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  1. Hello i'm Skullz, I've played ArmA for a while now and mostly play I44, ACE, ACRE. I prefer to be a Pilot but enjoy anything, i want a unit to join because i've only been playing on servers and think it'd be fun to play with a unit. I'll only join if you're active, atleast have SOME members,and Preferably Aussie/ New Zealand for the timezones. -Skullz
  2. I've been making a mission lately and i'm wondering if theres a way to have the aircraft thats suppost to be destroyed on the ground, actually non-flyable, meaning i want it unable to fly basically, because i'm making a mission where you rescue downed pilots and can't figure it out. Thanks for any and all help. -Skullz
  3. Skullzdeath

    Respawn button delay

    How do you actually set up respawns? I've spent the last 6 hours making a map for a friends unit, but i'm not sure how to get stuff whether soldiers, or vehicles to respawn. -Skullz
  4. Name: Skullzdeath. Country: Australia Role: any, but i prefer flying Little Birds. Addons: ACE/ACRE Info: I've been playing for about a year now and i'm alright at the game and looking for a unit.