced, TEAMWORK-CENTERED, hierarchical multiplayer experience where patience, discipline and team spirit are everything.

- A squad that plays seriously in order to complete missions/campaigns by using tactics and not just "rush forward and grab objectives". Not interested in Wasteland/DayZ "every man for themselves" spin-offs.

- A squad that is NOT fully milsim. I still consider ArmA 2 a game, even if I play it as seriously as possible.

- A squad that uses tactics and good organisation to complete its missions, not just "take up any slot you want and let's kill some baddies"-tactics.

- A fun environment where banter is allowed in chat or within fireteams. The way I see it, we're a bunch of friends playing a video game, might as well make it an enjoyable time.

- A squad that will help me in areas that I'm interested in. I am really interested in playing deep strike scout/recon missions as part of a small fireteam, for example. I would like to be allowed to try things out without having to do 6 months of training prior to being deemed "worthy" of it.

- A squad that will challenge me by assigning responsibilities to me and trusting me, whether it be piloting, recon or demolition roles, for example. Show me that you trust me with stuff to do and I will deliver my 500%.

- An environment where I can be given advice and help by more seasoned players. I am really interested in flying transport helicopters, I would enjoy having a mentor/advisor that will teach me a few tricks and help me out.

- I enjoy long, realistic sessions more than short ones. This allows for more tactical opportunities as one can insert scouts and gather intel and still play the same scenario several hours later once the tactics have been established.


- A full MilSim squad. I am not interested in going to the army in real life, so I am not looking for that in a video game either.

- A squad that expects me to put in 50 hours of training every week until I get good enough before they allow me to join their real sessions.

- A squad that requires a high attendance/has training days which are mandatory. I want to know that if I play, and then I leave for 2 weeks of holiday, I won't be banned/demoted just because I have a life.

- A squad were jokes/fun/banter is not allowed at all because "ArmA 2 is serious business". I appreciate that some squads/players like this style of play, but I like to know that I won't get banned if I make a joke once in a while.

- A squad that sticks to 20-30mins game sessions, and rushes to objectives (while getting 90% of players killed) rather than a slow, realistic, calculated approach to objective completion.

You can contact me on these forums.



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In-Game name: PhantomGamerz / Muir

Age: 19

Location: Scotland, UK.

Microphone: Yes [ Blue Yeti ]

Teamspeak: Yes

Spoken Language: English

Games: Arma 2, Operation Arrowhead, PMC, BAF, ACR, Combined Ops, Arma 3, Many Others

Roles Preferred: Leadership but I can also take on /Rifleman, Pilot, Grenadier, Medic or Radio Op. [RTO]

Mods: Six Updater so all mods at my disposal. I can also manually install any mod myself.

Occupation: British Army

Military: British Army 3.5 Years

Groups I'm Looking for: Any Type New/Old Milsim/Casual etc.

Contact: muir6401@hotmail.co.uk

If you need any further info dont hessitate to contact me

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Hi there.

I am looking to join a serious realism clan for ArmA 2.

I have been playing it for about 6 months now and have learnt alot.

I am an Ex Royal Marine which Scout Sniper training so i know patrol formations, entry tactics and comm systems.

I preferably would like to be a scout/sniper within your clan but i am also very interested in being part of an assult squad.

Please contact me if you are a serious clan looking for a real life experience soldier.

King Regards



Mic?: Yes

Mods?: Any required

TS?: Yes


United Kingdom

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Age: 30

Mic: Yes

Mods: Jayarma2lib, ACRE, CBA, ACE etc

TS: Yes

Games: Arma 2, Arrowhead, BAF, ACR, Arma 3


I have been playing arma 2 since release with Havoc Company but I am now looking for something a bit more organised, friendly and serious.

I can use AT and Ace medic stuff, etc.

I am willing to do some training and integrate with the group.

Your group:

20+ REGULAR members

Your group location - UK, NL, or Scandinavia (English speaking)

Must use tactics - formations, fire drills, realistic mission settings.

An organised set weekly op, as well as mid-week stuff.

Most importantly, your group must have a friendly atmosphere.

Please contact me by email or PM.


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I am looking for a arma 2/3 squad taht is based in australia.

I have been playign arma 2 for about 2 years now and have been in a few squads.

I am turnign 15 in 2 weeks.

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Alias: eXpo

Age: 22

Country: UK

Mic: Yes

Mods: Used ACE and ACRE in the past. Installing them via Six Updater or manually isn't a problem.

Games: ArmA 2 CO + BAF and ArmA 3.

Role: I usually run infantry (Rifleman, Medic or LMG Gunner) and I can fly helos a bit as well. :D

Your group:

An organised weekly op and mid week stuff thrown in

Use real tactics, formations etc in realistic missions

Either co-op or TvT based.

Using ACRE is a must, ACE is preferable.

Having a laugh isn't a bad thing.

Message me if you can find a place for me!

Cheers :D

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I want to join a unit that use a real structore i obey order etc and can say yes sir when play CooP that i prefer to hold once 1 week or somthing like that, But i don't want to scream SIR yes SIR all day long. i prefer a unit that use a USMC or somthing like that as structure. I like to fly chopper. the unit should have 20 player or more i prefere. I have hold training mission and officer NCO pos in WoT i prefer to be able to get little ability to advance but not important as long all have the ability to improve! I am intressted in Joining a new clan to but they need to have a real website and a TS/ArmA server

I rent the past post form

Age: 18

Location: Sweden

Microphone: Yes

Teamspeak: Yes

Games: Arma 2 CO


Availability: Preferably weekends, but I'm fairly flexible at past 7PM

PS i Speak much better than i Writte

// War_Emblem

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Hello , I'm new to arma world (just bought co) and I'm searching for a realism unit , I could also use some help with installing the mods req. - I'm 17 , I have a mic (I can communicate in english), ts3 , and I can be active for at least 2 hours a day usually and more in weekends . My timezone is GMT 2:00 (I'm romanian)

xfire : 25augs (I will be checking the topic for any replies anyway)

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Whats up people! I figured since I haven't really had much real multiplayer action, I would join a group/squad! I'm looking for a casual group for arma 2, or arma 3. I haven't played multiplayer because I'd figure I would find some buddies to team up with since going in alone, not knowing really anybody is not fun at all. I'm looking for a squad that has some cool players to play with, and be a good tactical squad. No preferences here, but I haven't played that much as of yet so just try to let me get the hang of it! Here's my info.


Location: Eastern US

Microphone: Yes

Teamspeak: not at the moment, but will download if needed.

Games: All Arma 2/expansions, Arma 3, and some more

Mods: None at the moment.

Availiability: Usually at night around 5 or 6 EST.

Group: Casual/Tactical when need to.

I haven't really played arma 2 that much, but now I'm getting back in the groove of things. I'm willing to learn a thing or two from people as well. All is welcome in my book!

Contact me/add me on Steam-Stern Bumblebee

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Hey guys, I'm looking for a realism unit to join in ArmA 2! You can add me on steam: zyn33. I have a mic and have put around 150 hours into Arma 2. Also feel free to shoot me a message on here!

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Hello i'm Skullz,

I've played ArmA for a while now and mostly play I44, ACE, ACRE.

I prefer to be a Pilot but enjoy anything, i want a unit to join because i've only been playing on servers and think it'd be fun to play with a unit.

I'll only join if you're active, atleast have SOME members,and Preferably Aussie/ New Zealand for the timezones.


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Hey guys I'm Farley new to arma and I'm just looking for a serious clan that does ops, scenarios, and rpg please message me for info, thanks guys.

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search before posting please! Thread moved into sticky!

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Hi guys.

I'm crazy new to Arma - I watched a youtube video yesterday, fell in love with it and ended up buying Arma 2, Operation Arrowhead and British Armed Forces (for that beautiful SA80 A2).

If I'm to be totally honest, I could do with some practice (mainly in remembering controls etc) but my main reason for buying was to join a squad.

I'm from Scotland so time differences may be somewhat of an issue although I'm happy to stay up late to get a good session in.

Any questions, drop me a message.


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Hello gents, I'm not new to ArmA II bit this is my first time making an account for these forums and the first time I'm branching out from just playing around on public servers or private games with my mates. I'd say I'm decent at everything thus far though I am limited a bit by my gaming rig as I really do need to upgrade my processor but thats a story for another day.

I have ArmA II: CO, the PlaywithSix updater/server launcher, Teamspeak 3 and a headset.

I am fairly noobish when it comes to playing ACE, or ACRE due to my friend base on ArmA II being only five guys so we'd just Skype party up and play vanilla with mods such as @SOTG, @CLA_Afghan and setup missions to go nuts in. If you'll have me, drop me a line via pm.

Until then.

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Time Zone/Location: utc -5:00 Eastern Time

Age: 23


-I was one of the infantry squad leaders for realism unit of about 45 players at its best, 2 FireTeams under me,back in 2010-2011. I stopped playing after seeing the unit I was in start to have Arma Drama and finishing a university term. I play both arma2 and arma3

-Was a Apache Pilot/Gunner in charge of CAS and Intel feeding to the unit (Ex:giving grid coordinates, enemy strength)

and if they didn't need the Apache, they would put me in a SPG the M109 Paladin to artillery the Shit out of.

What I'd like to join: Sim to semi sim units,(CO-OP). I'm looking for a unit that plays with ACE/ACRE. I have a lot of experience in Big Arma units.

Desired position after training: Crew member: Tank or combat rotary.

sadly I'm not looking for a infantry position for more than a month. If you have questions about my old units, Pm me.

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Age: 26

Location: UK, Norfolk

Microphone: Yes

Teamspeak: Yes

Spoken Language: English

Games: Arma 2, Operation Arrowhead. Will buy ARMA 3 soon.

Roles Preferred: I'd prefer a ground based roll but I'm happy to fill any position. I'm after a bit of serious game mode fun.

Mods: I don't have any installed at the moment but I'm happy to install ACRE, etc.

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